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Published: October 26, 2008
It's a dreary night, cold and threatening rain.

It's a terrible night, full of crashing thunder and drenching rain and freezing wind.

I come to the mouth of the alley and pause there, watching his huddled
form by the light of a dim street lamp.

His silhouette appears beneath a streetlight, thin and menacing, and I shiver
slightly with desire.

I approach him hesitantly, wondering what new hallucination his
shattered mind has fabricated.

He approaches me with slow, patient steps, like a hunter stalking wounded prey.

“Tanim?” I take another step forward as I ask him gently, “are you okay?”

“Why are you out here, Tanim?” he demands.

He trembles and lowers his head as he murmurs, “I feel so empty, Daren...”

I lower my head servilely as I reply, “I feel so hollow, Master...”

Sighing, I sink down onto the cold cement before him.

He curses beneath his breath and kneels down before me.

I reach out to brush a lock of hair from his face but I hold back, uncertain;
he can be so unstable like this.

He reaches out as if to strike me, his dark eyes blazing, but restrains himself.

“Please, Tanim,” I plead gently, “I need you to come home now...”

“You have to come home now, Tanim,” he insists, his voice like steel.

“No, Daren,” he replies dimly. “I'm not worth it.”

“Order me,” I beg. “Please. Make me Yours.”

“You're a fool,” I chastise him half-heartedly. “And you're coming home now.”

“Is that really what you want?” he questions me carefully. “To be my servant? My slave? Mine and mine alone? As you wish.”

I reach out and carefully unknot the black silk tie around his neck.

He pulls out a length of heavy black leather cord.

I take his hand in mine and loop the tie around his wrist, tightening it gently.

He loops the cord around my wrists, binding them together, and tightens it until it digs into my skin.

“There,” I conclude, holding onto my end of the tie. “Now you're Mine, see? You go where I go. You walk where I walk. You're Mine.”

“There.” He smiles lovingly as I flinch at the pain. “Now you're Mine. Do you understand? You go where I go. You walk where I walk. You are Mine and Mine alone.”

“Now,” I rise to my feet and tug lightly on the tie, “it's time to go home, Tanim.”

“Now,” he rises to his feet and yanks at the leash. “Come, Tanim.”

A strange, tired ghost of a smile flickers across his face as he stumbles to his feet to follow me.

I smile wearily at his command and stagger to my feet.

I lead him back through the dark city as the clouds rip open and the rain pours forth.

He leads me back through the dead city as the storm continues to rage
around us.
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I'm bored and want attention so I'm uploading things. XD

I mean, too bad those things suck, but... well, props for trying.

Or something.


Also, go here! --> [link]

I'm a whore. :3
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Comments (4)
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Interesting story told simultaneously from a dual perspective.
I think i know ppl like the characters ... i tend to avoid these ...(no offense anyone)

but the unfurling form and the way the story is told is nice.

the character's views are somewhat close though.. still made me want to write one
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Haha. I'd avoid people like Tanim and Daren too. XD

I'm glad you liked the set-up. It looks a bit better on my Livejournal because DA won't let me right and left align the text, so I had to just make it line by line. I hope it wasn't too confusing that way.

Thank you!
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Your very welcome :)

Not at all it added to the charm. its actually what drew me to it...
I always emphasized multi-perspectivity ...

but I've never boldly pointed out what 1 perceived himself doing and what 2 perceived him doing. it really turn out nice in that form ..

although most ppl might not appreciate... then again ..
I've been accused of torturing my readers on several occasions.
while i see it as endearment, would i go through all the trouble of torturing them if i didn't care :P
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Pfft. Readers need to be tortured. They're getting too comfy, sitting on their couches with their laptops on their laps and their snacks and and and... their fancy drinks.



<< >>

I just want them to experience things...
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