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Ponka high.

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sorry for the late post, would've edited it a bit further, add some more ... stuff. spent a while on youtube finding episodes with this monster to redraw them on my x60t so it looks .. more or less show-accurate.

Contact me in PM if you want a print of this.

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No Robo-Pinkie? :c
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what drug is this?

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dxm, it makes you walk in a very funny/weird way. Kind of like a robot
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I almost put this on my drug presentation for forensics good work
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hah, I would have gladly gave you the authorization for it! in fact i should make this one under the GNU GPL so it is kind of a public domain of necessity.
with a legal loophole this overrides the trademark, PonkaPu is my OC.
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Wow that sounds interesting
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Well she is the party pony. No party would be complete without the drugs
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I lost it at mescaline lol
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Fluttershy's gonna be pissed when she finds out Pinks raided her weed stash.
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why do you make these.
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because the previous question was " why haven't it been done yet."
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Interesting that Pinkie on LSD looks pretty normal.
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As someone who has an aspartame allergy- can confirm, that's about how it feels. >.>

Love the G3 Pinkie hiding in there, fitting. XD
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Officially, she takes all the drugs at once.
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Where's the "Krokodil"(Desomorphine)?
That's some REALLY fucked up drug.

And, I'm guessing that if Aspartame is on the list, it's because she has Phenylketonuria...
Because as far as I know, Aspartame is not really addictive or even dangerous for human beings (excepting for the quoted syndrome, which is exremely rare).
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Oh, there's a syndrome of 'Aspartame'? Regardless, I was wondering why an artificial sweetener was on the list XD
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yeah; this thing is really an horrible drug. i had in mind of adding this one with Mr.Gummy biting her head or something. now I know i should have/had did this instead.

but i never heard of that syndrome, should've studied more about this, since this pony has them all (from Asperger to Zimgurblen one, a very rare kind of) i count aspartame as a drug for its neurotoxic properties, not addictive but still consumed massively, and has some effects.
so yeah, should've added a few more psychotropic  drugs, legal or not.
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I agree with you, I'd be surprised if Pinkie Pie's syndromes aren't as exotic as PKU...

The basic expalation for the PKU syndrome, is the lack of a specific enzyme, wich work is to to asimilate phenylalanine, nor decompose the excess of it in proteinic foods, aspartame sweetener (or even some kinds of bubblegums), causing it's accumulation in blood, which ends up in the nervous sistem, causing sever damages.
As you said, making Phenylalanine neurotoxic.

A cousin of mine who's studying Food Engineering, told me that the cases are close to 1 in a 100,000 persons.
Plus it requires some really specific studies to make clear that you have the syndrome, or that you are carrier of the syndrome. Being a carrier does not give any medical condition, so most of them are not even aware that they carry the genetics.
By saying that, it's obvious that it's inherited and it requires that both parents carry the mutated PKU genes.

Well, there are quite lots of drugs tipes out there, it would be... So consuming (lol), to try to enlist them all, there are even some really specific by region.
But I was really surprised to see you added some from my natal land (Mescalina, Ayahuasca...) and some other mindfuck/curious ones (Adrenochrome [Yeah, I saw Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas too XD!!!], Prozac).

I'm pretty sure this is kind of a "Volume I", as you said there are plenty of psichotorpic and syntethic drugs to make a Volume II. :P
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Ponies and drugs are the best combo
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Better than the Spongebob version, much better! These horses looked kinda psychedelic anyway. :D
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yep! it had to be done.
I have no idea what most of these substances are.  What happens if she takes all of them at once?
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the structure of the universe itself collapses.
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