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Commissions are paused due to some delays in RL, they will be re-opening soon! Thank you for your patience!

To order, comment below or note me to request a slot. By placing an order you verify that you have read and understood all of my terms and conditions. Please include a description, any references of what you're looking for, and any necessary specifications from the get-go so that I can let you know if I'm able to work with your idea right away. If you have something else in mind that is not listed here, contact me and we can discuss it.

Price estimates are set at a minimum and can go up depending on additional characters, details, and other elements that may affect overall composition. Pricing is not flexible or negotiable, however if you have something smaller or less complex in mind than the examples below, you're welcome to ask me, quotes are always available.

Full colour: $80+, +$40 per additional character

  Night Fire by darkeifie  Menhit by darkeifie Solstice by darkeifie Pouf by darkeifie  Danni by darkeifie  Bijou by darkeifie

Flat colour: $60+, +$30 per additional character

  Nushaa and Zandur by darkeifie Kitty luv by darkeifie Learning by darkeifie jane by darkeifie

Linearts: $40+, +$20 per additional character

  Nushaaful-lines by darkeifie Menhit-lines by darkeifie Night-blossom-lines by darkeifie 

Portrait: $25+ each OR $40+ for matching pair

Sketches: Starting at $15+ OR $25+ with colour

  Mute by darkeifie  euphraxia by darkeifie prismath by darkeifie  blue by darkeifie Maladjust by darkeifie

Chat poses: $30 feral OR $35 anthro.

Reference sheets: $80 feral OR $120+ human/anthro

 Malaise Ref by darkeifie Luan Ref by darkeifie Scharres by darkeifie Oni Ref by darkeifie


Slots are taken in the order they are paid for. Be prepared to pay up front- if a commission is unpaid by the time it comes to complete it, the slot will be given to someone else instead.
  1. Whiterose283
  2. ON HOLD
  3. ON HOLD

I do not do waiting lists, but if you want to receive notifications, you can request to be added to my ping list. Thank you for looking. If you're interested, feel free to check out my other sales as well as my freebies! Anything else? Don't be afraid to ask!
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Can I claim a spot for a painted chat pose please? <:

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hi love ❤️ absolutely! im not officially open yet so ill do one just for you x3 id love to practice painting some more! note me~
Whiterose283's avatar

Damn I need another one from you omg. You did menhit justice omg. I would love to get a ref from you one day, but I'll have to save up the funds cause your art is worth it <3

darkeifie's avatar

im soooo glad you liked it ;o; i would love to draw her a ref i really REALLY love her design and itd be wonderful to draw her again. if you save up the funds ill hold a spot for you guaranteed!! 💞

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That makes me so happy <33333

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Sad I missed this

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im sorry </3 would you like to be added to the ping list so you can get updates when i reopen?

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May I have a chat pose please?

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absolutely! note me and let's discuss it ^^

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can I get a two character flat color? :D
darkeifie's avatar

yall were so quick omg, of course! reply or note me ^^

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Ohhh I’m interested in a chat set! 
How much would a set of 3 and a set of 5 be of her, with flowers?…
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thanks for the interest! it would be $75 for three poses or $125 for five!

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Can I claim a slot? I wanna get a chat pose, I'll give details after work!
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absolutely! ^^

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ID like to buy in "bulk" for the chatands poses

First Of All, Could you do him?
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yes certainly ^^ how many are you looking for?
Flvrt's avatar
darkeifie's avatar
no problem ^^ send me details whenever you like!
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okay well anthro preferred obvi, but up to you, with his clothes please!


All Positions up to you!

id like one for an enter, so maybe him tripping into the doorway?

Maybe another with a nintendo switch

and for the third, can you add a little floating robot companion, design all up to you!
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alright sounds good! that will be $60 and you can send it to !
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@flvrt Ebunnnny

they are open! sorry i was a little late to ping its been a lot to manage lol. thank you :3

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AH HECK, I don't get paid until Thursday 

Good luck with sales though! :D
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no worries! thank you ❤️
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