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Ich versuche mich mal wieder an einer Kritik, wenns dir nichts ausmacht? xD Sieht super aus, ich fahre auch total auf Sterne/Weltall ab...

Also das ist meine erste Kritik, und ich bleibe beim Deutschen, da mir sonst nicht die richtigen Worte einfallen xD Das Bild ist toll, ...

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World of Reos - Rumbles from ancient times
Balthazar was setting up his stand in a little, mostly unknown settlement in Thedale. The day was graced by a pristine blue sky, yet the air still remained plesantly cool. Most likely from the fact that it was still way before noon. Next to him, Limbani was waiting, several poles and some cloth with him, to offer Balthazar some respite from the sun once it reached it's peak. The young vayron was eager to help his friend, yet noone really knew how many were considered friends by the vayron. People who see them both interacting together would think Limbani was a happy, sweet, little boy, yet if they made the mistake of approaching and talking to him, they would be greeted by a firm, calculating, gaze, as if the vayron was wondering how they dared talking to him. Soon those people would realize that only a selected view were privileged enough to interact with that side of Limbani.
The both of them quickly finished setting everything up, and sure enough, they already had their first custom
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Mature content
Kukuri - CoL 2018 - 7 :icondarkdragonwolf:darkdragonwolf 1 1
Kukuri - CoL 2018 - 6
I lost track of time, as well as my sense of orientation.
Neither could I remember where I was, or how long I slept. Darkness was everywhere around me, and I felt a weird prickling sensation where I was wounded by the infected fighter. 
Moving my head around, I noticed changes in the surrounding darkness, but even with opened eyes I couldn't make out anything at all.
"Easy there, big guy. You had my quite worried when you suddenly collapsed two weeks ago. Hold still for a bit so I can remove the cloth from your head."
Hearing shuffling and then steps coming closer, I did as instructed and held still, waiting to be granted my sight again. It did take some fumbling and some grumbled curses from her til she was able to grant me the privilege of eyesight once again. 
The room was dim, lit by only a handful of candles which spread a pleasant aroma around the room. I was on the ground, straw beneath me and several bandages draped across the majority of my body. At closer inspection
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Kukuri - CoL 2018 - 5
After the fight with Eis, I took the week off to heal from the most recent injuries. That last fight was exhilarating. With the dove putting up an amazing fight, I had to use my skill to the fullest to keep up with her ferocity. A rematch didn't sound like that bad of an idea.
As I was deep in thought, my legs carried me over to the arena on their own accord. Yet something was off. There were no more traces of the once bustling activity seen after my other fights, and the air was void of any sounds. The area, clad in an eerie silence, I moved on to check up on the fighters. If noone else, at least they might have some clues as to what's going on here. 
Taking the closest tunnel to the fighting pit, I noticed blue, glowing, slime now and then, across walls and floor. Leaning in closer, taking a sniff, I wasn't able to place the smell. But it didn't promise anything good. Even more so as the amount of slime grew the closer I got to the pit. 
As the final step carried me into th
:icondarkdragonwolf:darkdragonwolf 1 1
Kukuri - CoL 2018 - 3
I never stopped thinking about the fight with Dakota.
A hand on my shoulder appruptly ripped me out of my daydreaming, brining me back to reality.
Looking at the one daring to touch me, I noticed it was a human medic, looking friendly at me. 
I dropped the snarl I felt had formed without me realizing, and the womans grin only widened.
"Not so mean after all, big boi! Follow me, and we'll get you fixed up for your second fight. Tho I must say that two fights after each other is stupid. And judging by the way you fought, you know that as well."
I walked after her, intently staring at her as she spoke. I heard soemthig in her tone I couldn't quite judge. Some kind of experience, which she tried to hide. But when she glanced back once, I instantly recognized what I heard in her voice.
She had killed in the past. And those memories were still haunting her. Leaning forward, I licked her cheek once, because I knew exactly how she felt. 
Quietly walking after her, we soon reached a t
:icondarkdragonwolf:darkdragonwolf 8 2
Kukuri - CoL 2018 - 2
I was walking back to the arena. 
The last fight was the week before, and now with injuries healed and strength restored, I felt ready for the next challenge. 
For this day, I decided on two fights. Always testing my limits.
I knew the first fight would be fair. I was pitted against Dakota, and with my full strength I should be evenly matched at least. 
For the second one, I wasn't so sure.
It was against a mini, but those things could be nasty. Especially the fast ones, which Asp was one of.
But that was something I could worry about later. No sense overthinking this too much with my fight about to start.
Entering the arena, I was instantly blinded by the sun shining brightly into my eyes. I would have to move away from this spot once the fight started or I would be at an disadvantage.
Daktoa was already waiting opposite of me, his eyes already looking for any visible weakness he could exploit to get the upper hand against me. Too bad for him that there weren't any such
:icondarkdragonwolf:darkdragonwolf 1 1
Amazi - Skilltraining Slash
The loss at the Ring of Fire was still fresh in Sinetarezia's mind. And this thought was what made her take this journey into the forest. She didn't even remember for how long she wandered around aimlessly, nor could she recall in what region she was. Judging by the lush foliage, with the giant trees all around here, she assumed she was somewhere around Huacan. The sky being covered with deep green leaves, which were held up by thick branches of the plenty trees everywhere. She could hear many different animals crawls through the undergrowth, rarely catching a glimps of a spotted tail or a pair of reflecting eyes staring at her from the shadows. Following the gentle sounds of a nearby river, she even saw a crocodile diving under water as she approched the edge of the river, which made her pause, thinking better of taking a drink now. So continued her stroll through nature. 
Sin's goal was to train her body, to raise her strength, but for now, she was happy with simply wandering ar
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Feathered Thieves - Part 1
With rumors of a new species of birds wrecking havoc by stealing things from everyone going around, it was no surprise that people would gather to decide a course of action to getting rid of these pests. And this is how a most unlikely group of individuals met. From a miniature kuku with a black hide, deep red eyes staring at everyone getting close to her, and of course the for prairie typical feathers, her name Raven.
Yet she was not too much smaller than another dove in the gruoup, by the name of Orvokki. This dove was a beautiful green color with lighter green on her back, her eyes a mix of green and brown, two long whiskers giving her an elegant appearance. With the two smallest out of the way, two thirds of their group was still left.
There was a rook, his eyes the same color as Raven's, yet his coat nice ember color, not too far off from sand colored. His hands and feet were decorated by black, as well as a black stripe running along his back. This shy rooks name was Oriel. 
:icondarkdragonwolf:darkdragonwolf 5 0
Arma - Ref 2018 by darkdragonwolf Arma - Ref 2018 :icondarkdragonwolf:darkdragonwolf 7 5 Amazi - Ring of Fire - Brawl 1 by darkdragonwolf Amazi - Ring of Fire - Brawl 1 :icondarkdragonwolf:darkdragonwolf 4 0
FoD 4
Senocis and Serita were waiting together with many others in front of Death's statue. Everyone was worried about why Death hasn't showed up yet. Many believed Death did abandon them, human and kuku alike. Yet Senocis knew they were wrong, he just had a feeling about it. 
Serita, standing at his side, started getting nervous, doubt slowly tainting her thoughts. As the prairie noticed her behaviour, he brush his flank against hers to get her attention, then looked at her, waiting for her to look up at him.
Once he had her attention, he spoke to her:
"Don't worry about their banter, Serita. They are fools for thinking Death would forsake her children. Remember, last year, when she went through all the trouble of leading you to us. Why would she now forsake everyone, when instead she could come to visit and see the fruit of last years work? Something must have happened, and maybe we will soon have the chance to help Death. And us prairies will take this chance to repay our debt to her
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Elekses --- BTT IV - Baby Training
Edvard was waiting for the three kukuris he was supposed to train today. He chose a meadow for the training, three little sacks of flour leaning against the tree behind him. Edvard started to get impatient, wondering when they would decideto honor him with their presence.
Finally, in the distance, he could hear them approaching, chatting happilly as they walked closer to him.
Slowly, they started to be more visible, and soon enough, Edvard was able to start making out details of each individual kukuri.
One dove, by the name of Popona, was a nicely complementing mix of white and dark brown, with a lighter shade of brown on her neck and head as well as on her hands. Her eyes were a deep red, observing her surroundings, looking challenging but at the same time in a not threatening way.
Her ears were tipped with pinkish luminiscence, as well as her body. The kirin horn on top of her forehead gave her a dangerous aura.
Meeting her in the middle of the night would certainly make for a fright
:icondarkdragonwolf:darkdragonwolf 3 0
Enamored - Kiran and Senocis
Senocis was roaming in the midst of night, just patrolling his territory as he usually does at this time.
His territoy was rather big, so he always needed half of the night to be done with the whole area. Today, for a change, he decided to take it easier, and wasn't hurrying, but rather enjoying the night. If the night wouldn't have been dead silent, he wouldn't have been able to notice the cry of pain in the distance, still barely audible. The direction it was coming from was still inside his territory, but an intruding kuku was not as much why he worried, but the reason said kuku was crying in pain. 
What was big enough to injure a healthy kuku?
Senocis went to investigate, not wanting to be surprised by that thing in the middle of the night, and wondering what that kuku was doing in his territory. Heading quickly for the origin of that cry, Senocis soon arrived at the scene, being greeted with a rather shocking sight.
On the ground in front of him was a kuku, lying motionless,
:icondarkdragonwolf:darkdragonwolf 1 1
Mature content
Enamored - Eimary x Inferno :icondarkdragonwolf:darkdragonwolf 1 1
Enamored - Secora x Senocis
Secora and Senocis, a pair so unlikely you wouldn't believe it, if not for the litters being the proof of it. They both met when they faced a predicament most people are spared from. It was the middle of the night, amid the wilderness. Weather was bad for the past days, and thus the ground was muddy and clung to their feet with every step. But back then, neither knew about the other.
The night progressed, and the weather only got worse. Little trails from wildlife by now had turned into mud slides, threatening to wash away anyone caught too close to them. Several massive trees suffered a smiliar fate, being washed down because they were to close to edges. One such tree almost caught Senocis, but he barely managed to evade an uncertain fate. Secora's foot slipped close to the edge, when she stepped too close to one of said trails, almost ending with her falling down a steep slope. 
Yet somehow, both managed to not get injured in their travel. They kept treading their difficult path
:icondarkdragonwolf:darkdragonwolf 4 3
WoR Event - Eros 1 by darkdragonwolf WoR Event - Eros 1 :icondarkdragonwolf:darkdragonwolf 3 0





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ARPG Characters


Falsche Freunde: Fragen nach Kippen
Wahre Freunde: Sind der Grund , warum du keine Kippen hast

Falsche Freunde: Nennen deine Eltern Frau/Herr
Wahre Freunde: Nennen deine Eltern Mom/Dad

Falsche Freunde: Holen dich aus dem Knast und sagen dir, was du getan hast,war falsch
Wahre Freunde: Sitzen in der Zelle neben dir und sagen: Scheiße...wir haben´s verkackt...war aber verdammt lustig!

Falsche Freunde: Haben dich noch nie weinen sehen.
Wahre Freunde: Weinen mit dir...

Falsche Freunde: Werden dich stehen lassen, wenn die Menge das tut.
Wahre Freunde: Werden der kompletten Menge in den Arsch treten, die dich stehen gelassen hat.

Falsche Freunde: Bleiben für ne Weile
Wahre Freunde: Bleiben ein Leben lang.

Falsche Freunde: Werden das hier ignorieren.
Wahre Freunde: Werden es lesen und ins eigene Profil einfügen!

Und davon gibt es leider verdammt wenige!!!
Aber zum Glück hab ich welche gefunden ...

Translation will follow soon |3


False Friends: Ask for cigaretts
True Friends: Are the reason you have no cogarettes

False Friends: Call your parents Mrs./Mr.
True Friends: Call your parents Mum/Dad

False Friends: Take you our of jail and tell you what you did wrong
True Friends: Sit beside you and say: Shit...we screwed up big.. but was fun as hell!

False Friends: Never saw you crying
True Friends: Cry together with you...

False Friends: Will abandon you when the crowd does
True Friends: Will kick the asses of the whole crowd which abandoned you

False Friends: Stay for a while
True Friends: Stay for ever

False Friends: Will ignore this
True Friends: Will read this and copy it into their own profile!

And there are very few!!!
But fortunately I found some...

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Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Fantasy
Operating System: windows Vista


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