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Note: Characters belong to Bioware. Mandalorian words and phrases belong to Karen Traviss.
Artwork:By the very talented Xhybridus
Pairing:Canderous &F!Revan

Canderous Ordo had spent the day gathering salvagable parts in hopes of repairing the hyperdrive. To do that, he had to hide from Rancor and inch around grenades that were so complex he could barely detect their presence, but he had done it. As the blood-red sun was setting behind the glassy waters, he made his way back to the beach with a satchel over his shoulder full of odd bits and ends, some rusty, some caked in sand, but most of it properly servicable.

"See what you can do with this lot," he grumbled at Onasi as he thrust the satchel at the younger man. Carth had originally set out to help him on this task, but after detonating two of those mines, burning his fingers and eyebrows, Canderous had cursed him up and down and sent him back to the Hawk with his tail between his legs. Kaysh mirsh solus, Canderous thought again. His brain cell must be lonely.

He supposed he could have helped with the repairs, but he didn't follow the rest of the crew into the engine room. He just couldn't focus anymore. So, he removed his armor, bit after bit and stacked it neatly just inside the garage and tread out onto the beach in his skivvies.

It was nice to feel the sun on his flesh again, and the warm, tropical breeze rustling through his hair. He stepped out into the surf, just planning to wash the grease from his hands and splash some water on his face, but on a whim, he waded out up to his waist. This planet had a vicious energy. He couldn't feel the impression it left in the Force, but he understood why the Jedi flinched when they did. The bellowing rancor, the blood-thirsty natives, they were symptoms of the corruption. All those crashed ships, the echo of their dying screams faded to a whisper but it would never be silenced.

Yet, in the water, he felt hope for the future. Vencuyot.

Something about the lazy current rocking him to and fro made him truly believe those di'kuts really would repair the ship, and Revan would make it out of the Temple alive, and together they would defeat Malak and destroy his Star Forge. After all they had accomplished already, wasn't it just inevitable it would happen that way?

Therefore, when he heard his Revan's voice calling out his name, he wasn't surprised at all.

He turned back to the beach with a beaming smile and splashed his way back through the shallows so he could catch in both arms and spin her about while she giggled and squealed like a school girl.

"Su cuy'gar, cyar'ika."

Revan, with her arms locked around his neck, snickered softly to herself. Su cuy'gar was the typical Mandalorian greeting, but she knew the literal translation meant 'So, you're still alive'. It was odd how much she enjoyed his culture... after all she'd done to destroy it in the past. And cyar'ika, sweetheart. She glowed everytime he called her that.

For one sweet moment, that was her whole world: Canderous, holding her close, murmuring sweet nothings-- As sweet as Mandalorians got, anyway-- while the sun set over a white sand beach. Then, she had to step away. Her smile waned, tainted with sadness. He searched her eyes for the reason long before it dawned on him that Jolee and Juhani had returned with her, but Bastilla had not.

"Malak turned her to the Dark Side," she explained. "I got the planetary shield down. We can take off, once we fix the ship, but... she'll be waiting for us on the Star Forge."

Canderous considered that for carefully, wondering how his vision of the future would be affected without Bastila's Battle Meditation to help them. In fact, it would be working against them, countering their strategies, bolstering their enemies... But this was Revan. Nothing could stand against her, and he would be at her side and protect her against anything that tried. With all the confidence in the world, he caught her face in his hands and stole a long, lingering kiss.

"I never liked her anyway," he admitted with a shrug of nonchalance.

The hyperdrive was repaired with relative ease, much to Canderous' surprise. They took off again, holding a tentative breath until they passed through the atmosphere and encountered no more barriers. So far, so good. Carth and Revan sent a message to the Republic Fleet to warn them about Bastila and assure them that the Ebon Hawk and her crew would not abandon them now. The attack would begin, just as soon as the fleet was in position.

The crew fell into a terse silence. It was always so before a battle, Canderous well knew this. The tension, the anxiety hanging in the air, hope and doubt and fear. He kept to the garage, first to dismantle and ritualistically clean every piece of his armor. Coarse gold sand from Tattooine's Dune Sea was still lodged in the joints, now mingled with the softer white sand from the Rakatan beach. Not to mention assorted blood and gore accumulating on the plates. Mandalorian armor should have dents and scratches. If it was pristine, it had never seen battle. But filth was unncessary.

"So... you did it," Onasi's whispered voice barely reached Canderous' ears. It sounded like it was coming from the dormitory. He tried to ignore it, but he found he was the jealous type. If it was Revan he was talking to,... that wouldn't do. "Bastila tried to turn you back to the Dark Side, but you resisted. You chose the Light. I'm... I'm very proud of you."

Definitely Revan in there with him. Canderous bristled and dropped his helmet with a dull thud before starting for the dorms.

"I'm so sorry I doubted you. I was just afraid, but I see now that you are the woman I hoped you could be..."

"Get your hands off my girl, di'kut!" snarled a wild-eyed Canderous. As he rounded the corner, he found Carth doing his level best to steal a kiss from Revan. The boy had one hand on her hip, the other on her cheek; though Revan was leaning decidedly out of his reach, Canderous saw red. He fully intended to rip the Tin Soldier limb from limb as he'd been aching to since they'd first met on Taris.

Carth stubbornly held his ground. His wide brown eyes whipped to Revan's face for answers. Yes, once or twice he'd seen her kiss the Mandalorian, but never in his life did he think she would actually commit to him. The look on her face gave him pause. Her eyes were dark and opaque, lips pressed thin. "You can't be serious," Carth said in shock. "Isole, he's- he's a Mandalorian! He's a mercenary! He doesn't care about anybody but himself!"


Of all the snide remarks Carth had just spit, it irked Canderous the most that he had used that name. It wasn't hers anymore. It never had been; it was a Jedi lie. When would they understand that? She had been Revan for many years before she'd been a Sith Lord. She didn't have to be 'Darth', but she would never be 'Isole. "Her name is Revan," he growled through his teeth. "And no matter whatever you think, I love her. So hands off, or I break 'em off."

A profound silence followed. Carth looked from one to the other and dropped his arms to his sides. "You love her?" he repeated, sounding just as stunned as Revan looked. A furrow formed in his brow, but he shook his head and cleared it. "I'm sorry. I- I had no idea. I had thought... Nevermind what I thought. Look, I'm not going to stand in the way of love. Just- just treat her right, Canderous."

Ohh, the Little Tin Soldier backed down, did he? Smart move, but the fire smoldering in Canderous' eyes didn't burn out just yet. "Usenye," he rumbled, very much still in attack position.

"I appreciate what you said, Carth, but you should go," Revan said in a hurry. 'Usenye', while it literally translated to 'go away', it had a dangerous conotation that was usually followed by violence. She didn't doubt Canderous meant it to the full extension of its meaning. "Um, quickly," she added under her breath.

Carth bobbled his head in agreement and edged carefully around the Mandalorian before walking, briskly, for the cockpit.

At once, Canderous shifted his molten silver eyes on Revan. "You were going to turn him down, weren't you?" he demanded even as she tread to his side and slipped her arms around his middle.

"Yes! Of course, I was. Udesii," she grinned up at him. 'Calm down'. It was hard to stay angry, wrapped up in her and the smell of the tropical breeze still clinging to her clothes. Despite himself, he draped his arms around her shoulders and watched her melt against his chest, stealing the rest of his ire right out from under him. He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. It didn't take a Jedi to sense her smiling. "So, you love me, huh?"

"You know I do," he grumbled in that deep, husky voice of his. She lifted her face, bracing her chin against his chest and shone her midnight blue eyes up at him with that look. He knew what it meant; he had to say it. Not bark it, but actually declare his feelings. The woman was exhausting. Still, he complied, but he said it in his own tongue. "Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum."

In the cockpit, Admiral Dodonna began her transmission. The fleet was ready. The battle was about to commence.

Revan had much to do before they stormed the Star Forge. She would need a supply of stims and shields. She wanted to change out the crystals in her lightsaber and she had to really decide who would come with her, and who would stay behind to guard the ship. Before she did all that, she dipped her chin and kissed his chest, right above his heart. "I love you, too."

It would make sense for a team of Force-Users to infiltrate the Factory. After all, Revan, Jolee and Juhani had decimated the Dark Jedi in the Rakatan Temple. Yet, she sensed with all her being that Canderous would never, ever, under any circumstance, agree to stay behind. Her man until the end, she thought with a wry grin. He had meant that.

Jolee wasn't as strong with a lightsaber as Juhani, but he was a much better healer. In the end, she decided that would be more use to her. She and Canderous could handle the offense and Jolee the defense. Much to her surprise, no one fought her on her decision.

The three of them descended the ramp, took a look at the heart of the Star Forge and eagerly joined the fight.

Malak's first line of defense was droids; they did nothing but slow Revan down. She and Jolee unleashed bolts of lightning that overloaded their circuits. Canderous aimed perfect, precise shots at their core processors that made them burst into shrapnel. The shielded turrets were a little more challenging. Canderous' fire pinged off them harmlessly. The worst of their Force powers were absorbed and the machines beneath were spared. Revan vaulted ahead of her companions, swinging her double-bladed lightsaber in a deadly arc. It was a beautiful dance. With one move, she deflected, with another, she struck, seamless and graceful. It took her seconds to destroy all four of them.

Armored troopers, Dark Jedi and Sith Apprentices started to pour into the long corridor that separated them from the elevators. They came four at a time from every direction, simply appearing in the gloom as if they had stepped out of the walls themselves. Every time they thought the last had fallen, more blaster fire sang through the air and another lightsaber ignited in the darkness.

"Jolee, no more lightning," Revan didn't seem to be tiring, but the old man certainly was. He was panting for breath and each Force Power he used was weaker than the last. A stasis field helped, a Force push spared them from some nasty blows, but the Lightning drained him too quickly. "Leave that.... to me!"

Revan held up both hands as if she meant to rip the roof off the walls. From her fingertips came a thunderstorm of brilliant white and blue, crackling electricity that burst out in every direction. Canderous ducked instinctively, watching Troopers fry in their armor, Sith burn in their robes, but not one stray shock came his way, or Jolee's.

When she dropped her hands at last, a deafening hush pressed against their ears, broken only by her breathing. She braced those hands on her hip, let her head loll forward and took a moment to catch her breath while  her fingers burned and tingled. All too quickly, she lifted her gaze, nodded and her companions and pressed forward.

What they had hoped was an elevator was actually a control room, but they ducked inside all the same. It was protected, but only by a few unfortunate souls that were quickly dealt with. Revan went to the conduit to see what could be done: maybe reprogram the droids to attack the Sith themselves, or throw up shields to keep more from following them. Not possible, but at least she could deactivate any further turrets. Then she found an option to generate robes embued with the power of the Star Forge.

Her own were singed with blaster fire  and frankly, a little sweaty and certainly didn't have any powers of their own, so why not? She fed a few more spikes into the receptacle and watch a burst of light strike a nearby plastoid cylinder. Curious, cautious, she inched toward it. A flowing white robe had appeared where nothing had been before, with an orange leather bodice. The facbric was cool against her fingers and surprisingly lightweight.

"Is this really the time for a wardrobe change?" hissed an impatient Jolee.

"Just... turn around," Revan muttered. It wasn't the first time she had stripped out of her outer clothing in front of her companions, but it was still awkward. And she knew full well Canderous didn't look away for a second.

"Hnh," he grinned. It was the first outfit he had ever seen her wear that hugged her beautiful form. Highlighted her feminity.

Revan had to admit she felt somehow stronger, renewed once the robes were donned. The Force seemed to be cascading through her, raining down like a waterfall. "Huukat'kama, Canderous." Watch my back. She shot him a smirk as she strode forward. "Not my backside."

"Bastila is on the other side of this wall," Revan warned them after they fought their way up another long corridor and left it littered it with bodies. Jolee was lagging. Canderous was feeling his age at last. The heavy blaster had his arms feeling like jelly. His knees ached from all the running. Even Revan had to be tiring, he thought, but she didn't look it. She was still young and full of energy.

"Are you ready?" she asked the men, who glanced wearily at each other before lying their asses off and saying 'yes'.

With a wave of her hand, she forced the door open, and there she was. Bastila, kneeling at the foot of an enormous holographic map that depicted the battle raging around the Star Forge. She was so pale against the black of her robes. She didn't look any more powerful now she was drowning in the Dark Side; she looked... smaller. But when her eyes opened, diamond blue and sharp as knives, he realized how formidable a foe she really was. That was the last thing he was aware of.

Before he could fire a single shot, he and Jolee were caught in a Force Stasis. It wrapped around him weightlessly, but he was stuck so tightly it might as well have been carbonite. His skin tingled under the glowing blue Force Field. The hairs on his arms and the back of his neck stood on end. His heart hammered against his ribcage; he couldn't think, he couldn't breathe.

He was simply frozen.

When the spell dropped, so did he. Canderous crumbled, fell to his hands and knees, gasping for air. How long he had been contained like that, he couldn't even guess, but he was aware of Jolee beside him, reacting much the same.

And Bastila. Kneeling at the foot of the map.

But no Revan.

"Wha-- what've you done with her?" Canderous shoved himself back to his feet and marched on Bastila as though he meant to take her head off. The woman didn't move, didn't even lift her chin. His chest was heaving with every strangled breath. His limbs were shaking just to hold him upright. He knew he was no match for a Dark Jedi, but he had to try for Revan.

"Revan has gone to face Malak," said Bastila, so eerily calm. "She defeated me... so easily... and she convinced me to resist the Dark Side. I'm using my Battle Meditation to help your cause."

Canderous jerked his attention to the map projected before them. It took him a moment to understand which ships were friends and foes, but based on their design and position, he worked it out. When he did, he realized she was telling the truth. "Revan's fighting Malak alone? Where?"

Bastila opened her eyes again. A faint smile traced upon her lips. It was just a flicker and it was ever so sad. "You love her," she realized at last. "But you cannot help her now, not by chasing after her. Malak is too powerful for you. She would be distracted trying to protect you."

Canderous paced a few steps while his stomach twisted into knots. It was true, and he knew it. He had to stand down.

"She loves you as well," Bastila continued thoughtfully. "I sensed it some time ago. I thought that passion would tempt her to the Darkness but... perhaps this concept is untrue. I think she may have stayed strong because, if she fell, it would change her... and she would no longer be the woman you love. It seems I still have so much to learn."

"Hnh," was all Canderous had to say, but... her words resonated. He stared, agonized, at the factory doors, waiting and praying that Revan would walk through them any moment now.

She was his vencuyot. His future.

Jolee had realized something else as he watched the battle unfold. The Republic capitol ships had broken the Sith lines. They were circling the Star Forge. Any moment, they would open fire at the most vulnerable points, probably the Orbital Stabilizer. When they succeeded and destroyed it, the factory would collapse back into the star from which it was drawing its power... And whoever was left onboard would be dragged in with it.

He wondered idly if they ran now, would they make it back to the Ebon Hawk? If Revan overpowered Malak here, where the Dark Side surged all powerful, would it already be too late for them? Perhaps she had a great destiny line Andor's after all. If that were the case... well, it was a fitting end for his adventures, as well. He didn't regret leaving Kashyyyk at all.

Bastila's head suddenly snapped up. "Malak is dead," she announced gravely.

No sooner were the words out of her mouth than the far doors slid open. Revan staggered out, still shimmering with the golden light of a Verpine shield. Canderous felt his knees sag. They wanted to give out, but instead he broke into a sprint. He met her in the center of that cavernous chamber, cradled her in his arms and swept her clean off her feet. He let out a shuddering sigh of relief as the panic finally began to abate.

"So, I'm still alive," she murmured in his ear.

He chuckled breathlessly, finally surrendering to the desires of his exhausted and arms and setting her down. "So, you are."

"Hate to interrupt," shouted Jolee. "But we need to be moving. Now would be good."

Revan, the Prodigal Jedi. Revan, the Savior of the Galaxy.

Canderous hadn't been able to tear his eyes away from her for a moment while they heaped praised upon her. First Admiral Dodonna, then the little green Jedi, Master Vandar. The surviving Republic fleet had landed on the Rakatan world to celebrate their victory and and their heroes at the foot of the temple.

It was kind of a miracle no Rancors crashed the party.

After the speeches, a Cross of Glory was pinned on Revan's robes and each of her companions. The whole of the galaxy seemed to cheer all at once, in one triumphant voice.

Drinks were passed around. Revan's party dispersed amongst the masses to be congratulated and to tell their stories to all that would listen. Even Hk was in on it. Canderous head the words 'Statement' and 'meatbag' banded about. It was a bit odd for Canderous, being a Mandalorian, surrounded by Republic soldiers. Five years ago he'd been at war against them. He had probably fought against some of these very same men. No one seemed to mind, but it was strange nonetheless.

So, after a time, a toast, some handshakes, he made his way to the beach. The world didn't to be so tightly clutched by darkness anymore. Maybe it was the Star Forge that had been corrupting the place. Either way, he found himself reclining into the soft white sand and staring up into the night sky. The enormous moon hanging over the planet sparkled gorgeously on the waves. A hundred thousand stars were winking at him from the heavens.

"Not much for parties?"

Canderous smiled at the sound of Revan's voice. He knew she'd find her way to him sooner or later. All he had to do was throw out his arm and she readily curled up against him.

"I've had enough excitement for one night," he confessed as he gazed at her fondly. "What about you? Surely you deserve some more time in the spotlight."

A grin toyed with the corners of her lips. She didn't have to say a word, just tapped her fist on his breastplate and he knowingly disengaged the clasps to remove it. Without it between them, she nestled more comfortably against his chest. "There's no Mandalorian word for hero."

"No, there isn't," he agreed. "But you're not Mandalorian yet."

"Yet?" she repeated, cocking her eyebrows at him but he had lazily closed his eyes.

"I figure I can get you to convert," he smirked to himself.

"Ater I fought against your people," she reminded him. "And sort of... utterly defeated them and hid the mask of Mandalore and everything, you think I'd be welcomed with open arms?"

"When will you get it through your thick head," his eyes twinkled brightly as he teased her, "that Mandalorians revere strength above all else?"

She considered his words in a daze. She had come to admire his culture greatly since she'd known him. Maybe if they weren't trying to overthrow it, they could actually be an asset to the Republic and she... well, she wasn't sure it was a bad idea. And she wasn't sure the Jedi lifestyle was for her anymore, not since had defied them so boldly and fallen in love.

He shifted abruptly onto his side so he could meet her gaze. With one of his enormous hands, he took hers, palm to palm, and staring intently into her eyes, he recited: "Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde."

"We are one when together," she translated slowly, her lips fumbling around the words. "We are one when apart. We shall share everything... we shall raise warriors?"

He was proposing to her.
The conclusion of the Revan x Canderous romance! Revan emerges from the Rakatan temple to face Darth Malak at last. To read from the start
Part 1: Escaping Taris
Note: Characters and plot hail from Bioware, Knights of the Old Republic, and the snippets of Mandalorian language in italics are from Karen Traviss, my favorite Star Wars author.
Artwork:By the very talented Xhybridus
Pairing: Canderous & F!Revan
       Of all the planets he had ever known, Canderous Ordo had come to hate Taris the most. Not because it was unpleasant; it wasn't volcanic or barren, it's atmosphere wasn't toxic. He despised this place because it had taken a proud Mandalorian warrior and reduced him to a petty thug.
       Sure, it paid well enough, but lately he resented himself for prizing credits above his own honor. It was time to move on. The Sith had occupied the planet, complicating his escape, but he had a plan.
       Unfortunately, the plan hinged around a girl: Isole Nyxa.
       It wasn't like him to take partn

Part 2: Decisions on Dantooine
Note : All Characters and situations belong to Bioware. I merely tinkered with them to add in a story of my own. All Mandalorian words and phrases in Italics are from Karen Traviss.
Artwork:By the very talented Xhybridus
Pairings: Canderous & F!Revan
A pink and gold sunset was slowly fading behind the serene pastures of Dantooine as  Canderous Ordo emerged from the Ebon Hawk in search of fresh air. Now that their companion, Isole Nyxa, was being trained a Jedi, the tension on board was palpable. Bastila was always whispering in her ear. Carth was brooding over the secrets they kept from him. Mission was still sulking over the destruction of her rakghoul-infested trash compactor of a home planet. The Wookie kept to himself, but the damned astromech droid kept wheeling through the ship, whistling and beeping cheerfully. That was just irritating.
Canderous had been trapped there, confined to the medbay by t

Part 3: Mandalorian Charm
Note: Characters belong to Bioware.
Artwork:By the very talented Xhybridus
Pairing: Canderous & F!Revan
"We're your slaves, huh?"
Isole Nyxa had just tossed herself onto her cot when she heard the cool, sardonic voice of Canderous Ordo in her ear. She had known him almost three standard months now, and she could recognize when he was being playful and when he was genuinely annoyed. At the moment, he fell into the first category. A smile rushed unbidden to her lips.
The Sith believed her to be a Fallen Jedi that had come to Korriban to learn their dark powers. She had been accepted into their academy for training, and the only way she could think to get Canderous and Carth in with her was to tell her 'masters' that they were her slaves.  
"Hush, slave," she whispered back with a sparkle of devious humor alight in her eyes. "Someone's going to hear you."
"They're asleep," he said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

Part 4: Vode An
Brothers All
Note: Characters belong to Bioware. Mandalorian language created by Karen Traviss, and this time, there's a lot of it.
Artwork:By the very talented Xhybridus
Pairing: Canderous &F!Revan
The hunt for the Star Forge had taken Isole Nyxa and her companions, thus far, to Tatooine, a desert world, then Korriban, a planet of jagged rock mountains and palpable, crackling dark energy. Harsh, unforgiving places.
Kashyyyk was different. It was alive, thrumming with a primal energy that was almost like music. The wind sweeping through the Wroshyr trees was scented with rain. As twilight fell, the Mykal began to stir and call to each other in the distance. Now that Chuundar's reign as Chieftan was over, and Czerka slavers erradicated, there was a sense of peace in the village and contentment; in her journey, Isole had found precious little of that.
So, she strolled leisurely down the Great Walkway, drinking in

Part 5: Revan Unmasked
Note: Characters belong to Bioware. Mandalorian words and phrases belong to Karen Traviss.
Artwork:By the very talented Xhybridus
Pairing:Canderous &F!Revan
On the long voyage between Tatooine and Manaan, Isole Nyxa decided she needed a break. She liked these people, she really did, but for once, just for a minute, she wished they would just... stop talking.
Jolee told the longest, strangest stories that almost had a point, but not quite. Whenever Juhani saw Isole, the Cathar practically backed her into a corner and told her her life story. Bastila was the worst of them all. One more lecture about resisting the Dark Side, and Isole was most going to fall to the Dark Side just to spite her.
That in mind, she tiptoed through the rear of the ship and slipped as silently as possible into the starboard dormitory.
"Out!" she heard Canderous snarl the second she crossed the threshold.
She stopped dead, more shocked tha

Part 6: Darasuum
Note: Characters belong to Bioware. Mandalorian words and phrases belong to Karen Traviss and the lovely art provided by the very talented Xhybridus
Pairing:Canderous & F!Revan
Canderous had been scowling at the murky waters for hours, watching the sediment churn and the seaweed undulate in the current. Now and again, he thought he had seen a Firaxa shark skulking in the vegetation, but it was difficult to tell. What little light did make it down here to the Hrakert Rift were merely ghosts sweeping across the sea floor.
Revan was out there somewhere. She'd taken the only enviornmental suit and trudged out across the bottom of the ocean in search of the Star Map. Waiting for her  was driving him mad. The longer she was gone, the more horrible images sprang to mind like... her being devoured by a man-eating shark, or her oxygen tank running empty while she gasped for air...
He shut his eyes to block them ou
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