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fuck your macintosh

By darkdoomer
>mfw the only thing that makes these machines value is the logo

(as seen on /g/ years ago, everybody's like sauceplz, now it's fixed.)
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Do you have one that says fuck your feelings I know he's not popular anymore but it was good while it lasted
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I can make one like this, but I need just a good idea for a font/ composition.

yeah I like the idea.

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Too bad the Milo Yiannapolis trend died
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let steve jobs hunt your soul
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fortunately i'm not compatible :iconcoolfaceplz:
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it's useless
he still can.
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Why do you hate apples? They're delicious. 
Hahaha setting this as the background on my MacBook
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LOlset as my mac background
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I'm gonna set this up on that fuckin macbook which my company issued me... until i'll get clearance to replace junk with a standalone copy of openSUSE...
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I'd so fuck mine if it wasn't weird...
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You should have presented this in the Chicago font!
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Je suis d'accord avec ce message! En fait j'aimerais plutôt f***er les possesseurs de Macs qui se sentent supérieurs et pensent appartenir à une élite juste parce qu'ils possèdent une marque "prestigieuse" et vont donc aller casser du Windows. Pour avoir tâté du Mac, je préfère mes bonnes vieilles habitudes sur Win, et finalement les deux OS se valent pour moi :p

Le message aurait eu plus d'impact en utilisant la typo d'Apple non ??
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Just don't buy, and build one yourself. Mac OS is still better for every day use.
Safety first, remember to unplug it before attempting this task.
You can't fu<k Macintosh...they are already totally fu<ked!
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I prefer to make sweet love to it.
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Agreed, very much
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Well...If you insist.
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what? no comic sans?
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Comme dirais mon Ami Perceval "C'est pas Faux"
Quoi que période année 90 c'était encore une alternative mais depuis le Trip I machin et I bidule...
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