Broken Love, Ch. 5

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Note:Characters belong to Bioware. All Italicized Mandalorian words and phrases belong to Karen Traviss. Incredible artwork by Xhybridus !

Cast in darkness, vaguely aware of jagged mountains and seething fog. Lightning flickered constantly across the sky. The low rumble of thunder in the distance was more like a growl rising from the core of this evil planet plagued by death and chaos.

It was torturous to be here, but there was no way out. There was no help coming. Hope was a candle slowly burning out.

It was a mistake to come here...

“Unlock Navicomputer, Code Alpha-Two-Nine.”

That voice. Just a few words from that unmistakable voice were enough to launch Canderous from a deeply disturbing dream. He couldn't make sense of it, why he was hearing it now, but in that moment, he truly didn't care. That was Revan's voice!

He shot out of the medbay and scrambled toward the security room just behind the cockpit in which the navicomputer and communications array were located. His mind was blank and delirious, nerves tingling with expectation, but just as quickly as his hopes had skyrocketed, they came crashing down again.  It was not Revan standing by the computer terminal, tinkering with the machines, just Hk-47.

He didn't waste much time being crushed under the weight of a fresh disappointment. Instead, he redirected such strong feelings into wrath.

“Di'kut'la baskar'ad!” he snarled, knowing full well that Mando'a was probably one of the six hundred languages in which Hk was fluent, and if that were the case, would not care for being called an 'idiotic droid'. “What the hell were you doing imitating her voice?”

“Statement: my master ordered me to cause you no deliberate harm, Meatbag, but I have gone quite some time without routine maintenance. My joints have rusted. My weapons are improperly calibrated,” the droid informed him sternly. “Threat: accidents happen.”

“Answer the question before I blast you into scrap.”

Hk took a moment to process the situation before correctly inferred that the Mandalorian was not bluffing. “Exasperated explanation: someone has voice-locked the Navicomputer! Theory: This was the work of my former master, attempting to conceal her current location. Failed experiment: I had hoped that by replicating her voice, I would be able to undo the voice-lock, view the travel logs, and begin a more targeted search.”

The massive amount of information dumped on him all at once had Canderous slightly overwhelmed. He tried sorting through the facts, but his brain was still addled from sleep and the after effects of a massive kolto injection, courtesy of Dessida after the Laigrek incident.

“Revan's voice didn't unlock it,” he managed at last. He had assumed that finding Hk instead of Revan in the security room was rock bottom, but he managed to dig a little deeper and found himself a new level of miserable. It had not occurred to Canderous to check the Navicomputer logs, but it seemed to him that every lead was just another dead end.

“Sarcasm: you are the height of intellect, Meatbag.”

“Ne'johaa,” muttered Canderous bitterly as he started back toward his bed.

“Statement: You are not my master! You cannot order me to 'shut up'!” Hk jeered at his retreating back, but the Mandalorian just ignored him. His thoughts had already drifted back to his dream. The details were even more obscure now, but he knew there had to be something significant about it. With a yawn, he decided to consult Dessida about it in the morning. Murky dreams were definitely Jedi territory.

“Your hands would heal faster if you gave them time to rest.”

“I don't have time. I have important things to do.”

By the time Canderous woke again, the rest of the crew was up and bustling around. He heard voices having the most polite argument in galactic history and identified them as the blond boy, Mical, that had rescued them in the sublevels of the Enclave and Dessida respectively. There were other tones, too, not just overly courteous. Mical's voice had a touch of concern and Dessida's, almost playful as if the idea of his fretting amused her. And they were both a little too friendly for Canderous' liking.

“Big, important things, but we've got them under control. We don't need any help.”

Canderous stifled a snort of laughter when Atton chimed in. The pilot seemed to share his sentiment. The medbay was at an angle with the main hold where they had gathered, allowing Canderous a discreet vantage point.

Mical and Dessida were sharing a couch while Atton hovered on the edge of the nearest chair. The Jedi was attempting to apply salve to the bright pink, irritated flesh on her palms but was thoroughly botching the job. Canderous suspected her injuries were a result of helping him out of his acid-covered armor. He couldn't be sure because shortly thereafter, she had administered the kolto shot that put him out like a light.

In fact, he wasn't even sure how he'd gotten back to the ship.

“There are times when it seems you could use an extra set of hands,” Mical countered patiently as he negotiated the bottle of salve away from Dessida. “Here, allow me. You're making a mess of it.”

That boy was entirely too pretty, if you asked Canderous. His appearance was irritatingly neat, from his perfectly white, even teeth and clean-shaven jaw to the precise part in his blond hair. He had high cheek bones like some Alderaanian noble twit and a nose as straight as a bowcaster bolt. Though the room seemed to visibly brighten when he flashed a teasing smile at the Jedi, Canderous rolled his eyes so hard, he saw brain matter.

All thoughts of his unsettling dream and the tampered Navicomputers slid from his mind like water as he marched out into the main hold, intending to stomp this flirtation into the dust.

“So! What big, important things are we doing today?” Canderous plopped onto the other side of the couch, favoring Dessida not with a blindingly white, toothy smile but rather a coy smirk. It distracted her, however briefly, from the little blond nitwit caressing her palms.

“Well, I spoke to Master Vrook. He's agreed to help us fight the Sith. We still need to find Lonna Vash and Zez-Kai Ell, so today, I suppose, we choose which one we want to go after first and plot a course. Not very big or important,” answered Dessida smoothly.

“Be that as it may, it would seem our goals are compatible,” the blond spoke up again. As big and cartoonish as his blue eyes were, they seemed to see only Dessida. “I would gladly travel with you, lend whatever help I can, if you'll have me.”

“We're kinda full up already--” said Atton.

“--hardly enough food to go around as it is--” added Canderous, but their overlapping protests were soundly ignored.

“As many scrapes as we get into, having someone with your medical expertise could come in very handy,” was Dessida's ruling. The pilot and the Mando sulked, and the nitwit beamed.

“Then, I am at your disposal,” said a delighted Mical with a humble little bow of his head. “I'll just fetch my belongings, and I'll be ready to depart at your convenience.”

Just as soon as he'd disappeared down the exit ramp, the muttered insults flew. Atton called him a schutta and Canderous a shabuir. Dessida didn't know the defintion of either word, but she understood full well they were not flattering.

It was Dessida's turn to roll her eyes. “If you can't be civil, then just concentrate on the mission, alright? Now where do we want to go first, Korriban or Nar Shadaa?”

Canderous' dream came screaming back to him at the mention of the Sith world. He couldn't recall any lightning storms during his time there, but the rest of it fit: jagged mountains, the feeling of death and despair? The planet itself wasn't known for its fog, but he distinctly remembered cold mist creeping around his ankles inside the tombs.

Atton had launched into the pro's and con's of the Smuggler's Moon, but Canderous interrupted him sharply. “Korriban,” he voted, with such emphasis, no one dared suggest otherwise.

Dessida nodded, though she was eyeing him oddly. “Alright. Atton, plot a course for Korriban. But do NOT take off before Mical gets back!”

“Alright, alright! Keep your robes on,” Atton was saying as he sauntered to his usual post in the cockpit. Then with a sly grin shot over his shoulder, he added, “or don't.”

Canderous might have objected to this flirtation, too, but his mind was elsewhere. When Hk mentioned the voice-lock on the Navicomputer, he had to agree: Revan seemed the most likely suspect, but if her voice didn't unlock it, maybe she wasn't the culprit. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense.

There was someone else that might have reason to keep Revan's whereabouts unknown. The old witch had used that information like a bargaining chip to get Canderous to play along. If she wanted to keep pulling Canderous' strings, she had to make sure he couldn't find out by any other means.

He got to his feet in a rush and stalked toward the port dormitory where the old witch liked to hide. “Tell me where she is,” he demanded from the threshold.

The witch was on her knees, meditating, and she didn't even bother to lift her head at his barbaric interruption. One corner of her lips inclined, creasing her ancient face with winkles. “We made a bargain, did we not? You protect the exile-”

“She's got others to protect her. Revan is alone out there-” Canderous broke into a tirade that would have blustered on a while had her blind eyes not zeroed in on his face and effectively silenced him.

“The exile has many companions now, and I suspect they will continue to flock to her because she is a leader; a beacon in the darkness; hope for the broken, but they draw their strength from her. She draws her strength from you.”

“I didn't come here for her! I'm here for my wife!” Canderous exploded. The snarl on his face, the animal glint in is gray eyes, the violent gestures; the old woman couldn't see them, but his overflowing rage was conveyed to her through the Force.

“Ex-wife,” she corrected factually. “If you are truly here for her, you will remain here until I am satisfied, but do not pretend your thoughts are wholly consumed by Revan. I know where your mind wander when you look upon Dessida. I know how you vie for her attention, just like the fool in the cockpit. Even the alien dances in her shadow to win her favor. Just remember this, Mandalore: Dessida is here, aboard this ship, within your reach, and Revan ended your marriage because she did not wish you to spend the rest of your days waiting, alone and unloved. So, you will remain. For whatever reason you wish, you will serve the exile, and keep her safe.”
Canderous' affections are painfully divided between the memory of his wife, Revan, and the Exile, sitting right beside him. If he does decide to pursue the Exile, he'll have plenty of competition.

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'Broken Love' is a continuation of an earlier mini-series in which light side,  F!Revan romances and marries Canderous Ordo. If you're interested in starting from the VERY beginning, you can find it here: Escaping Taris
© 2017 - 2021 DarkEchani
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Hey! Happy new year DarkEchani! I have to say I love this story and can't wait for more. Can I have your help on Mandalorin culture,customs, and language? For my own story because you are great at it. ;)
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Happy New Year! Thank you so much,  I'm so glad you like the story! I would be thrilled to help in any way I can!
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Thanks! I think you'll love this idea I'm combining Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings together. Does this idea interest you?;)
DarkEchani's avatar
Sounds amazing! I was never AS big into LOTR as I was Star Wars, but I definitely had a love affair with Middle Earth :)
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Well the beginning start with Order 66 and the main characters are descendants of Revan. A older brother,younger Sister a niece and nephew. They get the help of the Mandolorens to save as many Jedi, younglings, and Jedi lore and they go to the planet Rataice Prim the Rekatain home world. If you've played the game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic then you know what I mean anyway after they get there they take shelter in the old Rekatain With temple. The new Empire sends troops to kill them all before the troops arrive the Aunt searches threw the temple finding a second Sith Holocron that he left for his descendants to find but by taking it she awakens 3 ancient Sith and a bunch of Sith hounds and when the stormtroopers arrive all hell breaks loose in the big battle that breaks out they damage some Rekatain tech. That rips a hole in the fabric of the universe sending all of them Jedi, sith,mandolorans, Sithhounds,
stormtroopers and most of the lore and future technology to middle-earth.
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I am very familiar with KOTOR xD Sounds like a really interesting story! Drop me a note any time, let me know how I can help :)
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OK! I will. I'm working on the sith's powers and ancient lore right now in my little note book. But the mandolorans are next they will play a big part of this story. I've done all the Jedi lore already. :)
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Yay for an HK-47 appearance. ^^ Poor Canderous, he just wants his Revan. . .
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Hk was hilarious, I love him. My buddy ProudtobeNerd has threatened to stop reading all my writing if I have Canderous and Revan end up together XD
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What! why?!? Canderous and Revan belong together like peanut butter and Jelly. Or milk and cookies. Or a millions other things!
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Alright, I promise, I won't pair Canderous with the Exile!
I know I haven't kept annny of this story cannon, but I'm going to skew even further before I finish it up.
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Sounds fun. ^^
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I have a theory... Gonna send you a note, see if I'm right!
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