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(800)7$ icon
(1600p)14$ fullbody
(1100p)10$ a character to add a character to the same image
(1100p)10$ for background
=must fill this commission form=

your username: type this correctly please
character refs: add their ages too
pose info: leave blank if you want me to create it
what the drawing is for: project, others enjoyment, merch, ect
you can send by notes or in the comments of this journal
only paying options are deviantart points or paypal
full payment up front(dont send until i say im ready)
i will begin when i get the full payment
will be finished within a month
once the drawing is finished and sent to you, you have full ownership of the illustration(s) and may use them as you please you can even not credit me if youre into that
replicating other styles: no
mecha: no
ocs: yes
nsfw: yes
uncommon fetish: no
furry/anthro: no
animals: yes
fanart: yes
more than 3 characters on the same image: no
Fam by DarkDoodlesArt
Random Peoples OCs 231 by DarkDoodlesArtInktober Day 4 Lamia by DarkDoodlesArtDaugh by DarkDoodlesArt
can i see the WIPs? if it's a complex illustration ,yes. other wise i will send the final illustration only
do you accept tips? yes i accept them
whats your goal? to buy some vans

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