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The new DeviantART, Inc. More social, more connected.

The old Deviantart was a community of unformatted individuals who think they are creative, going in all direction, so a deconstruction of the previous identity is necessary to force up changes into people's minds.
Being different than other sites is pointless, originality leads to a lack of cohesion and complexities, while the goal is to unify everything in the end. To achieve the perfect societal holism in matter of visual concept and flat design is what must inspire all, to fit in the modern world. The previous logo was too fussed, screaming pretentious, and this is not right at all.

Individualism who deviate is the enemy that must be fought in an all-connected world.

The new deviantart is now fitting like every other website and corporations from the new world we are building. Asking people's opinions is counterproductive, they are just users.
Designed by a group of experts from movingbrands, this logo is simple and eco-friendly, following the most politically correct trends and egalitarianism, think social networking instead of thinking of making things yourself alone, you're not an artist or designer, I mean, not a professional one enough to make something that looks serious. Nothing in this site is not for serious, we can pay experts and skilled, innovative designers for the logo of your site.

Also, take your pill, it's good for you. Bullet; Blue 
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The owners of DA don't care about creative freedom, fun, and uniqueness anymore, they propagate a trendy ideology and force people to stand up for certain disadvantaged people and be SJWs who fight against hate. In addition, they want to transform us into a uniform mass, depriving us of our individuality, uniqueness and creativity. Welcome to the Soviet Deviant Union.