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So trying to summarize Tanim and Daren is always an incredibly daunting task for me. I have been writing about them for seven years and consider this to be my life's work. They are my only constant characters and so enjoy considerable attention and devotion on my part (as in, many hours a day, every day). One of my greatest joys in life is sharing my creations with others; that's one reason why no entries in my journal are locked from public view. This entry will hopefully provide some sort of brief introduction so that my writing is a little less confusing to people who aren't familiar with my work. However, Tanim and Daren are involved in hundreds of different story lines and worlds so it is hard to summarize their existence in a few short paragraphs. That being said, I shall now attempt to do just that. Wish me luck!

Tanim: Tanim is a man who has lived too long in apathy and so craves passion and fulfillment. He considers complete submission of the heart and soul to another to be the highest form of love and longs for this above all else. In many ways he has a knight in shining armor complex, wanting always to be the steady rock of a relationship on which a significant other may always depend. He craves affection because he himself is so affectionate. He is also self-sacrificing to a fault and often too blind and stubborn in his love to admit any flaws in his companion. Of course, this somewhat twisted idea of love manifests itself in many negative ways. Tanim is often obsessive, idolizing, and fanatical. He is ruled completely by his emotions, which he often has trouble controlling. He can be both a sadist and a masochist, though the latter is more common because of his longing for a master/servant relationship. His desire for fulfillment sometimes leads him to experiment with drugs and alcohol, though he grows bored with them just as easily as anything else which does not ease his emptiness. Tanim also often mistakes his emotional needs for sexual desire, thinking his perceived emptiness must be the result of a lack of intimacy, but this is not the case. Although Tanim could not exactly be called asexual, he usually has little to no sexual desire and only feels true affection or love for Daren.

Daren: Unlike Tanim, Daren is quite content in his own form of apathy. He is a man ruled more by cold logic than emotion, which sometimes earns him the nickname "the ice prince". Daren does not long for love or completion; in fact, there is very little he desires and this often causes conflict between Tanim and him. Despite his cold exterior (and interior, really), he loves Tanim with as fierce a passion as Tanim loves him. However, Daren has an extremely hard time acknowledging and displaying this love. He is emotionally damaged and disconnected, largely due to events in his past/childhood, and this translates into a lack of empathy for those around him. This is also the reason Daren has absolutely no sexual desire and hates most forms of physical contact. He finds Tanim to be too clingy and needy, but struggles to accept these aspects in order to make Tanim happy. However, Daren detests the idea of submission to another and there is always a part of him that is completely closed off to Tanim. As with Tanim, Daren's many flaws can manifest themselves in much more negative ways. He can be emotionally manipulative, sadistic, and cruel, with little regard for the pain he causes. He is often seen as a tempting figure leading Tanim down a dangerous or self-destructive path. However, as Tanim only "has eyes" for Daren, so Daren is uninterested in, and incapable of, loving another. Even when at his worst, Daren is extremely possessive of Tanim.

Their relationship: As can probably be construed through the above descriptions, Tanim and Daren do not have a normal romantic/sexual relationship. Their idea of "romance" is much different than the normal definition of the word and they never engage in sexual activities. To Tanim and Daren, there is no difference between romantic love and friendship, between considering themselves lovers or brothers. They are strongly bonded on a deeper level than mere affection or physical attraction, and this bond is often something which they can neither deny nor break (even if they wish to). It manifests itself in many different forms, both healthy and unhealthy. To be honest, I'm actually having a lot of trouble finding the words to describe  their interactions so I think I'll give up for now. Their relationship is much better exemplified in my writing than in this explanation.

The solstice: One of the "themes" that runs through many of the story lines involving Tanim and Daren is that of the solstice. Basically, a couple years ago I came up with a solstice myth in which the Moon murders his lover the Sun on the winter solstice (thus bringing the winter and darkness to the land) and on the summer solstice the Sun resurrects and likewise murders the Moon (bringing, then, the summer and light). This endless cycle of betrayal, death, and life is common in my writing. Therefore, Daren is often represented by the Moon, cold and distant, and Tanim by the Sun, warm and loving.

Story format: Most of my work is very short, usually one or several paragraphs. There is no single story line for Tanim and Daren; the stories take place in different eras, worlds, genres, etc. Because of that, my writing "jumps" around and any single piece could be from a variety of story lines or from none at all. Much of my writing is also from either Tanim or Daren's point of view, and these pieces can be found using the "spoken – Daren" and "spoken – Tanim" tags on my Livejournal. Any piece of writing pertaining to Tanim and Daren that is not from their specific point of view can be found using the "Tanim/Daren" tag. Also, Tanim's speech is often noted using bold format, and Daren's italics.

Some helpful links:

Tanim and Daren's Darkside Zodiac - What the Darkside Zodiac has to say about Tanim (a cancer) and Daren (a scorpio). It summarizes them even better than I can!

The original solstice story - It's a couple years old so ignore the terrible writing. Please. XD

Basic physical descriptions of Tanim and Daren - Tanim and Daren basically look the same across every storyline/fragment. The only things which usually change are their ages, dress (depending on the era and/or world in which the story is set), etc.

Basic descriptions of Tanim and Daren's homes - Many pieces take place in Tanim's apartment so the layout is pretty fixed across stories. On the other hand, Daren's all over the place (and few stories really even mention where he lives) so the description of his apartment only holds true for certain stories.

That's all I think I'll write at the moment (so I don't blather on). You'll just have to poke around for interesting stories or ask me for certain entries that might explain things further. Like I said, I'm not the best at summarizing this stuff. Tanim and Daren are loving and possessive, fucked up and abusive, vengeful and sweet, and I just can't condense them down. Hoped this helped a little bit, though!
This was actually written for use on my Livejournal to somewhat introduce people to my two characters, Tanim and Daren. However, I figured I might as well put it on DA as well for the same reason. So... here ya go. :3 It's short and not very good.

Livejournal: [link]
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