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Note:All characters belong to Bioware. All Mandalorian words and phrases belong to Karen Traviss.

Pairing: Canderous & F!Revan

Twilight was falling on the Rakatan world. Those clear, azure skies began to darken. Each white-capped wave the raced the beach tread a little further before shrinking back. They broke violently, hissing and spitting on the rocks. The enormous moon that had been timid and half-hidden in the atmosphere all day at last unveiled her silvery glory.

Though the water was chilling him to the bone, Canderous Ordo stood in the surf, feeling the sea try to sway him one way or the other. All the while, he stood upright and resolute, marveling at this world that struggled so deeply between good and evil: the Elders and the One, the sweet-tempered Gizka wandering the beach and the vicious Rancors bellowing in the courtyard 'round the bend. He thought of anything to distract himself from the temple.

It was the moon, he thought, that made the world feel so uneasy. It was as if some superior being was gawking at them through a microscope. For whatever reason, Canderous felt sure that this... moon, this watcher of theirs, wanted them to Fall: corrupt themselves, kill, seize power.... At least, that was Canderous' opinion, but he kept it to himself.

"Bastila! You're alive!"

Carth came racing up the beach to throw out his arms in expectation of a hug, but he faultered. He stopped short. The elation on his face waned quickly to concern and his arms wilted back to his sides. This wasn't the Bastila he knew. Dark robes. Contempt in her eyes. Lips pinched with disdain.

"Wh-what's going on here?" his joyous smile was a weak facade. His smile looked as though he were desperately hoping not to get bad new. "Where's Jolee and Juhani?"

Canderous had barely noticed Bastila, though the spoiled Jedi princess was hovering around his girl like an insect. He saw only Revan and the sight of her made his blood run cold. Her skin was pale, but her lips were dark. Those stormy blue eyes of hers were midnight, almost black. Worse than that, they were hollow voids sweeping imperiously across the beach.

"I killed them, Carth," replied Revan.

No, Canderous told himself. This was Darth Revan.

"You did what?" breathed Carth as his whole world came crashing down around him. HIs puppy brown eyes were devestated, if only for a fraction of a second. Then he turned to fire and brimstone. "Of course, you did. I knew you couldn't resist the lure of the Dark Side! I won't let you destroy the Republic! This ends NOW!"

He had only just drawn a pair of blasters when Canderous hollered his name in a voice that was just as harsh and hostile as any Rancor's. Carth whirled to face him curiously, all the while he should have been shooting. He didn't. Canderous snatched out with both hands and latched them around Onasi's throat. While the pilot choked and gurgled, Canderous lifted him off his feet, watched his feet dangle half a meter above the beach.

"I told you," Canderous growled. "If you ever came at my girl again, I would kill you..." Horrible, blood-curdling noises ensued as Carth's throat was crushed. The fragile bones snapped. Crimson leaked out from the corner of Carth's lips. His eyes glassed over. He ceased to struggle, so Canderous dropped his useless corpse as though its very proximity offended him.   "...with my bare hands."

"Pathetic fool," Bastila judged the dead pilot. "No matter. He would never have sworn loyalty to my Master. But the rest of you...." her gaze swept between Mission, Zalbaar and Canderous. "You should be on your knees, pledging yourself to Darth Revan, the true Lord of the Sith!"

Mission wouldn't bend the knee. She screamed about how Isole was a good person. Bastila told her that Isole was dead, and the poor young Twi'lek ran off. But the Wookie and the Mandalorian, they knelt, bowed their heads and readied to pledge themselves to their new master.

"Zalbaar, I have you Life-Debt already," said Revan. Her very voice was not... her own. When the real Revan spoke, it was like a spring morning: bright and hopeful. This,... this was chilled and cryptic, misty, like a winter eve. "I don't need another oath from you. Stand tall, my friend."

"And you," her dark eyes turned to Canderous. Even her lips inclined as if she meant to smile. She reached out her hands to take his. By instinct alone, he surrendered them. "My love. I would never see you on your knees. I want you beside me."

This wasn't the woman he loved... She was another entity entirely, he thought, but when she pressed her dark lips to his,... he was still hers. He braced his arms around her, buried his face in her neck. She didn't smell as she always did; no flowers, no fresh dewdrops, more like... the cold breath of wind heralding the rain.

"Master," Bastila intoned cautiously. "It would be... unwise to keep this man in your company. He is a weakness--"

Revan shifted her frozen gaze onto Bastila and lifted one hand. Suddenly, Lightning bolts came screaming out of her palm, white and blue, searing and sizzling. Every last one of them came for Bastila alone.

"I am your Master," Revan confirmed, utterly without mercy, as the other woman shrieked and writhed in agony. "Do not presume to question me. I keep you for your Battle Meditation, not your council. We are leaving for the Star Forge now. From there, Bastila, you will disrupt the Republic's attacks. Are we clear?"

Free of the electricity, Bastila was trembling, but she bobbled her head in a quick, enthusiastic nod. "Un-understood, my master..." she rasped.

" Zalbaar, my life is threatened," Revan continued, smooth and cool as the ice upon the surface of a lake. "Doesn't your oath demand that you protect me? Come with me into the factory itself. Canderous. My love. I would be honored if you would fight by my side."

Zalbaar let out a warbling cry that sounded as though he would fulfill his obligations. All eyes fell to the Mandalorian. He was in turmoil. This wasn't his Isole. This was hardly the woman that had raced back to save him from as the bombs devestated the surface of Taris, or the selfless creature that took on Terentatek single-handed to protect her comrades... But he loved her still. He couldn't help it. He saw the deadly grace with which she moved, and the raw power she had finally embraced, and he loved her for that, too.

"I am your man until the end, cyar'ika," he vowed and to seal that pact in his own tongue, he added, "Haat, Ijaa, Haa'it." Truth, honor, vision.
This is a sort of alternate ending to my Canderous x Revan romance in which his beloved Revan chooses the darkness
© 2016 - 2021 DarkEchani
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Ouch dark, yet fitting. . . 
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I'm calling it "anti-flufff". xD Didn't add your artwork to this one because it's not officially part of the series. And I do plan to finish the series, I just caught a cold or something and cant concentrate at all
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Anti-fluff! I love that! No worries, I hope you feel better soon! ^^
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Badass!!! I like that ds Revan still wants him. Thanks so much!
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Glad you like it! :D