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Blue Space

An alternate version of my other space pic, this time a bit more blue than aqua. It's free to use it if you want to :3
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Hello, I used your picture for my artwork.
Mj pierwszy wasny avatar by DangerousAlien
You said "it's free to use", but I want to be sure that you don't have anything against that. Anyway this is my first drawing of a dragon and I just needed a good background.
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Nope, when I say "Free to Use" I mean however you would like. Feel free to use any of my works however you would like.
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Hope you don't mind, but I used ur background  Hadfield15 Hypermode concept by TheArtisticAstro
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Of coarse not, that's why I made it.
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Thank you for sharing your work.
I used this, here: Face of the Earth by JackieCrossley , also uploaded to my flickr:…

and another slightly different  Face of the Earth Part II ;
Credited and linked back. 

Thanks again. 
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Awesome, so glad to see my stuff get used for something amazing. Keep up the good work :D
Thankyou for your beautiful artwork. I am incorporating it in the header image for tomorrow blog  and very much appreciate your generous sharing of your gift.  Bless you. MT
P.s.   when I first copied it I got the full picture with slide bars as an active screen into my blog  (totally by accident!)  It was wonderful, but I somehow lost that and had to just to a static copy.  But it is still wonderful .
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Nice, glad it's being used :)
Thankyou so much I will let 6ou know if it is picked up by the participants and give you full credit if it goes ahead keep maki g great art
dust-in-the-universe's avatar
awesome! hope to be as good as you some day. how do you get the great cloudy look to seem so real? 
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I use a program called apophysis 7x to generate something called a fractal. that's what the cloudy look is. Usually I just keep generating random ones until I get something that looks like what I want then play with it a little bit. Change the colors to what you want and then edit in some stars and you're done. I appreciate that you think I'm good :)
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I used it as a background for a panel. I put the Link to this piece in the Description. Thank you very much!
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I appreciate it, and I'm glad to see it used :D
darkdissolution's avatar
Thanks I appreciate it, and I'm glad it was useful for you :D
MetalHeartsRejik's avatar
using it several times~! :D
darkdissolution's avatar
Cool I'm glad ya liked it :D
Snivygirl123's avatar
I'm useing it as a boarder in my videos thank you 
darkdissolution's avatar
no problem, glad it's getting used :D
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Used here- <3 Thank you!
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