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that boy aint right

By darkdoomer
patachu can also be scary.

a gamma burst in your face, it's gonna hurt.
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"Posing nude for a perverted artists profits" I died laughing at that one. Haha
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He so awesome character ^.^ I didnt describe well, but I assume its becouse he`s charismatic :3 Very cool1..
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Flexing your graphic design muscles again I see. It works well. ;)
darkdoomer's avatar
yeah, another way to recycle old furry drawings; hehe~
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Fap power in his hand!
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Patachu is a cool guy. Gamma Burst? His Special Move? ^^
GhostAura's avatar
:iconskeletorplz: Gamma Burst, you say?

I love that smile. I just speaks wickedness. But overall, I love the face and the proportions, POV and all. You really did a nice job on it c:
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There's something seriously wicked about his smile, I mean, more than usual, and the anatomy is quite interesting. There's a sense of volume that I'm not used to seeing in cartoon/manga styled pictures. The japanese-poster/ad style looks great, too :)
(is that an intentional typo in "desings"?)
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oh about the proportions, well it was intended to be some dom/hentai thing but i changed my mind.

also desings.... :iconfacepalmplz: oh , me
thanks for the comment!
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