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Note: Characters belong to Bioware, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Plot inspired by the Bounty Hunter class quest.

"How do you want to die, Mando, one clean blaster bolt between the eyes, or should I get creative?"

Death threats didn't scare Torian Cadera. It wasn't until the barrel of the blaster pistol pressed into his temple that he spared a glance at the Genoharadan assassin. As best he could while his hands were cuffed to the back of the chair, he drew himself up and squared his shoulders. "How 'bout on my feet, unless you're afraid of a fair fight."

The assassins eyes flashed with a quiet fury, but just as quickly, he forced himself to smile. "I was planning on waiting for your girlfriend to arrive so she could watch, but I could just kill you right now."

Torian didn't bother to respond, just shifted his gaze back to the window. The girl he mentioned was Tracyna Naast, the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt. She wasn't exactly his girlfriend, but he cared about her. Obviously, the assassins thought the feeling was mutual, if they were using him as bait to get to her.

It was getting dark out there, fast. Worse, it was getting cold. The kind of weather you can feel in your bones, like you'll never get warm again. If he had to hazard a guess, Torian figured he was back on Hoth. Though he couldn't see much, he kept his gaze glued to the window. Tracyna was his only hope of rescue, but he was praying she'd stay away, save herself.

"...if you want a chance to say goodbye, come to Hoth. We won't wait long."

Tracyna was frozen to the spot for just a fraction of a second after the holographic message from the kidnapper flickered out. She knew about the Genoharadan; everyone in her line of work did, but most people didn't even know they were real. They were like mythical monsters, boogeymen in the closets, ghosts in the dark. Tracyna had never dealt with them before, but she understood that they didn't make idle threats.

As badly as she wanted to believe that they didn't have Torian, or they wouldn't actually kill him, she couldn't take that chance.

"They so much as scuff his boots, and they are all dead," she growled through clenched teeth.

"What are we gonna do?" pressed Mako anxiously.

"Set a course for Hoth, and gun it."

Gault helped her trace the signal from the kidnapper's holocall to an abandoned warehouse in the middle of the icy plains. Blizz, who knew the planet better than anyone, clambered onto the back of her speeder and shouted directions while she sped across the planet at breakneck speeds. It still wasn't fast enough, not when each second might be Torian's last.

"Boss! Boss, up ahead! Blizz see warehouse!" cried the Jawa, bouncing with so much excitement, he nearly fell off the bike.

"I see it," she confirmed and began to veer in that direction. She cut the engines ten meters from the front entrance, hoping to avoid drawing their attention early, but from there, she sprinted. Didn't bother to check for other entry points, didn't look for snipers on the rooftop. She dismounted and ran and when she got to the heavy double doors, she flung them open with so much, they struck the walls with deafening booms.

Her eyes found Torian, chained to the chair in the center of the room. He was dazed, barely holding his head up, but he was alive. The kidnapper was standing over him. She recognized him from the message: long blond hair, round face with a jagged scar from forehead to the opposite cheek, wide, wicked blue eyes.

"You have no idea what you just got yourself into," she snarled, bringing up both blasters to aim at his head.

"Yeah?" he smirked back at her and took aim with his own pistol. Not at her, at Torian. "Why don't you come a little closer and tell me all about it."

No idle threat, so she didn't hesitate. She marched forward, and kept marching even as Torian hollered, "Ambush! Run!"

"You're not telling her anything she doesn't already know," chuckled the kidnapper. Right on cue, all around her, a dozen assassins came running out of side chambers, or popping up behind low railings.

"You know, little girl, bounty hunting isn't a game. It's a serious business," the kidnapper started to lecture her, but her attention was swiveling around him, mentally targeting each and every last one of them. "With serious consequences, that you're about to-"

She shot first. It was a beautiful shot, too, caught him dead between the eyes, just like he'd threatened to do to Torian. He toppled in slow motion, but he died with the same arrogant smirk on his lips. "Shut up," she growled, as the fire fight broke lose.

One bolt skimmed her cheek, left a pink burn in its wake. Another bounced harmlessly off her armor. The Genoharadan weren't as good as they boasted, but when a red laser dot focused on her forehead, she flung herself to one side and combat rolled out of its path. She picked them off one at a time, one rapid shot after the next until the last body dropped and silence reigned in the warehouse.

She cast one more desperate look around the place before her gaze settled on Torian. He was safe. The threat was passed. For the first time in a long time, she'd actually been afraid. Now it was behind her, she couldn't quite settle her nerves again. The tension drained out of her shoulders, but her hands still shook as she holstered her blasters. The wild tattoo of her heart beat slowed, but it was fluttering chaotically in her chest. She approached Torian at a jog, and without even thinking, she climbed into his lap and flung her arms around him.

Mandalore's champion, the great bounty hunter, had to cling to him to know he was solid and real, not some crazy, adrenaline-fueled dreamed. She hid her face against the nape of his neck, vaguely aware that he was still cuffed to a chair, but still doing all he could to lean into her embrace.

"You mind uncuffing me, cyare? I'd really like to hold you," he murmured in her ear.

She breathed a laugh and nodded her head before freeing his hands. He flexed his arms; they had to be aching from being restrained at that angle, but he didn't give them a moment to relax, just knotted them tightly around her.

"Blizz meet Boss and love-love Torian back at the ship?"

The voice of the Jawa interrupted a moment Torian would have liked to prolong, but this probably wasn't the safest place to sit around cuddling. The Genoharadan Overseers were bound to check in before long, and when they didn't hear back, they'd come looking.

"Let's get out of here," Torian suggested, leaning just far enough away from her to peer into her eyes.

Stars, but that woman was beautiful. And deadly as Krayt dragon, he thought with a hint of a smirk. She managed a shy smile- a look he had never thought he'd see on her face- and bobbled her head in silent agreement. She got to her feet again, and he immediately missed her warmth.

They made their way out side by side, but hardly touching. Hands brushed together as they walked, nothing more. Torian could read it in her body language: that outpouring of emotion wasn't like her, she was embarrassed, slinking away. If he wasn't careful, she'd get so far and he'd never get back.

She stopped short as soon as they passed through the threshold and lifted her face to the heavens. Fat tufts of snow were falling all around them, twirling carelessly on the breeze. Her eyes traced their descent with a child-like wonder and just a ghost of a smile hiding in the corners of her lips. It was beyond cold out there. Frigid, subzero. Each breath felt like a bunch of tiny knives jabbing at the insides of his lungs, but he could have watched her for hours, so long as she had that look on her face.

"Sorry," she muttered, sparing another weak, apologetic smile in his direction. "You're probably freezing."

She started again for the bike, but paused again when she didn't hear his footsteps crunching through the snow after her. When she turned back to face him, her brow was furrowed and her head cocked curiously. "Somethin' on your mind?"

Perfect white snowflakes started to gather in her jet black hair. Slivers of moonlight peeked through the clouds and danced on her armor. He imagined she had to have it custom-made to fit that her lithe little frame. He'd never really noticed before just how slender she was, but now, he had no idea how she managed thirty kilos of reinforced durasteel on those slender shoulders of hers.

"You could say that," he agreed as he sauntered toward her. He'd had his reasons for staying distant until now, but they just didn't justify letting a woman like her slip through his fingers, so he rested his hands on her hips and pulled her close again. "I'm in love with you."
In the Bounty Hunter class quests of The Old Republic, her romance option, Torian, is kidnapped in order to lure her to a trap. I decided to make it fluffier.
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Never go wrong with adding a bit of fluff to these scenes. :D
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xD Mandalorian fluff. I like it, but I'm not sure Torian would approve!
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well done. i like it.
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