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red wine

By darkdoomer
logo design/study for a wine producer.
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Having just finished two years at art college where I've learned a lot about graphic design I can say with confidence that this is an awesome logo. :meow: I think the brushstroke might be somewhat hard to reproduce under some conditions, but it looks like it would be easily simplified without much compromise.

Awesome work. :thumbsup:
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thanks a lot, that's encouraging !
sorry for the late reply, i rarely look back at the things i post on deviant, i should really do this more often
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No worries, things can get a little inane here sometimes. :p Where do you currently hang out most? And yes, you should post in dA more often. :evileye:
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Keep it simple and intelligent said one of my teacher, a proof here. :3
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That logo and font gets me wet.
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Very nice. Sleek.
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Diggin' the simplistic 1980s style (at least thats what it reminds me of).
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red on black always have that 80's feel, but i think some logos remains modern even if they were designed in the 60, 70 or 80s. not a big fan of rounded edges and rounded fonts on everything.
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Simple and nice. I like it.
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thanks, for once i'm pretty satisfacted with the result.
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