Broken Love, Ch. 3

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Note:Characters belong to Bioware. All Italicized Mandalorian words and phrases belong to Karen Traviss. Incredible artwork by Xhybridus !

'Do you wonder where she wanders now, Mandalore? Why she gave you your orders and abandoned you for the edge at the galaxy...?'

The trip to Iziz wasn't exactly going to plan. The contact that was supposed to lead Dessida to her missing Jedi had been arrested on suspicion of murder. In order to speak with him, Mandalore and Dessida first had to prove his innocence. All the while they ran back and forth between the crime scene, pieces of evidence and the eyewitnesses, they were hounded by General Vaklu's assassins.

Mandalore held his own in each skirmish, but he was finding it harder and harder to concentrate. He was being haunted by the vague taunts of the old witch, who may or may not know where Revan had gone.

'I know many things, Mandalore, but my knowledge comes with a price...'

Eventually, they-- well, Dessida mostly-- came upon a recording stored in the memory banks of a dismantled protocol droid that showed the murder taking place, and their contact, Dhagon Gent, no where in the vicinity. In quick succession after that, Dhagon was released, the missing Jedi was contacted and a meeting was set.

Now, they had only to wait.

Dhagon's office had been looted in his absence, so as soon as his part was over, he went out to replenish the supplies he had lost. Though Dessida's broken bones were mending, she still tired quickly, so she took to Dhagon's cleanest couch for a power nap.

Mandalore paced. He prowled the haphazard operating room, absently kicking at the empty medpacs and broken glass vials that littered the floor while he considered the witch's proposal. She had just one demand: accompany Dessida in her travels, and keep her safe.

He didn't relish the idea of leaving Dxun and all he had built in the hands of someone else. Capable though they might be, Clan Ordo was his responsibility, and his alone. What would happen if they were attacked in his absence? And what if Revan returned on her own, found her way to his campsite while he was off on some fool's errand?

Most of all, he wondered what if I fail? His restless gaze snagged on the Jedi slumbering peacefully across the room. Dessida hadn't been able to defeat a raw, unarmed Mandalorian recruit, yet she meant to stand against Sith Lords? How was he supposed to protect her? And if he couldn't... there was no doubt in his mind that if Dessida died on his watch, the witch would tell him nothing.

With just as much certaintyt, he knew if he didn't accept the witch's terms, he would never see his beloved again. Never hear her voice, or make her laugh. He would never get the chance to mend their 'broken love', and he would never know happiness again.

With a deep, resigned sigh, he all but collapsed into a chair opposite Dessida and considered her carefully. She wasn't totally helpless. She could be molded into something stronger. No doubt she had the determination to fight.

Why didn't he want to travel with her?

Because she was a young and sweet-faced thing with diamond eyes that might just turn his head, if he let her.

The chiming of her commlink had her stirring all too soon. Mandalore watched as her long lashes fluttered against her cheek. The arm that was folded beneath her head like a pillow unfurled to push herself upright. Those pretty eyes of hers swept the room before zeroing in on his. They hit him like a cold punch to the gut, giving him the distinct impression that she saw right through his mask and caught him ogling her.

“I guess it's time to meet Master Kavar. Are you coming?”

That moment of indecision stretched out into oblivion and seemed to swallow him. In the end, he realized his mind had been made up since the moment the witch had first tempted him. Of course, he was coming.

”Oya,” nodded the Mandalorian. Let's go.

I know you never wanted me to follow you, Revan, but... four years is long enough.

Ke'pare. Dessida, wait. It wasn't that bad. Haar'chak, Jett'ika, would you get back here?”

No matter what Mandalore claimed, the meeting with Master Kavar had been an unmitigated disaster. He had given her no answers, promised her no help against the Sith Lords, and worst of all, when they were set upon by Vaklu's forces, Dessida had been all but useless in the ensuing conflict.

There had been civilians everywhere. Though the soldier's opened fire without a second thought, she was afraid even to block a blaster bolt, fearing where it might be redirected. Since there were too many to take on one at a time, she had resorted to Force Powers, only to fail there, too. A few of her assailants were thrown back an inch or so when she sent out a wave of energy, in hopes of stunning them or even knocking them to the ground. Mostly, she made dozens of half-empty bottles explode all over the cantina, peppering the patrons in shards of glass.

Had it not been for Mandalore, grabbing her, sweeping her into his shadow and taking out the soldiers on his own, she may not have left there alive.

“How could have possibly been worse?” Dessida had been in the middle of storming off when she rounded on Mandalore, tears of frustrating shimmering in her eyes. “I'm never going to re-establish my connection to the Force, and without it, I can barely hold a weapon, let alone use one!”

“Then don't use a weapon. Start with your hands and feet, work your way up to blasters, or assault cannons, or Vibroswords. Then, and only then, when you have some confidence in yourself, will you start to see your powers coming back.”

Dessida was glaring at him, and pouting, and trying not to cry all at the same time. Possibly the most infuriating part of all was that she knew he was right. A Mandalorian had a better grasp of the Force than she did, and a better attitude, at that.

That she had stopped trying to flee was an accomplishment. Mandalore pressed the advantage, lowering his voice from a criticizing bark to something more encouraging. Still, his deep, gravely voice always had the alluring edge of a growl to it. “I can help you, but you can't run off into the jungle, alone, like a di'kuut.”

Not for the first time, Dessida didn't know the exact translation (“idiot”), but she got the gist. “Why would you help me?” She, too, dropped her voice, but hers, when softer reminded him of the gentle breezes stirring through the plains of Dantooine. Maybe some turmoil there, but serene all the same, and beautiful.

He didn't answer right away. He wasn't sure how to answer without giving away more truth than he was prepared to give. “The old witch-woman you travel with made me an offer. Since it appears I'm going to be fighting alongside you against whatever it is you're going to face, it just makes sense to make sure you can fight. It's a basic Mandalorian principle: Tion'ad hukaat'kama.” Know who's watching your back.

Hope lit up her pale eyes for the first time since he had met her. “You're coming with me?” she repeated brightly and willingly began to follow him back toward Battle Circle. He set aside his blaster carefully, and to even the odds, started to unstrap his armor, piece by piece. Beneath it, he wore nondescript plainclothes, not so different from her own robes.

Mandalore shrugged his broad shoulders as he began to stretch out his muscular arms in preparation for the match. “It sounds like a worthy challenge,” was all he would tell her now. When Dessida tossed her lightsaber off to one side of the circle and dropped into a defensive stance, he took it as a cue to start the lesson. “The only thing a true warrior thinks before he walks onto a battlefield is this: Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur.

“What does that mean?”

“'Today is a good day for someone else to die.”
Kreia alone knows why Revan left the Republic, and where she might be now. She has offered to share her knowledge with Mandalore... if he agrees to protect the Exile during her quest.

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'Broken Love' is a continuation of an earlier mini-series in which light side,  F!Revan romances and marries Canderous Ordo. If you're interested in starting from the VERY beginning, you can find it here: Escaping Taris
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Love it! :heart: You know, I never quite liked Kreia, but I didn't hate her either. 
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*Whew!* I'm so glad you like it! I've never been really fond of Kreia, but she did lighten up-- at least, on the Exile. Quick question-- What's your opinion on the Disciple/Atton debate?
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Disciple/Atton debate?
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Sorry. That only makes sense in my head. Did you have a pref between the two?
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I would have to say Atton. For some reason I never really clicked with the Disciple. 
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I think I'm the only person that preferred Disciple!! I never really clicked with Atton. Didn't dislike him,... maybe it's just the voice actor I loved. Disciple didn't have an overwhelming amount of personality... Planning on introducing both boys into the story soon, haven't decided which way to go-- with them, at least. I know where Canderous ends up!
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Yeah, I can't say that I know anyone that really loves the disciple. I honestly don't hate him or anything, so I look forward to seeing which way you go. ^^ 
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I'm thinking I'll try to spice him up either way. Btw, showed the new artwork around to some non-DA'ers, hugely popular. Can't give you enough credit :) Going to start to work on the Ch. 4 now, see where it takes me!
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