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Irken Symbols

BEFORE I SAY ANYTHING... i give credit to :icondefectivefal: and her "Irken Logo" pic here-> [link] i got the idea from her and made this. NOT COMPLETELY MINE, HERS AND INVADER ZIM.

anywho... have any questions or comments, please ask or is something's not right plz let me know and i'll try to fix it :)

THE FEMALE SYMBOL IS MEANT FOR FEMALES (lol well duh) BUT depending on the rank of your Female OC the eye will be different... the only difference is the antennae...

P.S. the SPY symbol is for a friend who's OC is an Irken Spy with a symbol on her jacket. and yes, the smeet symbol has a heart in it... lets just say that the tallest want enemies to think that the smeet's aren't tough but they really are...?

P.S.S. YES you can use any one of these on your own OC character... that's really part of the reason i made them.
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Is that the official symbol for the Tallest?
Gameraider100's avatar
What's the albino symbol for??
irken-hacker's avatar
hey im doing a fan project would it be possible for me too use the commander symbol?
Senene9986's avatar
I did one for service drones. Irken slave/service drone symbol by Seany90
DarkDivaLocura's avatar
Nice :) this deviation is ancient, so if you'd like to create your own symbols reference, feel free!
Chiari-Queen's avatar
Is it OK if I can use these on my group's school uniforms plz? I'll leave a link back to you.
DarkDivaLocura's avatar
sure XD go right ahead! :D
Dangerdude991's avatar
what does albino stand for? Rare irkens with different antenna or eyes or just plain white irkens?
DarkDivaLocura's avatar
irkens with extremely pale skin and red eyes. otherwise normal.... but this is so old you might be better off making your own symbols XD
9509649's avatar
all the symbols look awesome. XD
The-12th-Doctor86's avatar
And the service drones too.
FruitsOfHarvest's avatar
What about scientist?
DarkDivaLocura's avatar
i made this a long time ago ^^; it's not quite accurate looking back on it. but feel free to create your own symbol :)
FruitsOfHarvest's avatar
Okay and Oh yea I should have looked at the date it was made. but yea thankyou none the less
YixxiePie's avatar
XD Any other time that albino one would offend me, but this is cool.
DarkDivaLocura's avatar
thanks :) i made this about a year ago though ^^; so it's kinda old.
YixxiePie's avatar
That's fine, It still looks nice. :aww:
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