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Office2019 professional icon pack for free

By darkdoomer
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yes I noted some people in this site are SELLING rips of MSO2019 icons. Why? For profit. Why would anyone buy that, plus this is illegal this is the property of Microsoft Corporation. As an user of OpenOffice (yes) I'm just leaving these here.
Because, you know when you are an IT on a company and people are migrating to a non-cloud thing or free software like LibreOffice and are not used to the icons, these comes to the rescue.

Office is a trademark of Microsoft. Used and released under the fair use principle

to be honest you will just need Word / Excel, Access if you're into HR with a DB behind or stock management, Publisher, getting the job done when you don't have a proper print editor like QuarkXpress and Skype eventually, which should get rekt by Discord for features and IRC for security. Hell even Paint gets the stuff done faster than PowerPoint for me but in case of, they're here. OneNote. What does that thing do? Never triedbut it is indeed a fine notepad++ icon. Yammer. What is that, a social network? Ho! You're here to get things done, the least thing you want to do is to procrastinate the actual job on a chat thing, there's the coffee machine for that; and pointless meetings with the execs.
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o shit, you still come here :0

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indeed from times to times :)

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like a snippet of old times :'0