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Class B class A

Tables have turned?

Sorry its really messy and sloppy, my pen kind of exloded and was very bleedy and i got lots of ink smudges everywhere, i tried to clean it a little but im lazy.
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Very good! I like the expression on the girl on the right too. Very creepy. :o (Eek) 
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uhm i just want to ask, what pen or tool did you use in making this?

and it's uber getting so much energy from it ^_^
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thanks :)
im not really sure what its called because i got it from my great grandmother. but it was a set of like 4 pens in various sizes and they were not felt tip.. and they had to be filled with ink constantly
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that sounds..awesome :iconiloveitmoreplz: i'm having trouble in choosing what pen i will use Dx so thanks for answering my question..time for brainstorming! xD

and you're welcome ^_^
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it was a nice pen but i had a lot of complications with the ink. sometimes it would bleed out or drip.

i recommend the sakura micron. it doesnt bleed, it doesnt smudge, it comes in different colours and sizes, it doesnt dry out easily and its waterproof. i love it. i used it for the latest drawings i did with all of the detailed line work.
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ooh brilliant ^_^ i'll try if i can find and buy one :D thanks :)
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great style you got
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I suddenly thought of Battle Royale, a live action Japanese show that is about a class of high school students forced to kill each other.
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oh i love battle royale, i however thought the book was better, more gore.
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This reminds me of Pure Trance..weird.
DarkDevi's avatar
whats pure trance?
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This really weird manga. Google it.
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oh oh ohhh i know what pure trance is. Haha..her stuff is so rad. Though ive yet to actually see the comic.
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I love anything with morbid schoolgirls. I think it's because it takes something usually precieved to be innocent and sweet to something horrible. Either way, you did a wonderful job with this. I love the solid blacks and contrast. Instant favorite.
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Beautiful, you artwork is so inspirational. I just love it!
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thanks! im glad i can inspire someone :P
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This is kind of funny because I once wore a similar coordinate as the lolita girl and had the same haircut XD

But this one's very fun. Great work!
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man, this is great. your linework is good shit! it looks great tonally and the colorscheme is really strong. tasty.
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Love the color scheme... and I really want the nurse loli's uniform :love:
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smudgy??messy???what??it's wonderful!i meant to watch you aaaages ago when i faved your wa-loli! (or qi lolita i'm afraid i can't remember) i love your work an now you have nurses i love it all the more!
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intersting concept...

cool drawing
m-a-k-o's avatar
i love it, i want that uniform ;_; so bad
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