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desktop thread

>drawing your desktop using mspaint... before the thread goes 404.

blame /g/ for this.
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looks close to the kit one
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Out of interest; how long does it usually take you to do something like this? :O
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a few hours, depends because i go back to it from times to times. open the .png file and add some stuff, add some details before i post it somewhere. adding all these little 2, 5 or 10 minutes together it makes a bunch of hours for something really huge.
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Ah, it's one of those kind of things. I wish I was able to do that; once I've started something I find it hard to stop until it's done. :noes:
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damn that is some patience there with now layer masks :0
Great job!
just wondering if your could add a slightly dark tone underneath some of the items and table legs to really ground them to the surface they are sitting on. I could be wrong as my pixel art is weak :I
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it's possible but i was lazy.
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hahaha sweet
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Wow this looks really good!
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What is the radiostation's name?

And... For everyone who thinks that MSPaint is lame, there is a special ring in hell for you :U
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i'm gonna tell you that right now, brb.

it's "ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff"
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Also, Digimon plushie <3
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