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fire logo

By darkdoomer

vectors on AI, finished with glossy effects on Micrografx PhotoMagic.
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© 2003 - 2021 darkdoomer
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dude, you tb copied this drawing from the same vector and idea, right?

I made one some time and published in my orkut (lol) for many years ...


anyway, good lucky
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i must say, thanks for bringing the topic on, just found a couple of facebook pages using it as their logo. (some baptist church and the others are arabs. 'nuff said.)
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nope, i really made that one but my curiosity is tingling. direct link to the image please ?

anyways if you drew it yourself it's all yours. still, it's amongst one of the first logo/tryouts i made on the early 2000's when i was a student in graphic design. but altough many people had the same idea of designing a flame, i also noticed how many time that thing has been copied or even sold on t-shirts once ( with the same glossy effect and upscaled ) while it'd be simplier to just open inkscape or illustrator and spend 10minutes drawing one.

anyways i'm coming up with a sharper revision of that thing for a customer who really wants it. (and knowing how dead that place it, i guess we both know him~)
Thats really cool! Or should I say hot?
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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MAN!!!! WHAT IS THIS!?!??!?
Perfection made into fire!!!! WoW!!!!
I´ve done some fire logos, but this one...just kicks ass!!!

best logo of the month!!! definately!!!

***try some metallic effects on the rounding ring...I can bet it will be nice too!!!
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it's wonderful work really ..
you get it hehe
Sausabe's avatar
:+fav: Just because I'm a pyromaniacal weirdo.
Harry64's avatar
looks great! simple and shiny. :+fav:
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Very Nice, Please can you tell me what you usewd to make it, ve been searching for about 2 years now and still i havent succeeded in finding what the prog is. Please tell me! lol
Sameo-Productions's avatar
Great, thnx so much!
Brisch's avatar
Great picture for a shirt.

unorthodoxmedia's avatar
awesome style man!
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WOW, very nice !
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How these reflections are made?

Ahmed Nayyer
Team-NAYYER Design Studios
w w w . t e a m n a y y e r . c o m
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good question ! if i remember, i've kept the selection with the same diameter of the global logo, and used the airbrush on it at the needed height. for the lower part, i used the same diameter but with a really dark crimson airbrush . then; massacred all the stuff with smooth and blur effect.

anyways, i feel like bringing a tutorial someday. thanks for the comment !
ahmednayyer's avatar
Thanks, I learned it, you can see the reflections I made in my recent amd and teamnayyer wallpapers!
although with different techniques. (browse my gallery with newest first setting)

Best Wishes
Ahmed Nayyer
Team-NAYYER Design Studios
w w w . t e a m n a y y e r . c o m
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This should be on my shirt. XD
bluesphere's avatar
that's really fricken cool.....
poisonil's avatar
So simple, but awesome, great job. fav+

(P.S i think my friend can put a logo like that on my zippo that would be mad cool)
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blacklabel style w00t
isnayper's avatar
i love this shape of fire!
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