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WIP: no name yet

This is..

Its only one part of the picture, thought id share it anyways.
No critique plz.
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Clever, subtle, and disturbing. Nice work.
masochistic-chaos's avatar
I love the idea. But then again, I might be biased, I have a thing for people with missing limbs. Still.. it's adorable.
AkiraSatoYoshizawa's avatar
This would be GREAT as a print for a guro-lolita skirt. *-*
iloveyoudashslash's avatar
I love this picture!! It's a very interesting piece!
vierstummeln's avatar
aww this is pretty! and such cute stumps:-)
ZlayaHozyayka's avatar
Not finished? I am at awe.
I did not even think that it's still in progress.
Good job~ :salute:
wow cute....
Amanikitty's avatar
Hey, can I link some of your gurololi stuff to the Lolita Handbook?
DarkDevi's avatar
:] be my guest!:heart:
MikiAlbatou's avatar
Man, the life of creating stuff and being able to wear it. But only if you're good at what you do which in this case is you. I love this design.
47s's avatar
Like... Cymetricaly reflected...
You're so good at Lolitas....
linkitty's avatar
o-o! really amazing, I'm sure it would be great finished.
ElectricMayhem's avatar
god i love guros an these two are so beautiful!i wish i could own all your designs on clothing!i bet if you managed to have a chat with someone from AP they'd hire you in a flash!
onewithdarkness's avatar
nice, love the center!
qui-chan's avatar
Adorable. The curls for the win!
lalajulep's avatar
Very nice. I like the bows.
Ladyadokenai's avatar
You should call it "two Scoops."

I dunno, I just thought of ice cream when I saw it.'s in the t-shirt design category? fuck yes, I want this on a shirt!!
DarkDevi's avatar
lol thats a cute name i like that :D :heart:

Haha but its not even done yet XD i still have to put in the background and everything so that its all finished looking and will look good on a shirt.
Ladyadokenai's avatar
XD I know, but I just think it's pretty already~
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