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Published: January 11, 2009
We're having a bit of a slumber party over here right now and playing MASH, of course! Here are my results. They're pretty epic.

I marry Hugh Laurie, we live in Long Beach, WA, and I use the Cat Bus from "My Neighborhood Totoro" as transportation. I'm the Devil by career and get paid in male prostitutes. I have one son, probably the Anti-Christ, and a dust mite from Spirited Away as my pet. I smoke, drink, and eventually get divorced but never remarry. I die at the age of 27 during an epic shoot-out with my arch-nemesis.

That's all I really want from life.

I assume I'll look like this:

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haha i didn't even know you posted this while i was there.
you totally ninja'ed it
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I'm sneaky like a fox. ;3
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Von186Professional General Artist
lmao, I only hope that I can aspire to your greatness, oh devil.
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I want to commandeer that bus!
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No way, man!

We can fight for it in an epic battle, though. >8D
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Holy crap, I remember playing MASH likes eons ago! I'm totally whipping out the idea next time me and my friends are bored. xD
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It's great. 8D I escaped some pretty horrible lifestyles that my friends put on there. I think I was the luckiest of us, though. Everyone else got stuck with pretty shitty lives. XD
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Ahahaha. You guys should totally do some Mad Libs next time ya get together--now those get interesting! xD
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I love Madlibs! 8D For the longest time you could never find them and people would be like "what the fuck's a madlib?" but now they're everywhere again.
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Yay, you know what they are! God, they're sooooo much fuuuuuun. I wanna do one rite nao. <3
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hahah you're so awesome

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Sweet life. :dance: I want epic action/adventure sequences in my life.
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I know, right? >:3 I'd give anything to REALLY die in an epic shoot-out...
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