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Hoping for Bitterness

Not all beautiful things "taste" good. Food and people alike.

edit: Not a good photo at all since nobody can understand what it is, but this is an apple.
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I like the photo. The photo is not bad. The angle you took it at is. Other then that, it's a really cool picture. The black and white really makes the picture look spooky. Where it shades towards the bottom of the, uh, apple, kinda looks like a black hole. Which is obviously not what you were going for, but makes the picture look a lot more interesting. I like the water droplets. Where did you find the picture? or did you pose it? Either way, it's a great picture with great, for lack of a better word, parts in the photo.
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Nice ! It's looks great. Good shot ;)
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Water droplets are such a cool thing to photograph.
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It's also possible to catch as an expression of importance of existence of the taste when catching as food. You're expressing about beauty of existing. I feel, and am so inevitable.
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Before I knew it was an apple, I was creeper out by it, but in a good way. :)
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In someway it's strange and in someway it makes you think. I think that is a good photo :) (Smile) 
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BnW always looks great. And this one is simply interesting.
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i like this shot & i like when the photographer can transform reality with light/ shadow/angles.... the mundane  becomes a mystery
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Your work is amazing! Love it :D
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Still it's beautiful - great climate, fantastic light :)
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It is brilliant!
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Love the water reflections, and heavy contrast.
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Dark and stylish.
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Interesting shot ...I like the droplets and the light against the dark ,nicely done Bruno :happybounce: Clap                
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The droplets look so delicious, and cool, like how they make Pepsi look on advertisements.
P.S. it is a fantastic photo,Clap  the hidden things are always the best because it means you have to think about the art and the underlying theme, it's all down to interpretation.
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The reason why I love photography. Thumbs up, man. This is going to my faves list.
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nice to fav :) (Smile) 
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