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By darkdoomer
This work explores the relationship between the Military-Industrial Complex and emotional memories.

With influences as diverse as Lauren Faust and Roy Lichtenstein, new combinations are synthesized from both constructed and discovered structures.

Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by the endless oscillation of the universe. What starts out as yearning soon becomes debased into a tragedy of power, leaving only a sense of failing and the unlikelihood of a new beginning.

As shimmering phenomena become frozen through studious and academic practice, momentary replicas become distorted through emergent and academic practice, the viewer is left with a testament to the limits of our condition.
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ha! awesome! I made my own SFW version months ago to use as my desktop, since I have little ones in the house. Kinda funny that I can't tell them apart. I was wondering who the hell uploaded my edit, and how they got ahold of it!
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yeah at the general request, i released this version.

someone also posted a print of the nsfw version hanging on a frame in their living room... wtf. i feel guilty for the tree who got taken down for this.
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Excellent shading!
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No comments yet? ... Wow... MLP must really be no longer popular that this could happen.

I can't understand it, because I think you did a really good job, and I really like her pose and her eye.

But I guess that's not the point here. Right? Can you explain me the deeper message again?
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deviant is dead. they killed it and the new logo is the tombstone over a rotten cadaver.
in fact i no longer advertise this gallery. but it'ms good to see a bunch of people i still know around. it'slike AIM, a place where i'm sure i can logout and came back in 4, 5 yeats it'll still be here to keep in touch with people.