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internet map -work in progress

By darkdoomer
4 teh lulz of course
:paranoid: need moar sites, suggestions ?

also, flaming (and nice comments eventually ) are welcome =D

3200x2400 px version downloadable, just click the download icon ;)

edit : due to the dd, i have to thank
:icondepthskins:, :iconkitty-eared-girl:, and evryone who contributed to hint a bit into making this map.

spoilers : there's could be a final version. also, the proportions of this map ares purely nonsensical, the same way as alternating between helvetica and arial.

:noes: but where is facebook ? ohmygod my facebook is not heereeee !
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That porn country just say
Crysenley's avatar
Hehe, it's fun to think about all the traveling my devices do everyday between internet continents and seas. :D
Where is the Cat fiefdom in Youtube?
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Masturboy84's avatar
This was obviously done bevore October 10th 2010.
darkdoomer's avatar
yep, i'd have to redesign everything, dunno how many sites i should add and remove. MS | Google | Facebook | Apple | The rest...
k-Liight's avatar
very creative and simply amazing!!
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Okay now this is just really creative.  must have taken some research to do, and overall its fun to look at.
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so, i live in dA-land and travel to google and the lands of Quake, Doom and Unreal now and then
TheRedPegasus's avatar
I like the art, it truly and verily describes the internet.
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GIMP needs to be moved closer to GNU.
Git gud.
darkdoomer's avatar
gimp is pain
gimp is hate
gimp is kill
Rookie141's avatar
such wise words
minecrafroger's avatar
[porm sites are way to small LOL
IcestormTundra's avatar
myspace needs to be a wasteland, and social networking be more prominent I think  ^^
darkdoomer's avatar
i won't edit that y'know
IcestormTundra's avatar
I know, its just a suggestion  =)
LightningLord3's avatar
I think Cheezburger needs a place somewhere, too.
HardCoreCrocomire's avatar
neopets... just neopets... TT3TT
Tvtropes is nowhere to be found on that world.
HardCoreCrocomire's avatar
in all honesty i didn't know neopets was still popular!

((but i do love them :3 ))
TheEvilPeanut's avatar
Facebook is either, too small to see or is nonexistent. An alternative way too look at this, is that Facebook has become so large that it owns the entire planet!
Cluisanna's avatar
It's south of Myspace. Today it would look very different... ^^
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