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Edit: Oct 18th. bumping this so peeps know. I'm still taking ACEO commissions :D

For the uninitiated, ATCs/ACEOS are little 2.5"x3.5" Cards that can be bought, sold or traded.

I'm opening five slots for ACEO commissions. They're $25 each(I'd be happy to arrange a discount for multiple), plus $5 for shipping per order.

I've only got a couple of commissions left from Anthrocon, and these ACEOS are really quick and easy for me to smash out in a day or two (they're also very relaxing to do).

If you're interested, you can check out a bunch of examples below:

ACEO Commission - BRTWolf2010 by DarkEcoKat  ACEOFursXchange September 2015 - Astrocat by DarkEcoKat  ACEOFursXchange July 2015 - Agataylor by DarkEcoKat  ACEOFursXchange June 2015 - Ashkey by DarkEcoKat
ACEOFursXChange May 2015 - Vladimirsangel by DarkEcoKat  ACEOFursXChange April 2015 - SilveryNova by DarkEcoKat  Dracolich ATCs by DarkEcoKat
ACEOs Batch 1 by DarkEcoKat  ACEO Collage by DarkEcoKat  Pokemon ACEOS by DarkEcoKat

If you're interested, let me know!

ACEOs make great gifts for friends, family or loved ones. They're great for wallets, desk pictures, profile icons or even little personal keepsakes. 
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For years people have tried to get attention by uploading risque, suggestive, or strait up pornographic artworks, despite the fact that DA clearly prohibits the upload of explicit artworks.

yet in the last six months it seems like the quantity of porn i've seen uploaded has skyrocketed. In the last 6 weeks alone i've filed more than 2 dozen reports for violations(and it seems as if the automated system no longer delivers receipts to say the issue's been dealt with..)

That said, is anyone else noticing this trend?

I don't mind porn. In fact i've dabbled in it a bit myself. Porn is a healthy expression of human nature.

But DA isn't the place for smut. save that for other services. They're out there by the hundreds of thousands. - DA's guidelines regarding sexual content, in case you want to throw the book at violators.
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Yep! I'm opening up for some commissions. Why? Because i've run out of shit to draw at the bookstore. I've got some commissions left in my que(holy crap they're late as fuck), but seeing as how most of them are adult in nature, i can't, in good conscience, work on them in public. So i'm often sitting at the bookstore twiddling my thumbs and staring at a blank page as my mind mills over the hundreds of ideas (and fails miserably to translate them to reality.)

SO. i need shit to do. and badges are quick and easy for me to do in limited time.

the spots marked *PRIORITY* will be finished in time for ANTHROCON 2014

Da Rulez:
Nothing adult. suggestive is OK. Just know the rules for the convention you intend to wear it to. I'll leave this up to your judgement.
Nothing fetish based.
No language(you're at a con with kids, think about it.)

Pricing: the big badges average 6-7.5 inches tall, and 4-5 inches wide. They are $35 USD including shipping. $5 extra for very complex characters.

Chibi Badges are roughly half that size, only around 3-4 inches tall and just as wide depending on the character/pose. They're simplified and are $20 USD including shipping.

Lastly, ACEOs are 2.5in x 3.5in in size and can easily fit into a wallet, or badge slip. these are also $20 including shipping.

**Edit**:You'll notice the prices have been reduced a little for the large and chibi badges. I admittedly expected a little more response so hopefully lowering the price a bit will bring in a few people. **

All badges are full body. I don't draw busts or waist ups. Aceos can be whatever you like as long as it abides by the rules set above.

All badges/aceos are laminated in a medium weight lamination.

I can draw mostly everything pretty well, though my work focuses more on a stylized realism. I can draw toonie but I usually prefer not to. (toon and chibi aren't the same.)
I can draw original concepts to designs from games.

visual references are preferred, but I can work off a text description. If you use a text description, PLEASE INCLUDE HEX CODES FOR YOUR CHARACTERS COLORS.
If you're interested, drop me a note with a reference, your slot preference, and any details you feel are critical. Also let me know if you'd like your character's name on it, and what kind of font it should use.
Also what color will the 'border' be around the character. if you don't specify this stuff, I'll assume 2 things: 1) no names. 2) I pick colors that compliment the design.

EXAMPLES:……… (these are old as shit and laminated with a sticker maker, i shit you not)…

PRIORITY Slots: First come, first serve, Ready for AC2014:
Large badge 1: Vharga on FA -PAID- 95%, needs lamination.
Large Badge 2:

Chibi Badge 1:
Chibi Badge2:


Casual Slots: First come, First serve, won't be prioritized, but could still be finished in time for AC depending on how things go:
Large badge 1: :iconcrystalnori: -PAID- 15% Sketched.

Chibi badge 1: :iconcrystalnori: -PAID-

ACEO 1: :iconcrystalnori: -PAID-



if there winds up being a greater demand, i'll consider opening pre-order slots for more non-priority slots.
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This post will contain minor spoilers, but nothing too revealing. I'll put up a warning when it approaches spoilery territory.

Anyways just beat ISS after shotgunning it all day like shots. All in all, I think I put in around 15 hours, including clearing out the first island, so take out that time and i'd say the campaign is around 13 hours long. The game definitely feels shorter than the first two Infamous titles. Then again I was definitely rushing through it because i wanted to see the ending.

I'll give a rundown of the technical stuff first.. graphics, gameplay, sound, ect.

graphics wise, ISS is the -definition- of next gen. Realistic, high quality reflections, dynamic weather effects, beautiful lighting that really helps set the mood... Some users may find the dynamic gamma adjustments when you switch from light to dark areas to be a bit distracting but it can be ignored for the most part. Textures and models load quickly. I only ever saw something one render as low LOD but it popped in very fast(I had loaded a menu after fast travelling).

Hands down my favorite parts of the graphics were the cutscenes. Characters seemed alive and were filled with expression. Wrinkles actually wrinkled, and muscles stretched and shifted accurately as the characters moved and interacted. Certainly puts titles like Heavy Rain and LA Noire up to bat and takes a home run.

Gameplay is solid and certainly feels like an Infamous title. Some of the controls have been moved around, and you no longer have to hold L2 to aim. you can free tire, but L2 often gives better accuracy and reduces the spread on your shots. Certain abilities, like Neon, also behave like Precision from I1 and I2 with the right upgrades. Additionally, your controls no longer rely on triangle, square or the O button to fire different abilities. Your normal fire is bound to your R2, while R1 fires your heavy attack and L1 controls your 'special'. Triangle and O control karmic decisions in the field.

The three main powers definitely feel unique. Smoke is fluid but heavy, in a way. the Smoke attacks are heavy hitting and accurate but have a medium speed. Climbing with smoke is a bit slow, reminiscent of the first Infamous.

Neon is quick with moderate damage, and the continuous 'Light Dash' upgrade is pretty handy getting around... that is until you get what I like to call 'Digital Dash'. Neon lets you easily and quickly scale buildings, and while its fast, its not the best.

The 'video' power is very cool, allowing you to summon digital angels or demons, depending on your alignment, to help you fight. Video attacks are fast, dealing light damage but they're great for suppressing fire, keeping enemies at bay and quickly navigating the battlefield for a better vantage point through the use of invisibility. The Digital Dash(its actually called airwave dash or something like that but i thought the name 'video' was a dumb name for a power) is easily the best fast-movement ability in the game, especially once you get the additional dash upgrades and the vertical lift addition for your thrusters. its quite easy to string together 4-5 jumps and clear 3-4 blocks at a time, making it fun to use.

I won't discuss the last power as its kinda spoilery and didn't get much time with it as I called it quits after the credits rolled (I played 8+ hours in that session..)

The touchpad controls are responsive and intuitive, making the tagging missions feel real, as the controller actually has feedback, feeling like a paint can as you rattle it, thanks to a well timed rumblepack. The artworks Delsin paints are very awesome, loyal to the art of BANSKY that inspired them.

Otherwise the game plays just like any other infamous. You work to capture the islands from enemy control, completing side quests to gain more control. ISS lets you take down cameras, check points, scanners, locate blast shards(powering various DUP devices), and stencil grafitti all over the districts to gain control, all culminating in a 'district showdown'- a huge violent clash that acts to be the final nail in the coffin. I do adore the banter with the lady on the phone for sure...

This iteration thankfully did away with two of the things that made getting through Infamous 2 such a chore-those frustrating as fuck mutants and fights. The only fight I had any problems with were the final boss. The other boss fights were fun, and not too entirely difficult. The amount of challenge made the final reword so worth it.

Sound wise, the game excells, aside from a bug in the final bossfight where all the boss' ability sounds were like 200x the original volume. threatening to blow my damn speakers. This was likely the side effect of my ps4 getting quite warm though as i had been playing for a long time without a break.

The soundtrack is upbeat and down temp when it needs to be, filled with mournful guitar cries and gentle acoustic chords at the right moments. The genre most closely resembles post-rock, while going grundge during the fights, reminding me more of Infamous 2's gritty score. Voice acting as always is top notch.

This next part is kind of spoilery, but i won't ruin any major plot points.. I hope. Read at your own risk.

Beating ISS didn't feel as satisfying as say, I2 or hell, even I1. The final fight was frustrating, and a relief when completed.
My biggest upset though is the fact that.. despite everything that had happened, and all the stories told, not once did anyone make mention of Empire City, New Marais, Cole McGrath, the Beast, Zeke Dunbar, the First Sons, ect. I was quite confused by this as those are all important things to the lore of Infamous. Were it not for Kessler's experiments after his run ins with his own Beast, the events culminating in Delson's ascendance wouldn't've never taken place. Then again I haven't collected all of the Data-Logs yet so Im not 100% armed with all the lore ISS has to share. 
The game also doesn't once mention the fact that Cole fired off the RFI, effectively eliminating Conduits around the globe, by its own statement. I could understand some conduits surviving if they were far enough underground or otherwise protected by the rogue wave of Rayfield energy, but that doesn't explain how modern day Seattle seems to be -crawling- with potential conduits as you regularly rescue conduits from DUP hands throughout the hero karmic story, as if Cole's actions literally had no affect whatsoever.

I'm further confused by the fact that in ISS, the government was somehow able to paint the entirety of the conduit race as villains, despite the events in New Marais being global, especially since New Marais wasn't cut off from the rest of the world like Empire city. People had phones. People had the internet. It doesn't make much sense in the grand scheme of things that seemingly No one would've known about those events, or at the very least, tried to spread the truth. Which makes the final boss' motivations all the more confusing.

To make matters worse, the plague that killed millions in 1 and 2 is gone, sure, because that was the whole reason for Cole to fire the RFI, but if the plague is CAUSED by rayfield energy, it'd make sense that it'd once again pop up because of people being around Blast Shards and other activated conduits. Weren't those the reasons folks got sick in the first place? 

Fan theories debunked: before the game's launched, fans theorized where the story would go. Some thought the game's name was literal, and in a way it is. Delson is the youngest of two brothers, making him the 'second son', while others thought the title was a sort of reference to the 'first sons', the organization governing the Neon in the first game. Others thought that Delson was in some way related to Cole, primarily because of Cole's comment to Nix during INfamous 2 that he had a little brother.

Unfortunately literally none of this was the case, which I think upsets me the most. Other than the lore of Conduits and the events that spurred the Human-Conduit war, the two characters' stories have almost nothing in common. 

After all, Where's Zeke? He survived the plague, didn't he? Did the DUP cage him up? Did he try to spread the word that Cole was a hero and that Conduits weren't inherently bad? There's so many questions left unanswered, and based on the fact that so many things went unsaid in ISS, I highly doubt we'll see any closure in a sequel, if there is one.

eh, we'll have to see. Here's to hoping there's some little glimmers of hope in the content I haven't finished yet.
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its unfortunate to get your art and/or characters stolen. Its especially frustrating(and unusual) when you find out /from the thief/.

:iconsvallakumee: seems to have taken it upon himself to .. borrow my OC Sval 'Lakum, and according to his comment, has been doing so 'for the past year and a half', and graciously thanked me for 'creating him'.

I'm not Okay with this. I will never be Okay with this. You don't just roll into someone's art gallery, take what you want and just act like you're well within your right to do so.

On top of that, this prick's been using my OC Sval as his persona on nearly every website. he's got a youtube channel, where he posts comments as Sval, a twitter page, a PICASA gallery..

According to him he's also been acting as Sval on Xbox Live as an Arbiter(go figure), in some.. Elite roleplay group. 

I'd report the fucker on youtube, but Google seems to have removed the 'report this page' button. so I can't. if anyone knows how, that'd be -fantastic-. I do not take kindly to people stealing from me.
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For the past 8 years my brother has been producing and mixing his own music. While he might not be a household name, or even known in the most obscure circles of the internet, that doesn't stop him doing doing what he loves. Recently he's entered a contest with two of his fellow mixers. Its called 'Beaststars & Maschine Remix Contest' featuring vocals from rappers E-40, Juicy J, and Ty Dolla $ign.

All I ask is for you to check out their entry,… so it can at least get some views. Judging is partly popularity, but mostly the Judges' decision so your views help either way. You don't even have to listen to the song, just watch it long enough for the views to count.

Thank you for helping make my brother's dream come true. :) It'd mean the world to me and him if he won!
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My gallery doesn't show it, but I am.. or at least.. Used to be a massive Assassin's creed dork. It all began when I picked up AC1 for five bucks during a steam sale.. A fun, if buggy adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed to the point where I pretty much 100%'d it on my first play-through. Found out shortly after that a second was in the works and due to launch much later that year, and so began an obsession that would carry me on for a year and a half tops.

Where Assassin's Creed 1 dared to step outside of the comfort zone of brown-bloomed-waist-high-ledges-corridor-shooters and stereotypical adventure games (those three years really weren't that exciting. I seriously cannot remember a single franchise or game I was excited about at all during that period), Assassin's Creed 2 said 'Hold my beer, watch this' and did everything AC1 did, but better, with more flash, while adding even more to the first unique gaming recipie we'd seen in years. AC2 quickly climbed the ladder to become one of the greatest games I've ever played (And trust me, i've played alot, both Indies and AAA titles alike). To this day, AC2 holds a special place in my heart.

Naturally I was excited about Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. At that point I was certainly hoping the series would let us get more hands-on time with Desmond and while we got some, it wasn't exactly the fix I was looking for at all... Plus we were playing Ezio. Again. Don't get me wrong. I love our favorite Italian Stallion. Its just I felt they ended his story quite nicely in AC2. Replaying Ezio in Brotherhood was like watching Schwarzenegger coming out of retirement to do the Expendables: a rinse and repeat of the first time around, but a lot more painful to watch. What Brotherhood lacked in compelling narrative and engaging character development, it made up for with the addition of new game play features- a tradition it followed faithfully to its predecessor, AC2. One of the most upsetting things about Brotherhood's announcement though was the fact that they centered around Facebook for their advertising.

I get it, Facebook is used by an obnoxiously big number of people all over the globe, but I for one can't stand the privacy-invading time-wasting piece of shit website. But, me being the ever loyal fan of Assassin's Creed (I even had my AC tattoo by this time), I decided.. Hey, i'll finally take it up the ass and get a Facebook account. So I did. but I only logged onto it from my laptop, Lopez because guess what, I could afford to wipe my HD and re-install windows without a care in the world. Its just a gaming/software laptop after all. However my interest in following news about Brotherhood waned rapidly as I realized that Ubisoft had switched almost exclusively to using Facebook for all its advertising and community involvement, rather than.. oh yaknow, hiring a web developer to make them a fucking WEBSITE that had absolutely nothing to do with Failbook. But whatever. Who am I to tell them how to do their jobs. I bought Brotherhood like any self respecting fan and played the shit out of it. I was even part of the Multiplayer Closed Beta (Which was fun, but.. entirely too easy. even at level 2, I was out-killing the devs and all the higher level players because they all ran around like a bunch of fucking mindless chickens with their heads cut off.) It wasn't uncommon for me to end a match with more than twice as many points as every other player in the round. I was earning between 700-1000 points a kill, and when I'd come out with 15-20 kills.. Well I got bored very quickly.

Barely a few months since Brotherhood's been on the shelf, my disc still brimming with that 'new game smell', News about Revelations hits. And its got Altair! Sweet baby jesus! I won't lie, I was excited as fuck that it looked like AC was going back to its roots, focusing on what the series is really about.. Assassins! Templars! Ancient artifacts with untold power created by a dead civilization! I certainly did enjoy the parts where I got to play as Desmond, though the first person puzzle parts could've been -wwaaaayyyyy- better. Revelations was good, but it wound up being a polar opposite to Brotherhood: It lacked greatly in engaging gameplay, with lots of added pointless mechanics that just seemed like a big waste of time and offering little to no innovation as the series had routinely done. It made up for this partly with a really nice storyline. The ending cutscene really psyched me up for AC3 (and Once again I was left praying that we'd get a title with much more Desmond!)

Then we were introduced to a new assassin. I wasn't impressed. Honestly the decision to make him an English/Native American mix felt less genuine and more like an excuse to say 'look at us! We totally did this!'. Connor was a flat, boring and lifeless character. I hated playing him. I felt no attachment to his mentor. I'm dissapointed that the only cool character isn't even the main character. Haythem was easily the most original character in the entire series. The game focused so much on Connor's pointless origins as a member of a Native American tribe (for pointless drama I guess), and wasted entirely too much of its breath on completely irrelevent shit like.. Being present for the signing of the Deceleration of Independence which was such a boring and uneventful cutscene that I almost didn't realize what was happening by the time the signatures were in place, or that annoying cannon sequence during the battle of Jefferson. The Hunting mechanic is useless and a waste of time. Assassin's creed 3 Might as well have been called "Sim City 1807 Homestead Edition", because the only fucking endgame content is to go around building up your stupid fucking homestead and make money, which you don't even fucking need. AC3 was such a massive dissapointment that I didn't even bother to redeem my free Season pass to play that King George DLC.

I realized something a while back though. The Assassin's Creed franchise has been farting its way along entirely on its namesake for the last 3 games. Its less and less about Assassins and Templars and age old conflicts, blood oaths to your brotherhood, ancient artifacts forged by a dead empire... There's hardly any stabbing to speak of. Now the series is just faffing about, making a fool of itself like a drunk old person trying to be one of the cool kids.

And then came Assassin's Creed 4. I've still got the bitter taste of 3 in my mouth so I'm not even going to bother showing up for the Midnight release on this one, as I have done since Assassin's Creed 2(Which I seriously need to replay to remind myself of what a good Assassin's Creed game is). Hell, I'm going to wait a few weeks maybe before even picking it up.

I don't even see why they bother even calling it an 'Assassin's Creed' game anymore.

Desmond is dead, and honestly he was the single most important plot thread to tie everything together, aside from the Assassins and Templars, and their age old conflict over humanity's rights and the ancient artifacts. With Desmond's story officially over(As stated by an interview with the AC team), my hopes for the series are absolutely abysmal. AC3 was a sad way to end Desmond's story, and wasn't the exhillerating ride I had anticipated. Instead, I'll quote Yahtzee, "It was not a glorious explosion, but instead the sound a balloon makes as it farts its way around the room before falling to the floor". They built Desmond up... No, WE built desmond up from this.. Nobody bartender living in some hole to this badass Assassin that gave the last pocket of Assassin Resistance their only fighting chance against the world-ruling Templar.. and goddamnit I was seriously hoping we'd get to have an entire Assassin's Creed game dedicated entirely to Desmond. Not everyone liked him as a character (I agree he wasn't very well written) But goddamnit, there was just something so... awesome about playing as him once you get to run around with all the skills you learned from Ezio and Altair.. Solving puzzles in Brotherhood(including that massive one inside the Colliseum and the church beneath), or those awesome sequences in AC3... Those were the most fun I had in the series!

Ugh.. I just.. I don't know if I have the energy to bother anymore.. V.V' I hate to see what Ubisoft is turning it into.

If not for the fact that I want to see where the series is going, I wouldn't even be buying 4. But i'm in it for the long haul.

Please Ubisoft. I know you'll never read this but please... If you know whats good for you, you'll take a step back and look at what you've turned the Assassin's Creed series into.
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Hope you're happy. Yeah. you know who you are.

Sitting up on your high horse, so cock sure of yourself that you forget where you began.

Rather than being appreciated for what I can do, I'm being judged and belittled for what I used to do.

So I've canned almost my entire gallery.
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For the first time in years, I almost took DA seriously. caught me with my pants down, i see!

for about an hour i thought that dating crap was real, rofl. I wont lie, i'm hankerin' for a date but im not desperate enough to use a dating service since i already got four people fightin' for my affections (i'm dead serious), but for funzies I filled out the stupid (very empty and limited) questionnaire, and it spat out another deviant's name. same one on a second try, to see if it was just picking random peeps or not.

me, being an oblivious dolt, actually posted a comment on their profile. because I wasn't taking the questionnaire seriously to begin with, i laughed on the inside and said hi to a complete stranger because what the hell, i like meeting new people! (Its why I go to cons!)

Fastforward to an hour later when my buddy 1k reminds me that today was april fools day(which I had completely forgotten about because i've spent the entire day playing the entirely legit SUPER ADVENTURE BOX on Guild Wars 2, which is basically a pixel platforming RPG, fuck ya!

and i realize.

April fools day.
Dating service.
Me nearly falling for it(despite not ginuinely taking it seriously.).

Well fuck me sideways Rofl. Oh well. Found someone with cool face art so I guess it wasn't a total loss.

On the bright side, best of luck to whomever ginuinely meets and falls in love over an april fools joke.

Easily one of the most convincing april fools day gags to date.

and fuck me sideways if this Deviantheart service is legit. Props if it is, DA. Well played.

PS: Super adventure box should totes be a permanent real thing. its fun on a bun, for serious. -@ Must.. fine.. all... secrets.
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Finally getting around to organizing my damned favorites. So. many. FAVORITES.

But i'm glad I can organize them into collections now. pretty bawss.

my only regret is that I can't search just my favorites, or limit searches to only things I've Favorited..

Know how convenient that'd be?

Ugh. I wish :(
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Before you link me to 'Indigo-Nightfall' fa, or the same name here on DA, just stop. Neither of those accounts are the right person.

Indigo Nightfall used to make a bunch of very incredible patches on Furcadia years and years ago, and I wondered if anyone watching me might know what has happened to her, or if she's even still around on the web at all.

She was a mentor and a friend, but like many friendships, slowly vanished until it was nothing. I haven't seen her in years, since before I even joined Second Life, and thinking about the old days has really reminded me just how much I miss her. I still greatly admire her work, and am eager to speak to her once more.

Any help finding her would be greatly appreciated.

If she's asked to remain annonymous for whatever reasons, just let her know that 'SylverNight' is looking for her.
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Hey folks. After years of being on this site and paying for a premium membership, i've never really exercised the benefits included to the fullest of their extent, simply because- while proud of my work, i've never felt it was truly 'print worthy', until I made the piece 'Just a Puppet' which was my entry to the RVB Freelancer Art contest. Sadly it didn't win(I won't complain here, but just know that I think the entries I lost to had to have been laced with cocaine for mine to not even place.) Ego aside, Like I said, I like this pic so much that I thought it'd make perfect print material.

I even bought two of my own- one to frame for my home, and the other to sign and frame to send to the folks at RoosterTeeth. Really hoping that if I couldn't raise a few eyebrows at the contest, I might see about making waves with a cool piece of fanart to join the dozens of others before me.

Either way I'm fairly reasonable with my pricing. Im not in this for profit, so I made prices fair.

the 4x5 is 3 dollars. the 8x10 is 10 dollars, and the 16x20 is 35 dollars, all of which are CURRENTLY 40% OFF to premium members of DA on prints, so if you're prem, and want that pic, maybe think about gettin' yourself one. It just plain looks badass. I'm so super happy with that picture.

anyways if no one buys it, i won't cry. I mainly put it up there so I could buy prints for myself to hand out!
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Its no mystery that over the last several years, i've been very inactive on DA. Part of that is due to graduating highschool and getting burried in av work on Second Life, thus haivng no time(or inspiration to art), and the other half was because i had expanded into more mature areas, artistically- stuff that isnt kosher on DA.

Well, i've canned my adult account due to some misunderstandings with the staff at FA, and it seems my muse is finally cooperating again after all these years.

But, when it came time to finally submit the few pieces of serious work i'd managed to squat out since going dark, i realised that 99% of my watchers seemed to care less that I still existed- I don't blame em. chances are they moved on too and their accounts are just husks with 20,000+ unread messages. (I can get 1000 in a week if I don't clean it out daily).

So when DA launched groups, i was so happy. Finally a place I could go and find all the best of the best from every fandom i love in one place, and a place to share my work with not just those willing to browse my gallery or the front page under 'newest', but every member of that group.

It's really been a fantastic outlet for my work, and the feedback/comments have been very encouraging. I can feel my artistic blood flowing once again and the heartbeat is strong.

So i want to thank all of those that take time out of their busy workweeks to run these fantastic groups, and thank DA for finally creating them- It's helped me reach out to potential watchers like never before, and quickly climb back on that horse after being off for so many years.

and of course, thank you to all my most recent watchers/commenters/fave lurkers. I love you all. No homo <3
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Yaknow, i've oftenw anted a new 'identity' on DA, and have considered many times creating a new page to poste my art. But then when we finally get the ability to do so, i feel.. i dunno. guilty.

I've had this name for years but.. i'm torn. i really am.
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Holy fucking shit.

I can't take the time to comment on the things I LIKED, because of the shit i fucking can't stand.

Don't get me wrong. its cinematic and beautiful as always

but holy fucking shit. Mass effect has never fucking made me ragequit before.

and a game's never made throw my fucking controller.


to make shit worse my fucking kinect couldnt FUCKING HEAR ME FOR SHIT. sometimes it'd pick me up with no problem
but literally sat there for like 20 seconds


until finally i had to fucking open the goddamned menu myself.

Yes my kinect is plugged in and on, is calibrated and works.
and it'd hear me selectively, I swear.

PC all the way. Fuck console controls.
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Digging around, I found some info that the new ARG, Mission:ICEFLY and might actually have /nothing/ to do with Halo.

the possibilities so far:

1) It pertains to Bungie's newest title, coined 'Aerospace'.

2) The fonts and styling used in the MIF ARG website are a near exact match to those used in some media surrounding 5Gum, and the 'Ice Fly' displayed on the Mission Ice Fly Website is identicle to the one in the commercial. (I've tried finding this commercial again because I remember seeing it on television and now i can't find it). I also found a forum that claims they also saw a commercial for 5gum that said 'TEST SUBJECTS NEEDED'.

3) It does pertain to halo but the links are so well disguised that we're being LED to believe its something else entirely.

The only reason players and media are convinced it has ANY relation to halo is because during the Microsoft Conference at E3, random attendees were given an envelope with a hologram of the Ice fly on it. Inside the evelope was rumored to be a 'mechanical device with an LED'. And a short while ago, at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, the sky came to life with thousands of twinking blue lights, that as they fell to the ground, were actually more of the mechanical 'flies' with blue flashing LED's. The videos were uploaded to a youtube page titled MissionIceFly, link from the MIF website.

Other than that connection, I'm beggining to think this really is an ARG for 5Gum, and Not Halo(not that that actually bothers me). My primary reason for this is because the 'test' you take on the TestSubjectsNeeded website is very reliant on 'sensory imput'. Sight, touch, sound, taste, smell.

This all seems very elaborate for a brand of average tasting chewing gum, for sure. I suppose only time will tell.

I'm sure we'll learn more than the timer hits 0, and players are in the respective cities to locate the 'signal'.

Whether this is for halo or not, I think i'm going to participate as much as possible. This is my first ARG and this concept of advertising is very awesome.
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I cant find anything to get ahold of you with, so here's to hoping you still watch me on DA :( I dont remember your account names!
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o-o i feel terrible.

I have 2 saves from 1, but so far i've only played the good save.. and while i got the 'good' ending, i.. still feel terrible.
<spoiler alert>

Lets ust say.. it involves a funeral and a heartbreaking eulogy from zeke jebediah dunbar.
</spoiler alert>

the endings to the game weren't so cut and paste this go around.. each decision had ramifications all its own.

All in all, i definatly like infamous 2 much better than 1. cole's personality seems to finally be set in stone, and the new voice actor did a brilliant job.

Definatly worth buying if you owen a ps3.
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Nothing feels quite as amazing as erasing traces of jealous idiots from your life in the form of deleting the most precious thing to him- art you did for him.

im glad its gone. Got tired of staring at that trash.

Plus I cleaned out alot of old things that.. had no business cluttering up my gallery.

its still pretty messy, but i like looking at it a bit more now because i dont have to stare back into that cock asshat's face in the form of badly drawn artwork.

Suck it cockface. you know who you are.

to all you others, that isnt directed at you. if you feel offended by it then that sounds like a personal issue and you should likely get  that looked at.
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Since when was a harmless day about pranking associated with trolling?

and since when did DA sink to such lows as filling its pages with 4chan nonsense? (im aware the meme started here, i read the article).

i also hope DA got permission to make merchandise off that guy's design.

then again, i bet they didnt have to ask. i think we pretty much gave them the rights to our work when we registered.

I dunno. whatever.

happy april fools.