Spy vs. Spy: Eternal, Ch. 2

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Spy vs. Spy: Eternal
Ch. 2: Advanced Technology

Note: Characters & locations belong to Bioware. Art belongs to Xhybridus

Spoiler Alert! Plot inspired by end game chapters of The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire, Knights of the Eternal Throne, War for Iokath, Crisis on Umbara. If you have not played through these chapters yet, read with caution! <Doesn't apply to this chapter, really, but the story line in general, will!)

'Impatient' didn't begin to describe him anymore. Theron Shan had waited five years for the Alliance to decide it was ready to rescue Vega Lunos from Arcann's carbonite prison, then three more months watching them plan and prepare. At long last, Lana Beniko had sent him the message he'd been dreaming of: We've got her. She's free. Standby for rendezvous coordinates.

Seventeen days later, still no coordinates. In fact, that was the last he'd heard from Lana, despite his very best efforts to hail her again. He'd placed Holocalls, left prerecorded voice messages and sent off a dozen strongly-worded letters. If he had any idea what planet she was on, he would have arranged for smoke signals!

For the tenth time in an hour, he used his cybernetic implants to log into the Holonet on the off-chance that someone, somewhere was talking about her. The most recent headlines across the galaxy appeared in his field of vision as though they were being broadcast directly onto his eyeballs.

Collicoid outbreak overruns farming division of Balmorra,... Mandalore the Vindicated slain in battle,... Eternal Emperor Arcann orders Outlander to be executed on sight...

Theron felt his gut clench as his gaze skimmed the last title. Vega had gone through a whole lot of titles in her lifetime, and he had the nasty feeling she'd picked up a new one. With a deliberate blink, he opened the article to scan for more details. The more he read, the worst he felt. Vega was, without a doubt, the Outlander.

By now, he guessed he should have been used to people trying to murder his girlfriend. No one becomes a hero as monumental as she was without wracking up quite the laundry list of enemies. Still, to add the whole of the Empire of Zakuul to that list was more than a little nerve-wracking. When he had read enough to realize no one had seen her since her escape, he shut his eyes for a few seconds to close out his connection to the 'Net.

Useful stuff, his implants, even if they did cause some nasty headaches. He was sure there were  updates that could be applied that would eliminate the problem, or maybe just some basic maintenance. He hadn't been to see a tech since having them fried on Ziost over five years ago, but he was in no hurry to go back, headache or no headache. The last time he'd gone in, he'd been expecting a quick procedure, an hour or two tops. Instead, it had taken three days, and no one had ever fully explained to him why.

He rubbed at his temple, trying to dissuade another on-coming migraine. He was sure the stress of missing Vega didn't help matters, so he resigned himself to one more attempt to contact Lana. A few more blinks activated the Holocom built into his implants, and a few darting glances opened the right frequency. He listened to the chiming, waiting for an answer he didn't truly expect, so he canceled the call and opted to record another voice message.

“Alright, listen here, Beniko: I know you're Sith Lord or whatever, you can fry me with lightning from your fingertips, but if you don't get back to me, this little truce of ours might be coming to a close real quick--”


He stopped his tirade short at the sound of Lana's soft, breathy voice issuing his name. The wrath of his impatience died at once, replaced with the twinges of hope. “Lana,” he breathed in a sigh. “I'm sorry about threatening you just now, but I'm getting desperate here. Please tell me when I can see Vega again.”

“As soon as you can get here.”

Theron's heart did a back flip. He could hear the faint patter of Lana's fingertips on the keys of her datapad. A moment later, a subtle ping in his ear alerted him to an incoming message containing interstellar coordinates. Theron's every nerve was singing with excitement. All he had to do was focus on the numbers listed in the message and his implants automatically opened a star map and highlighted the corresponding sector. The planet was called 'Odessan'. He'd never heard of it, but he estimated he could be there in under eight hours if he left immediately. Lana kept talking, but he was too busy snatching up his belongings and making a bee-line for the space port.

“I apologize for the delay. After I contacted you, we had to make an emergency landing in the Endless Swamp. We had no comm signal there, but we did find--”

“Yeah, that's great. Listen, I'll be there by sundown. Don't let her off-world before I get there... but don't let anyone kill her, either.”

Five years, four months, seventeen days, but the longest part was the next eight hours.

When he finally set eyes on her again, she was giving a speech, addressing the assembled Alliance forces for the first time as their Commander. He didn't catch a word of it, to be honest. He stood in awe of her. Just as beautiful as he remembered, but so focused, so passionate. The whole time she was talking, he was trying to come up with the best way to greet her.

Catch her eye from a distance, flash a debonair smile and a roguish wink? Throw out his arms, hug her to his chest and spin her in circles? Sneak up behind her, grab her by the waist-- No, bad idea. Never smart to sneak up on a woman with her combat skills.

He didn't realize her speech had ended until the crowd around him gave a thunderous roar of approval. A moment later, they were disbanding. He was left, more or less, alone on the parade deck, staring up at the platform from which she had been speaking.

When at long last, their eyes finally met, he just... froze. His breath caught in his chest to watch her eyes light up. A sort of tingly numbness spread through his being as she started his way.

“Code name: Chance reporting for duty,” was the best opening line he could formulate off the top of his head. It was a cheesy reminder of their first adventures together, almost ten years ago. It seemed as though everything else in the galaxy had changed since those days, but he had known that instant, when he had first set eyes on her that she would change his entire life. That alone remained the same.

Cheesy or not, it seemed to work. She flashed a flashed a smile so brilliant and warm, twilight was made as bright as high noon. “Code name: Legate welcomes you to Odessan. It's good to see you again, Chance.”

The lazy breezes began to stir up from the depths of a placid forest to sweep all around her. Once he got a whiff of the sweet perfume of her skin, and it was almost as though the last five awful years had never happened. He was transported back to their last happy moments together and he intended very much to pick up exactly where they had left off.

Still, he was oddly conscious of all the techs and pilots and various Alliance workers looking on with naked curiosity, so he awkwardly opened his arms for a tentative embrace. Vega, who was never shy, never insecure, all but jumped into them, knitting her own tightly around his neck. Hell, he thought, if she didn't care who was looking, neither do I. Holding her tight by the waist, he arched his back and lifted her clean off her feet, while she giggled and squirmed in the air, but made no attempt whatsoever to get free.

For the first time in five years, he had no trace of a headache at all. It was as though his implants were telling him he was, at long last, exactly where he needed to be.
Theron Shan finally reunites with Vega Lunos, now the Commander of the Alliance, albeit with some minor technical difficulties.

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See, I missed the first go-round with him, was away from ToR for a while, and came back for this release. So this was the first time I met Theron. Already adore him, lol. 
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Theron didn't actually appear until Shadow of Revan, but there was a 'Pub spy in the Imperial Agent story line I liked, so I kinda merged 'em to give 'em a backstory.