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Published: October 29, 2008
He hurries me through the door and shuts it quickly behind us, throwing the deadbolt home and pocketing the pilfered key. “Let your eyes adjust,” he advises in a whisper as he moves past me into the dim room. His fingers brush over mine as he passes. Slowly the dark shapes around me take form, becoming stacks of broken desks and metal chairs, forgotten clutter. I can see him now too, carelessly tossing his backpack on the dirty floor. Dust motes drift in the still air, disrupted from their usual slumber by our presence.

“Coming?” He holds out one hand, smiling to me. Inviting me. Beneath the shuttered windows waits our final destination, a dilapidated old couch that once decorated the teacher's lounge. I grin and weave my way through the abandoned furniture, joining him. Without a word he loops his arms around my waist and tugs me close. I have no trouble finding his mouth in the darkness; he tastes faintly of coffee and peppermint. “Do you bring all the boys here?” I tease as his eager fingers find their way past my shirt and his lips trace my collarbone. He chuckles and his breath is deliciously hot against my skin. “Only the ones I really, really like,” he replies, and pushes me down onto the worn couch without further foreplay. We say no more, then. There is nothing else that needs to be said. His hands know exactly what to do and our bodies fit together just right, or I'd like to see it that way at least. It isn't perfect, but it's good. The force of his touch makes me forget the uncomfortable accommodations and soon I can't even think, my mind wrapped up in his fingers, his lips, his muffled moans. We both have to fight to keep quiet, and damn that's hard. It's not quite perfect but it's so, so good.

After, as we lay tangled and panting, he buries his face against my neck and his shoulders tremble with suppressed laughter. “Damn,” he murmurs, sighing contentedly, and then lets his tongue do the rest of the talking. I say nothing, only let him touch and taste as I watch the dust settle once again. From somewhere past the door a bell rings. “Damn,” he murmurs again, this time climbing to his feet and groping for his clothes. When I don't sit up he shoots me a quizzical glance and slings his backpack over his shoulder. “Coming?” He holds out one hand, inviting me. I avoid his satisfied, carefree smile and slip my shirt back on, suddenly far too cold without his body pressed to mine.

He locks the door again behind us as we leave and we part ways in the hall. He promises tomorrow and makes me promise as well, then sneaks a kiss before rushing to class. I take my time, dragging my feet on the dirty tile, and think of the dust reclaiming the empty room.
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Tanim and Daren (of course).

I feel like uploadin' thangs, but I don't have anything good to upload, so's mostly bad thangs.

Shameless self-promotion: [link]

Hello. :3
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(although a little disappointed i was expecting a surprise killing :( )

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Oh man, that would make such an awesome ending. I might have to write an alternate ending like that.

Thanks for the idea. 8D
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apparently I'm gona be (in)famous for torturing my readers :P

(thats what most of my friend say) :P

i like to explicitly mention I'm leaving my reader to ponder while i go make coffee ... in the right place i find that one hilarious ...