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hello, this is just a quick statement to cover my terms regarding character sales/adoptables/that sort of thing! i do not closely watch or keep track of designs i have made in the past, all were sold initially under some basic terms and i thank people to follow them but it is nigh impossible for me to keep track of peoples individual characters and i dont think other people should be dogging each other either over minor infractions. so i simply ask only the following:

if you purchased a character directly from me, you can resell it fairly. or you can trade it or give it away, its your choice. i don't appreciate "flipping" characters for profit and i will avoid working with people who seem to do this, but i dont have restrictions or time limits on just how and when youre allowed to sell it, i am mainly referring to sniping & sitting on characters and hiking the price way up when no extra effort is placed into it just to turn it for profit. if you put a lot of artwork and money into a character however, i dont mind if you raise the price accordingly and i have absolutely no interest in policing this.

if i traded a character to you, feel free to trade it or give it away, but please do not resell it without my permission.

if i gave a character to you, feel free to give it to someone else, but please do not sell or trade it without my permission.

with all that being said, you do not have to ask permission to sell one of my character designs that you bought from someone else. if they were allowed to sell it, you can safely assume that you are allowed too so long as you are following this statement to the best of your ability. i cannot anticipate or enforce others character TOS and i do not regard them when it refers to my own artwork. this includes "character ownership" agreements, if you want to do co-ownership with someone that is between you and them as long as you are not reproducing or profiteering my work for unfair gain. i only act when it is necessary to protect all of my work which falls under my copyright.

thank you for your understanding,


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