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The Republic by Darkelementfox The Republic :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 1 0 Psycho Burner by Darkelementfox Psycho Burner :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 0 0 Bloodtar by Darkelementfox Bloodtar :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 0 0 Hydrar by Darkelementfox Hydrar :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 1 0 Shade by Darkelementfox Shade :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 0 0 Twirl by Darkelementfox Twirl :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 0 0 Leroy by Darkelementfox Leroy :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 0 0 Sizzle by Darkelementfox Sizzle :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 0 0 Rokko by Darkelementfox Rokko :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 0 0 Tundra by Darkelementfox Tundra :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 0 0 Blitz by Darkelementfox Blitz :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 0 0 Me by Darkelementfox Me :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 0 0 Wildblaze by Darkelementfox Wildblaze :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 0 0 Thank you Dragon of Mystery! by Darkelementfox Thank you Dragon of Mystery! :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 0 0 Vermillion (Full Body) by Darkelementfox Vermillion (Full Body) :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 1 0 Dragnarok by Darkelementfox Dragnarok :icondarkelementfox:Darkelementfox 1 0


The Mask Of Deception by Neko-Rina The Mask Of Deception :iconneko-rina:Neko-Rina 1,413 130 Pokeddex Your Choice DAY 13 - Bulbasaur by ShadeofShinon Pokeddex Your Choice DAY 13 - Bulbasaur :iconshadeofshinon:ShadeofShinon 246 11 Lucario #448 by Xael-The-Artist Lucario #448 :iconxael-the-artist:Xael-The-Artist 333 52 MMD Godzilla - Titanosaurus +DL+ by MMDCharizard MMD Godzilla - Titanosaurus +DL+ :iconmmdcharizard:MMDCharizard 98 18 Nut ~ Egyptian Gods by Yliade Nut ~ Egyptian Gods :iconyliade:Yliade 700 29 Bastet ~ Egyptian Gods by Yliade Bastet ~ Egyptian Gods :iconyliade:Yliade 1,182 78 Anubis II ~ Egyptian Gods by Yliade Anubis II ~ Egyptian Gods :iconyliade:Yliade 488 19 Anubis ~ Egyptian Gods by Yliade Anubis ~ Egyptian Gods :iconyliade:Yliade 654 38 [C4D] Twisted Foxy by Ragnadeon [C4D] Twisted Foxy :iconragnadeon:Ragnadeon 223 23 Interlopers: Chara and Buddy VS Asriel and Frisk by AbsoluteDream Interlopers: Chara and Buddy VS Asriel and Frisk :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 2,366 101 Shadowed Jeweled Dragon Deity QuillDog by MischievousRaven Shadowed Jeweled Dragon Deity QuillDog :iconmischievousraven:MischievousRaven 1,082 59 Baby Charizard by aphid777 Baby Charizard :iconaphid777:aphid777 269 14 Paper Mario - Bob-omb by Louivi Paper Mario - Bob-omb :iconlouivi:Louivi 655 55
The Stallion Walks at Night - WanderingHalfAsleep
Nights were always considered to be peaceful in Ponyville since hardly anything ever happened to disturb the town’s slumbering citizens, especially at one o’clock in the morning. Most ponies were either enjoying their rest or taking in the local nightclubs so almost nopony was on the streets . . . except for one. Whoever this equine was, he or she was heading towards the public library where Twilight Sparkle and Spike were catching up on some Z’s. This mysterious figure reached the front door, opened it, went inside, and took a book from one of the surrounding shelves; their journey resumed by going up the stairs until finally reaching the bedroom then this intruder went over to the slumbering unicorn’s side.
It was not long until the sleeping pony sensed the presence of another; she opened her eyes and let out a small squeak of fright but she calmed down when she realized it was just Naruto Uzumaki. Strange thing was that his eyes were closed and a hardback was
:icondragnboi65:DragnBoi65 38 21
MLP: Equestrian Shinobi - Chapter 1
Chapter 1: “The New Pony in Town”
    Night fell over the town of Ponyville and in the local library, Twilight Sparkle just put Spike to bed and was now sitting on her floor rug as she was reading by candlelight before heading to bed herself. She was in the middle of an adventure-romance novel about a daring adventurer rescuing a damsel in distress while trying to solve the riddle of an ancient civilization which could unlock a lost treasure. Twilight wasn’t usually a fan of these kinds of stories but this one was a real page-turner.
    Her eyes were intently glued to the words or they would have been if Twilight hadn’t suddenly jerked her head up and found her horn glowing brightly.
    “What in the-?” she said then she disappeared in a flash of purple light and reappeared at her highest balcony where she had a telescope set up.
    She quickly got a bearing of her situation, “That n
:icondragnboi65:DragnBoi65 168 173
GEN5 Pokedex by VirusEffect GEN5 Pokedex :iconviruseffect:VirusEffect 37 7


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The Republic
Try to guess who's symbol is who.
Belial Aether: Demigod son of Anubis
Nekoto Wismer: Sword wielding, shapeshifting Nekomata
Aero aka Flint Tengu: Aero-kinetic 
(On/Off)Black Diamond: Diamond class male gem that controls space
(On/Off)Fire Opal: Pyro-kinetic male gem
(On/Off)Lightning Azurite: Electro-kinetic male gem
(On/Off)Earth Jade: Geo-kinetic male gem
(On/Off)Ice Labradotite:Cryo-kinetic male gem
Dreamzee: Psychic smart guy
Maverick: A werewolf with super strength, super senses, and a healing factor
Beat-Box: A music lover with the power to control sound
Dragonfly: A gadgeteer wearing a dragonfly based battle suit.
The New Guardian of Blood and member of Dragnarok's Element Guard
The New Guardian of Shadow and member of Dragnarok's Element Guard


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I like video games and create my own works of art.


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