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Night Thoughts
Twas the line of melody
that brought night's wind
once more to my door.
Too late for amends, to admit
that I need to depend;
tossed in my face once more.
For I, the treacherous mate,
have fallen into darkness so deep;
but long ago buried my dead.
Tonight, of nights, the dead walk.
Where, in my travesty of lies,
did I lose sight of reality?
Now, with long sight reacing back
it all seems so clear, so laid out.
Where did my footsteps go astray?
An image, two images, three;
like an opening floodgate, they return.
And with it, the tears of shame.
Winters day, in cold and bleak December;
your window's wide open, provoking shivers.
And I twist in bed to gaze upon your face,
feel the warmth and know we're safe.
The moment, a perfect moment, our moment in time
Long lost for now and ever...
Autumns come and nearly spent its stay,
out and about, such a beautiful day.
Come up here, look over the river with me
Hold me tightly, joking slightly
Is this not how life should be?
Far away, in distant lan
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 1
The Beginning
I break my normal form tonight to bring you thoughts of why?
It was never for glory, wealth or such; indeed these I could never claim.
There lies within all a burning fire, from black heart to iron forge.
It is not to pay tribute or win such stuff, but bring you these thoughts of mine.
Imagine footsteps along a sandy beach,
picture the trails we have left behind.
Are there those who seek as I seek,
call them friends of mine?
Deeper thought, our burning question,
who has loved and lost?
Are we just shadows of empty beings
or is there light in mine...
Wake thee who've slept
so long,
and shaken with every
Open the mind to the
friendly muse,
begin what was once
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 0
The Knife
Warnings that went unheeded
into the dark, you cast me
The words that were always needed
Linger only in unfaithful memory
For your eyes grow dim with light
Shone only by your own choices
Always to be unaware of your plight
Ignorant of the loudest of noises
Your gift to us, the brave
Whom spoke of what they feared
Banished to the blackest cave
The names we bear now smeared
Forgive us for loving, forgive us for caring
In the end, it is so plain to see
That while you spit and shout, without a doubt
You care for nothing and no one but he
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 0
Silent Voices
Let the silent voice from within speak
And detail the secrets kept from thee
The thoughts hidden; myself grown meek
Never to reveal them to the naked day
Thinking perhaps, I've found what I seek
Never sure, always doubting in me
Searching for that all-revealing peek
What is revealed by light's first ray
My final thoughts stagger between rows
Never certain, never ceasing
These thoughts that only the Reaper knows
Eternally poking, eternally teasing
How would thee respond, if thee did know
Of the thoughts that go on too far below
What would thee say, if I began to reveal
The secrets I kept, in my unholy deal
Even now, the vagueness shrouds us all
And seeks to preserve my silence, my Poe
Seeks to avoid the upcoming squall
For most of all, I fear you'd say no
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 0
The Reaper
Take the burden of unfeeling night
And rise from black to meet the day
Kindle the fires of seeing light
And see the break of dawn's first ray
Where lies the foul beast of yore?
That seeped and sought thy kindred far
Inside my breast upon yonder shore
Gazing upon the final fading star
Burdens passed and dreams now soar
The Reaper walks between final stones
Endless thoughts from my forgotten lore
The action my thought ne'er condones
The final volume next to bony limb
My final rose in light's fading dim
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 1
Land of Loss
The final bows were taken
The vault locked for all time
What was once forever and ever
Had become as dust upon the wind
No more sorrow, no more passion
No more haunting what ifs
So why your face in this mirror
Why the dreams of your kiss?
And the final endless writings
Now sweep myself away
To ponder what was buried
Now risen for all time
Can we once again believe
In the miracles of every day
My arms around you, moonlit dances
You'd chase all my fears away?
And so my world revives
Before my very eyes
I pray for the final chance
To travel to the stars I seek
For the one who was my Goddess
And the life I left behind
What once was forever buried
Now rise for the turning tide
And I believe in miracles
The chances for the Damned
My Goddess... my love...
How could I let thee go?
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 0
Darkness Over The Land
Seek here the hills of gold
To leave the tattered days of old
Where the blood flowed and
the children wept
And the darkness covered the land
Walk beside me, hold me close
Darkness, my final friend in life
And show me the silence of
my forgotten life
Now here are but plains of gold
Pull the thread, watch unravel
The fabric of black that covered all
See here the scenes of blood and hear
the children weep
No darkness here, not for evermore
The corpses I thought long ago buried
Stir deep in their restless graves
And, yes, yes it is true that the
dead are rising
Sorrow deep within their eyes
And now emersed in darkness deep
Up the final stairs I creep
To lay my head in
night's own care
Silent. Still. For now I sleep
Until at last the day grows near
When the final battle at last is clear
And The Damned and Dead do
rise above graves
To seek and pillage that which they gave
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 0
Moon and Sun
Where the moon and sun shine in the sky
Where the hearts and voices never ask why
It is time for you to come and seek
Time for you to stop being meek
Your torso covered by ten-fold footsteps
Prints of many who have walked before
Now it is for promises to be kept
And to stop your weakness for everymore
Seek your shadow, burning in night
Crush it and rush it, fill it with light
Your soul shall be strong and thy torso same
Never again seek yourself to blame
For in this morning, long foretold
Finally your dreams once again reveal
The truth that now begins to unfold
And banish those who sought to conceal
Patterns I sought in dreams not told
And an apple I thought was covered in gold
But now the truth has truly revealed
The evil within that danced on fields
All was not as I thought I saw
A queen among queens was dancing on fields
And as the final crow began to caw
The thoughts came, reels upon reels
So now I stand, plain truth before me
And while not always could I see thee
You cannot deny m
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 3
Final Rest
Witness the bare wood
Long since caressed of it's paint
A thousand times the stars have set
With my eyes gazing upon them
Still, no closer to the truth am I
My pen lies in final rest
Words missing, stanzas scratched
Glowing ashes of poems on Winter's breath
Sacrificed to the demon within
Burned by the fires within
My Dark Angel, please forgive me
For my quest is at an end
The Elven light which burns within
Is extinguished in the final battle
And only the demon remains to rule
Forgive me, my Goddess;
Forgive me, my One;
Forgive me, my Angel.
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 1
Walk down the road by my side
To see all that has been erased
Gone now, for the sake of sanity
Into the gaping void of the past
And we may sit and talk awhile
Of the darkness that lurks within
A forbidden desire for all that was
A desire for the peace I once had known
The final darkness in which I now sit
Envelops all, tantalizing my mind with
Chances of long ago and forgotten life
Is this not the madness within?
In my nights dark hour
I await the torment of sleep
Sure to dream and sure as well
That she, my love, will be there
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 1
The Fire Within
It burns as the fire within,
never ceasing, always seeking
the answers which it truly dreads.
Can you not see the fear?
Can you not feel the question?
In the final darkness of evening,
before the dawn of terror renewed,
it lurks, waiting for me.
A gaping maw of harsh unknowns,
and a fiery passion within.
The question, it lurks in darkness
And sets its trap for thee.
So take up arms and take up silence,
for there may lie a beast in the night,
and the quiet truce you have so adored,
between man, beast and questions adorned,
May be shattered for evermore.
In the everlasting silence however,
lies the eternal darkness you long feared.
Of the quiet truce between man and beast
and a question never faced, never felt.
Why not raise the light once more?
In the endless darkness between the realms,
the fire within still burns forever.
Ever seeking, ever needing,
questions and answers it cannot face.
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 3
Mature content
Dark Angel :icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 0
Slip Away
Here in darkness of bleak December
Shall we once again remember?
The black days of long ago
When fortunes were still untold.
Why not now cease to fight
When all we face is a fading light.
Never again to believe in sunsets
Or the light of the coming day.
Why hold on to false promises
When we could send them all away.
Feel the burning deep within your soul
For Death's final apperance is now
And what you thought could just might be
Will now rot in unholy hell on earth
This is all you shall face
Beyond the light of the fading day
Take the final bow, my friend
And let me rule in my own way
Never again to trust in others
For the promises, they slip away
Why believe when we can run
Into the final fading of the day
In the final fading of the day
Why not let it all just slip away?
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 3
The darkness deep inside of me
In the depths that you cannot see
Rages for an end to this fight
Demands that I put out the light
And now we see the final score
You can't love me anymore
So leave me here, deep in dark
Finally your knife has hit the mark
Take your leave of this broken husk
With new found love, leave my dusk
You cannot help the fire within
Only add fuel as the blaze begins
And at last, I know what I must
To see the total lack of trust
You'll deny and you'll ignore
Until it all ends in gore
Pain runs deep, why won't you run
Deep into your setting sun
Take my final lack of lore
And use it up to make some more
The final chapter now is writ
As I huddle within a fit
What once was love is now nevermore
As the Raven says from upon my door
So take your bust from off my door
And leave my night for ever more
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 1
Shall I be yet another one
Who picks up their bags and runs
Breaks down and weeps upon the floor
And begs you to reveal no more
In joy, in pain and in neutrality
I am forever bound to my friends
No matter the weather nor the calamity
Always on me you can depend
So I shall not run and hide
But listen to what you wish to confide
For though we met but short time ago
I will not run upon the morrow
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 0 1
For Whom I Fell
Speaking of running but short time ago
Perhaps there is something more you should know
The das of running from past and friends
Are now forever more at final end
Hear my voice strong and loud
Let it take you to my cloud
Where we may sit and talk in peace
To perhaps bring back what was deceased
My angel's dark, my soul darker still
Are there no options but to kill
Must we forever be forced to seek
Can you not see, I'm no longer weak
The time approaches for entering hell
For now it is you whom I must tell
Can you not hear the tolling bell
It tolls for thee, for whom I fell
:icondarkelfpoet:darkelfpoet 1 1


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Alright, stop yelling. My messages piled up and my list of deviations to see grew too long.

Its been a full, or close to a full, 5 months since I updated I know (but there was a poem in there somewhere!). You have my apologies, but my creative motivation has been somewhat lacking as of late. I blame... I don't know, everything. College for not giving me time to write or do any introspection. That's a nice scapegoat.

In more recent news then...

My girlfriend and I broke up, as a mutual thing. It just wasn't going to work out for either of us, two different worlds, etc, etc, etc.

College is busy but doing good - back on track to graduate on time.

And yeah - so I'll try to get something going for you guys, but no promises.


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