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This option is for 2D graphical chat owners who are looking to purchase a fully custom pose set to host on their site. They will be full lined, shaded, and hexcoloured (per chatlands standard OR your platform's equivalent)- and, if desired, have a clean pixel outline to avoid loose pixels and other graphical distortions. I have a fair amount of experience under the belt with creating pose sets including the Caracal set, the Eagle owl set, and various other sets in which were collaborated on with other artists.

I will only be working on ONE order at a time and I can work with any species. I will only work on closed species with direct approval from the creator/copyright holder of said species. These are not open to personal OCs. I am only looking to work with generic species/races which have loose descriptions and at least some freedom to interpretations, not overly specific or complex designs.

Process for this type of commission takes approximately 1 month to complete depending on size, communication/revision involved, and conflicting schedules, however please be aware it can take up to 3 months total. I do not work with deadlines. Partial payment for these is required up front, I am willing to take installments for anything over $100. All sales are final, I do not accept refunds after delivery. Failure to pay upon completion will result in revocation of access to my works.

I do ask for your patience regarding this type of commission, however I guarantee a quality set and am willing to work with customers and provide updates/revisions up to 1 month after completion.

Please check my commission status to see if I am open for this type of commission before contacting me.

Fantasy Pose Set - $100 for 5 poses, $200 for 10 poses, $300 for 15 poses.

Approx. $20 per pose, this refers to human, anthro, or mythical beasts like dragons, centaurs, etc.
No examples just yet, please see my gallery for examples of my work.

Feral Pose Set - $75 for 5 poses, $150 for 10 poses, $225 for 15 poses.

Approx. $15 per pose, refers to standard feral species such as foxes, wolves, deer, cats, etc.

Fossa Set (now for sale!) by darkeifie
(NOT FREE - you may not use these images under any circumstances)

Chibi Pose Set - $50 for 5 poses, $100 for 10 poses, $150 for 15 poses.

Approx. $10 per pose, this option available to simpler/smaller species only.

Mori by darkeifie
(NOT FREE - you may not use these images under any circumstances)

ftu | leaf divider by LlST ftu | leaf divider 2 by LlST

Price addendums:

If you want to commission a custom set but you are comfortable with me re-selling it afterwards, I will slash the total in half after calculation.
If you have a working sketch or lineart and would like me to finish them to completion, I will provide discounts accordingly.
Babies/kits/pups will count towards 2 poses, you are welcome to specify whether you wish to include them or not.

I will take one slot at a time for bodyshop sets:


IMPORTANT TERMS: The buyer may use and upload their purchased pose set in any way they wish, such as advertising their chat and setting it at any subscription level. I DO NOT WORK UNDER CONTRACT AND I RETAIN FULL COPYRIGHT OF ANY CREATED ART. Abuse such as reselling or redistributing without my permission may result in termination of agreement to host. I will not give permissions to other clients/third parties without agreement with the original buyer, but may use them in my personal portfolio and such.

Note me here or comment below!
Or, if you prefer, email me at:

© 2019 - 2020 darkeifie
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Whoops ! Scratch that I just saw your status is closed.
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ah thats okay! whatever your comment was, if you have any questions id still be happy to help answer it even though theyre not open just yet ^^ i am hoping i will be ableto open for custom sets soon and i am anticipating a lot of interest so really trying to get everything sorted out right now. i appreciate your patience
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Would it be alright if I noted you? Perhaps we can discuss a quote before you open for commissions that way you’d have some cash lined up already for when you open, I’m in no rush or anything to get a commission and I’d love to discuss options.
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absolutely ^^ that would be fine

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Hello, we met on Wolfhome a couple days ago. I liked your work a lot and thought I'd give you a follow! I'd love to commission you in bulk.

I know you're not looking for specific characters, but I am wondering if it would be okay to commission you for some kind of unknown or primitive feliformia that looks similar to a fossa. You're free to interpret that as you wish and it would look a lot of fun in your style :)
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good to see you again! i remember you and i enjoyed our chat. i would love that as fossas are an old favourite of mine =) i am looking to work with this graphic chat style (hard outline and pixels) if thats alright with you but you could of course use it however you like. you can send me a note with details whenever you're ready and i'll let you know where to send payment. thank you for the interest!
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Also, I know you're set on doing these sets, but if you ever need anything whether it be work or a meal, feel free to contact me. Always happy to offer free food
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Great, glad to make a nice impression ^^
I am interested in the full $250 if that is alright, if not $100 for 10 is alright with me as well!
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omg yes ma'am anything for you 0: thank you so much im in shock. note me!! i would love to do this. these are going in savings because im planning to move out with my girlfriend this year but looking for work in a small town when you cant drive is tough. i really appreciate it!
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