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Geography of Anira by DarkElixir Geography of Anira :icondarkelixir:DarkElixir 5 5
Mature content
First Breath, Ch6, 1st Draft :icondarkelixir:DarkElixir 1 1
Mature content
First Breath, Ch5, 1st Draft :icondarkelixir:DarkElixir 1 0
First Breath, Ch4, 1st Draft
     “I found her lying in one of the old Sharan portals a few days after the attack on your home. I did my best to make her comfortable, but the Warm Heal can only do so much and I’m no surgeon.”
    He poked the fire, seemingly arranging his thoughts.
    “She told me what happened to you and your sisters. That she had been trying to reach the Elemental Knights. But most of the portal network in Oria was destroyed during the war of The Fallen. We got as far south as we could but in the end she just ran out of strength. She spoke about you three a lot in the last few…”
    He motioned with his head towards her hand.
    “You know; a look like that would make a lot of people nervous and I know what that dagger can go.”
    Kerri realized she had picked up the dagger involuntarily. As if the sudden uneasy feeling coming over her wanted the securi
:icondarkelixir:DarkElixir 1 0
First Breath, Ch3, 1st Draft
    “You know?” Her soul blurted.
    Kerri didn’t bother to respond. It was obvious he knew as did their mother; probably.
    “You think she knew as well?”
    The voice in Kerri’s head startled her until she remembered that here she and her soul were practically one person again. There was probably some strange interactions going on she was unaware of.
    “Mother knew as well didn’t she?”
    Arkaine nodded.
    “We always knew you might be in danger, it was why she chose to live in that village. You were isolated from the world.”
    Kerri thought about that for a second and then pushed ahead.
    “It’s because we’re new souls isn’t it?”
    “Partially but…”
:icondarkelixir:DarkElixir 0 1
Kerri Armoured Dash by DarkElixir Kerri Armoured Dash :icondarkelixir:DarkElixir 28 6 Kerri, Summer Dress by DarkElixir Kerri, Summer Dress :icondarkelixir:DarkElixir 24 2
First Breath, Ch2, 1st Draft
     Kerri stirred to wakefulness and jerked her eyes open to dazzling daylight; memories of the attempted rape flooding her mind. She didn’t dwell on them, she didn’t want to remember.
Unfortunately the night’s events had also taken their toll on her body and that wouldn’t let her forget. Her right hand was stiff, the inside of her head throbbed and her rib cage seemed heavy, the air wheezing from her lungs. Thankfully who ever saved her had propped her up to sleep on her left side. Her head on a pillow of some type to stop her collar biting into her neck. It took her a few moments to register that the thing keeping her upright was itself breathing.
     Alarmed, she shuffled away tugging the blanket covering her and felt what was obviously a person move. She froze daring not look up; she wasn’t ready to face them, not yet. She didn’t know whether to hope or be scared.
     Surprisingly, th
:icondarkelixir:DarkElixir 1 1
Mature content
First Breath, Ch1, 1st Draft :icondarkelixir:DarkElixir 0 1

First Breath Character Commissions

Kerri-Easter Gold by LadyDeddelit
Mature content
Kerri-Easter Gold :iconladydeddelit:LadyDeddelit 41 2
Commission - Kerrilandra (SFW version) by Candra
Mature content
Commission - Kerrilandra (SFW version) :iconcandra:Candra 472 19
Kerrilandra Unleashed by tony-tzanoukakis Kerrilandra Unleashed :icontony-tzanoukakis:tony-tzanoukakis 180 8 Kerry by MichelleHoefener Kerry :iconmichellehoefener:MichelleHoefener 1,287 20 Kerrilandra (SFW version) by Candra
Mature content
Kerrilandra (SFW version) :iconcandra:Candra 521 21
Kerri - Line Art by MichelleHoefener Kerri - Line Art :iconmichellehoefener:MichelleHoefener 543 4 Kerrilandra by Mavezar
Mature content
Kerrilandra :iconmavezar:Mavezar 349 6
Kerrilandra by Candra
Mature content
Kerrilandra :iconcandra:Candra 807 29
Kerrilandra by Candra Kerrilandra :iconcandra:Candra 907 24 Commission 85-Cheerful time by LadyDeddelit
Mature content
Commission 85-Cheerful time :iconladydeddelit:LadyDeddelit 221 15
Kerrilandra by diabolumberto Kerrilandra :icondiabolumberto:diabolumberto 271 16 Kerri [Crop shot] by NPye13 Kerri [Crop shot] :iconnpye13:NPye13 134 2 Kerri by dinmoney Kerri :icondinmoney:dinmoney 396 6 [C] Hello there by lufidelis
Mature content
[C] Hello there :iconlufidelis:lufidelis 268 9
[C] DarkElixir by lufidelis [C] DarkElixir :iconlufidelis:lufidelis 195 8 [C] Sword by lufidelis
Mature content
[C] Sword :iconlufidelis:lufidelis 241 10

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Raffle- Closed-and the winner is....
And the winner is....
° N 62 DarkElixir
:congrats: Congratulations!:congrats: 

You can see the video of the raffle draw on my istagram story and  in my facebook art page [link]
Hi all,:hug:
Last Day for join at my Art Raffle, the winner will be announced tomorrow at 20:00 (Roma: UTC+1 )

Good luck to all!


Since I've recived  a lot of requests from who wish to partecipate at this raffle but that don't have one Istagram account and  I'm really sad to  say "no " to them,  I've decided to made a change to the rules.
I reall
:iconladydeddelit:LadyDeddelit 37 144
Some of my recent faves from the community that I wanted to share

Sticks And Stones by tyshka
Aero by CezarBrandao
Underwater Miku by tenmuki
:iconlovelessdevotions:lovelessdevotions 9 12
Do not work for free
I received an email soliciting artwork for the second volume of"The Fantasy Illustration Library: Gods and Goddesses”.
The jist of it was:  Pick your god or goddess!  Make art for us!  After we get all the art, we’ll try to do a Kickstarter to produce the book and if we make enough money, we might pay the artists!  Don’t pay attention to the un-affordable nature of the book’s price point ($100) because we’ll totally pay you royalties!!
This brand of “proposal” is predatory, dishonest, and frankly incompetent. (And art budget for an art book?? Who’d ever even think of that!) People who organize business models like this are assholes, no words minced. Do not take the bait. Do not get involved. Do not lessen yourself, your work, your skill and time, by participating in this kind of pig swill.
No amount of experience or exposure is worth it. You know what else gets you experience and exposure? Payin
:iconnavate:navate 90 52
Online Endurance
Some little ball of faecal matter posted a comment on my profile, proudly announcing “Tom Preston finally left DA”, no doubt in an effort to stir something up.
Now, I don’t know a huge amount about Tom Preston (AKA Andrew Dobson), I’m just aware of the sketchy details: he drew fetish stuff, he tried to deny it, he posted some incendiary journal entries and some people claim his art is no good.
Excluding the denial part, that sounds eerily familiar to my online shtick. The only difference seems to be in our approach to faceless internet hate. Where TP appears to have taken it very, very personally, thus fanning the flames, I treated mine for what it was: faceless.
That’s the first thing you should always remember when reading through comments about your work: everybody is a phantom. An avatar with a silly name. Their comments could be good, their comments could be bad, but ultimately, unless you’re certain the individual behind them has some in
:iconjollyjack:jollyjack 213 211
A Beginner's Guide to Offering Commissions Online
*Edit 06/29/2017* Hi guys! It's been over 3 years since I originally wrote this guide.  I was just rereading today, and while I still agree with many of the core principals, there are some edits and updates I would like to make.  I am going to try and make an updated version sometime soon! 
I decided to write this journal because in the last month alone, I had about five young artists ask me this question in one form or another: "How should I go about offering commissions?"  
This seemingly easy question can actually be quite difficult to answer.  The first time I was asked this question, I expected to write only a paragraph response.  I was shocked to find that once I had finished writing my response, I had been writing for almost a half hour and had written five paragraphs. Why is this not a simple question? I think the answer lies in the fact that how to offer commissions is not altogether intuitive.  I know that when I began to offer commissions,
:iconlucky978:Lucky978 649 117
Tutorial Tuesday: Scan large pieces of art
Hey everyone! Long time no tutorial! So let's ease back in with a common problem a lot of new comic book artists have:  How do you scan a 11" x 17" piece of art?  Most comic book art boards are 11" x 17" however most scanners will only scan 9" x 12." This can be a problem. So allow me to show you how to scan in large pieces of artwork with a standard scanner, and make it look like you scanned it all at once.
I'll be using photoshop CS3 in this example.  Other art software will probably work in a similar way, if not the exact same way.
Step 1: Scan the art.
Scan the top half and the bottom half sideways in your scanner. They'll look something like this:

Step 2: Rotate the art.
This can be d
:iconshono:Shono 6 3
Lady-Woods' Favourite Artists Ever!!! :D
Here I will list my all-time favourite DA artists to commission; artists I chose for their personality, their kindness, their talent, technique and the overall quality of their work. Artists I keep commissioning again, and again, and again!! :dummy: 
For additional artists to commission, see my Stamp of Approval Journal. :)
Je vais répertorier ici mes artistes DA favoris, ce que je considère la crème de la crème; des artistes que j'ai choisis pour leur personnalité, leur gentillesse, leur talent, technique et la qualité générale de leur travail. Des artistes que je commissionne encore et toujours!! :dummy: 
Pour plus d'artistes à commissionner, je vous invite à consulter mon autre journal. :)
:heart: :iconOoneithoo: :heart: 
Information: - Commissions information -
Purchased: 26 commissions
:iconlady-woods:Lady-woods 7 27
You and Intellectual Law

This article originally appeared on -->
How well do you understand copyright and trademark law? When you travel about the Internet or make art, do you know what you are and aren't allowed to do, or do you have intellectual property myths stuck in your brain. We take a few claims we've seen time and again, and compare them to the law.
A couple of notes before we get started: 1) You shouldn't take any of this as legal advice. In fact, you shouldn't be taking your legal advice from posts on the Intern
:iconseane:SeanE 16 5
Is your Fan Art legal?
This journal is reproduced from --> I did not write this originally.
Fan fiction and fan art are both enormous components of our popular culture, a way we retell our favorite stories just as humans have always retold myths and legends. But sometimes creators, publishers, and studios claim that works of fan art and fan fiction violate their copyright. So is that Supernatural fanfic you're working on legal, or should you worry about the lawyers coming a-calling?
This is a question that gets asked a lot in the comments and warrants a detailed discussion. Fan works are an important part of our cultural landscape. Retelling stories and remaking artworks offers us new perspectives on familiar cultural works, and it's part of our nature as human beings to imagine different version
:iconseane:SeanE 23 7
Catalogue of Human Features by Majnouna Catalogue of Human Features :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 9,573 788 Big Guide to Drawing the Body by Majnouna Big Guide to Drawing the Body :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 41,289 3,583
How To Show A Girl She Can Love Herself
When you see her cry
you get a rag,
a gentle delicate clothe
lovingly grasp her hand
and dab its tip
to dry each tear as they come
and ask each drop
why it'd leave
such beautiful eyes.

If she wishes 
to be in the sky
Tell her to go 
Take the sun ransom
And replace it in the sky
So you can see her every morning
and plead for her 
To return each night.

When you see her scars
Both visible
And non
touch each 
gently like you might
caress the broken wing
Of a dove 
and remind her
that for every hurt
that she's survived
has only made her 
that much more unique
that much stronger.

Show her that she is worthy of love
That she deserves the love
she fears to give...
show her so that
one day after you're
:iconcrumbledwings:CrumbledWings 1,029 148
Submitting Literature Deviations with Enter Text by AsjJohnson Submitting Literature Deviations with Enter Text :iconasjjohnson:AsjJohnson 67 97 Your OC Wardobe sheet - explaination by Precia-T Your OC Wardobe sheet - explaination :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 325 15
Perfect commission process
I commissioned a lot of artists (more than 50) and some of them didn't follow a commission process. These artists have asked for an upfront payment before sending the finished version of the image, and without doing any kind of on-going confirmation during the drawing process.
I won't commission this kind of artists anymore in the future, because I have no guaranty that the drawing will take into account the requirements of the commission. This has happened before, unfortunately.
Note: I'll use, below, client for the commissioner and artist for the commissioned artist.
For me, the perfect commission process would be:
The client sends a note or an email to the artist with as many details and references as possible about the commission
The artist replies quickly (within 1 or 2 days after receiving the message, if he's available), accepts or refuses commission, and gives a price for the commission
The client replies whether the price is fine for him or not (but
:iconkervala:Kervala 48 53
DC Skin by Drake1 DC Skin :icondrake1:Drake1 189 42


Journal History


Gavin R
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Hi all,

Welcome to the page I’m using to host content from the novel I am slowly working on titled ‘First Breath’ and its associated world building project.

Most of the content will be artwork links and images of characters I’ve commissioned from various artists. If you like any of the pictures please post a comment, the artists appreciate it.

Occasionally I’ll also post draft chapters from the novel but I warn you the writing can be atrocious at times. *hangs head in shame*.

First Breath is a dark fantasy novel (violence, nudity, scenes of a disturbing nature etc.) so content will be filtered due to DA’s literature policy. It also contains numerous tropes as I find they are great writing tools (see TV Tropes if you don’t value your time).

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the art.


First Breath, Kerrilandra, Ethren Kincaid and other associated characters are copyright to G Riches.
Please do not use them with out permission.


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