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Five Nights at Freddy's shorts volume 4 outline
These take place between films 11 and 12; some are for fun, but others add to the plot
Short 1:
Mike and Jeremy open a new box from the basement. Inside is an animatronic named Candy Cadet, who is positioned near Circus Baby’s stage and provides candy for anyone who asks; sometimes saying that maybe it would tell them a story next time. When it does tell a story, it’s usually a happy one that leaves listeners in a good mood.
Then one day, Candy Cadet ends up telling a story that ends up scaring the clown girl, as it was about a man whose five children died in a burglary, but because he could only afford one coffin, the man stitched them all together and buried them in said coffin. Tim responds by saying that maybe Candy Cadet had a glitch, but Jeremy suspects it’s talking about something else.
Short 2:
Balloon Boy is seen searching through some boxes that Mike and Jeremy brought up from the basement. Suddenly, he opens a box to reveal a tiny version of Funtime Freddy,
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The Old Train Car
Have you ever seen an old train car? You know the kind I mean; that one old car that’s been sitting on dead end tracks for what seems to be forever. The railway hasn’t touched it in years, but no one really knows why. The windows are broken, and the glass has long since disappeared. The sides of the car have been covered with so much graffiti that you can’t even make out what it’s supposed to say. The roof is covered in rust and bird droppings, yet somehow hasn’t caved in yet.
This is what you see from a distance; as you get closer, it gets even worse. As you near the stairs leading to the doorway, you see heavy rust on the railing. The lanterns are broken beyond recognition, and the door to the inside is missing. As for the graffiti on the side, it’s a mess of rainbow colors; any words that once spelled out the railroad service the car belonged to are impossible to find. Inside the car, you find a maze of cobweb growing over passenger seats whose pa
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Stone's Story: a story inspired by UDK
I remember it as if it were yesterday, even though it was so long ago.
First, there was darkness; to think that I’d be stuck in darkness forever would be torture, but it only lasted for a few minutes. Suddenly I found myself in a small room with dim light coming from nowhere. In front of me was a reflective surface that allowed me to see what I looked like. In my hands was a gun which fired energy orbs whenever I pulled the trigger; upon turning a knob on the side, the gun fired an energy beam that ended a few feet in front of me.
Suddenly, I heard a bizarre sound from behind me; when I turned around, I found a hovering black hole that had a glowing aura around it. I knew it wasn’t there before, so my curiosity was peaked.
A few seconds later, a figure emerged from the hole; I could see it wasn’t like me, as its appearance was very different, even down to the fact that it had two eyes. The figure walked up to me, put its hand on my shoulder, and said the following:
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IZ-Commando Redemption part 3
[Devastis; hanger]
Ven: So we're taking this ship?
(the ship is essentially the Resisty ship, but painted white)
Bertram: Yes; the crew is waiting aboard, so get to it.
Ven: Yes sir.
(the Irken hero enters the ship and eventually reaches the bridge; there he finds Mace, Jeena, and Krack sitting at their positions; Ven takes his seat, which happens to be the command chair)
Ven: Mace, give me a status report.
Mace: Zim, Tak, Skoodge, and a few others are waiting in the crew quarters, while Flobee is in the engine room.
Ven: Very well then. (activates the radio) Flobee, what's the situation?
Flobee: We're all fueled up and ready to go, chief.
Ven: Good; then let's shove off and stop Skull once and for all.
(the ship speeds out of the hanger and off into the stars, while Bertram watches from a balcony)
[Hellwurld; two minutes earlier]
Skrag: Well, I'm glad we were able to get out of that predicament.
Traxx: Agreed, but Skull knows we're sti
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IZ-Commando Redemption part 2
[Garbage carrier; hold; five minutes after entering the garbage carrier]
Ven: All right, who's not dead? Sound off. (groans permeate the hold) Well, at least we're all in one piece.
Jeena: Skull must have known we were coming; there's no other explanation as to how they beat us.
Skoodge: Also, why is it the dead commandos aren't dead anymore? I thought those guys died with Mecha-Irk.
?????: So they did, but Skull brought them back.
Ven: Who's there? Show yourself.
(Skrag emerges from behind a mound of garbage; his uniform shirt is covered in blood)
Sev: Seems like you had the same idea we did.
Skrag: If you mean "launch an all-out attack on Skull", then you're correct. Also, I'm not alone.
(Skrag whistles, which prompts the battered Cyber Commandos to make their presence known)
Jeena: They always were the inferior ones.
Krunch: (growls as if to say "Shut up")
Skoodge: Not that I want to avoid another fight, but it won't do us any good right now.
Traxx: The fat one is right; we'll be du
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New Gods: Defenders of New Genesis
New Gods: Defenders of New Genesis
On the planet New Genesis, the New Gods fight against the tyranny of Darkseid and the hordes of Apocalypse, along with several other villains
Episode 1: Arrival of Big Barda
First appearances: New Gods, Steppenwolf, Parademons
Big Barda joins the New Gods just as Steppenwolf catches up to her.
Villains: Steppenwolf, Parademons
Episode 2: Training the Newcomer
Big Barda is put into a training test to see if she can be part of the New Gods
Villains: (none)
Episode 3: The Starro Swarm
First appearances: Starro
A swarm of Starro spawn attack New Genesis
Villains: Starro
Episode 4: Rage of Nuclear Man
First appearances: Nuclear Man, Superman
Nuclear Man goes on a rampage, but the New Gods get help from the Man of Steel
Villains: Nuclear Man
Episode 5: The Usurper of the Crown
First appearances: Black Adam
Black Adam comes to overthrow the New Gods and rule their planet.
Villains: Black Adam, Parademons
Episode 6: Invasion of the White Martians
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Jumanji 3 idea (if Robin Williams was alive)
Jumanji 3 (if Robin Williams was still alive)
The prologue starts with Alex taking the garbage out one night; suddenly, he hears the sound of jungle drums from the can. Upon looking inside, he is suddenly consumed by a flash of blinding light. After this, the title screen appears.
A year has passed since the events of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle; Spencer and his friends have become better people as a result of their playing the game. Then one day, while heading home from school, the kids hear the sound of jungle drums beating, much to their horror. Upon investigating the source, they find a small statue of what appears to be an idol holding the shoddily repaired Jumanji game. Suddenly, the idol comes alive and sucks them into the game once more with a flash of light.
Upon landing in the middle of the jungle, the kids discover they have not returned as their avatars, as they are still themselves (much to the delight of Bethany and Fridge); they also find that Alex has been suck
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Star Trek Timeline: what it could be (Kelvin)
Up until 2232:
Pretty much the same as normal timeline
Star Trek (2009) start
A wormhole sends Nero and his mining ship Nerada to the present from the year 2387
The USS Kelvin, while investigating the wormhole, is destroyed by Nero; most of the crew survives, with the exception of Captain Robau (killed by Nero) and first officer George Kirk (sacrificed himself by colliding the Kelvin with Nero’s ship)
Soon after evacuating the Kelvin, Winona Kirk gives birth to James T. Kirk
Nero Miniseries Issue 1; Nero and his crew are captured by a Klingon ship commanded by Kor and taken to the ice prison planet Rura Penthe
Unknown Time between 2233 and 2258:
Because his father is dead, James Kirk has a troubled upbringing
Robert April is in command of the Enterprise (not constitution class)
Birth of Hikaru Sulu
Robert April fakes his death on Phaedus 4 so he can fight the organization known as The Shadow
Alexander Marcus takes command of the Enterprise
Birth of
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Star Trek Timeline: what it could be (Voyager)
Seven of Nine is assimilated
Star Trek Generations (destruction of Enterprise-D and death of James T. Kirk)
Launch of USS Voyager
The Badlands part 3
Distants Shores (start)
The Escape (Voyager Pocket book 2)
Ragnarok (Voyager Pocket book 3)
Time and Again
Violations (Voyager Pocket book 4)
Incident at Arbuk (Voyager Pocket book 5)
The Cloud
Eye of the Needle
Ex Post Facto
Prime Factors
State of Flux
Heroes and Demons
Learning Curve
The Murdered Sun (Voyager Pocket book 6)
Invasion #4: The Final Fury
The 37s
Non Sequitor
Ghost of a Chance (Voyager Pocket book 7)
Cybersong (Voyager Pocket book 8)
Bless the Beasts (Voyager Pocket book 10)
Persistence of Vision
Cold Fire
The Garden (Voyager Pocket book 11)
Her Klingon Soul (Day of Honor Book 3)
Death Wish
Chrysalis (Voyager Pocket book 12)
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Star Trek Timeline: what it could be (DS9)
Emissary (Miles O’Brien is transferred to Deep Space 9; first appearance of Gul Dukat in show)
Past Prologue
A Man Alone
Captive Pursuit
The Seige (DS9 Pocket book 2)
The Passenger
The Star Ghost (DS9 Young Readers 1)
Move Along Home
The Nagus
Bloodletter (DS9 Pocket book 3)
Battle Lines
Dark Passions duology
The Storyteller
Warped (DS9 Pocket book)
If Wishes Were Horses
The Forsaken
Stowaways (DS9 Young Readers 2)
Dramatis Personae
In the Hands of the Prophets
Warchild (DS9 Pocket book 7)
Betrayal (DS9 Pocket book 6)
The Homecoming
The Circle
The Big Game (DS9 Pocket book 4)
The Siege
Invasive Procedures
Prisoners of Peace (DS9 Young Readers 3)
Seven Deadly Sins: Work is Hard
Rules of Acquisition
Fallen Heroes (DS9 Pocket book 5)
Necessary Evil
Second Sight
The Pet (DS9 Young Readers 4)
Devil in the Sky (DS9 Pocket book 11)
Arcade (DSP Young Readers 5)
The Alternate
Armageddon Game
Field Trip (
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Star Trek Timeline: what it could be (TNG)
The Sky’s the Limit (start)
Encounter at Farpoint (first encounter with Q)
The Naked Now
Infection (Double Helix book 1)
Code of Honor
Where No One Has Gone Before
Ghost Ship (TNG Pocket book 1)
The Last Outpost
Lonely Among Us
The Battle
Hide and Q
History Lession (IDW TNG Issue 1)
The Peacekeepers (TNG Pocket book 2)
Too Short a Season
The Big Goodbye
Datalore (Only encounter with Lore 1.0)
DC TNG Volume 1 issues 1-6
Angel One
Home Soil
When the Bough Breaks
Coming of Age
Heart of Glory
The Arsenal of Freedom
Survivors (TNG Pocket book 4)
The Children of Hamlin (TNG Pocket book 3)
Skin of Evil
The Captain’s Honor (TNG Pocket book 8)
We’ll Always Have Paris
Operation Assimilation (Marvel One-Shot)
The Neutral Zone
The Child
Lifesigns (DC TNG Issue 51)
Strike Zone (TNG Pocket book 5)
Where Silence Has Lease
Elementary, Dear Data
The Hero Factor issues 1-4
The Outrageous Okona
Power Hungry (TNG Pocket book 6)
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Star Trek Timeline: what it could be (2250-2263)
Kirk enrolls at Starfleet Academy; he becomes friends with Benjamin Finney
Aftershock (Starfleet Academy book 2)
The Ends of Eternity (Crew issue 5)
Robert April retires; Christopher Pike becomes the 2nd captain of the Enterprise
Cadet Kirk (Starfleet Academy book 3)
Kirk prevents a near-fatal explosion during a training mission on the USS Republic; his friendship with Benjamin Finney is lost because of this, and Kirk gains a reputation as a by-the-book snitch
Battle of Axanar
The Children of Kings
Kirk receives the Palm Leaf of Anaxar and the rank of Lieutenant for his work in the Axanar Peace Mission
Kirk is allowed to teach a Federation history class at the academy to first year students; he gives his students two options: think or sink
Gary Mitchell enrolls in Starfleet Academy
After describing Kirk as “a stack of books with legs”, Gary Mitchell is assigned to Kirk’s class; they become friends and Kirk learns to relax
Kirk and Gary Mitchell are assigne
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Star Trek Timeline: what it could be (2285-2293)
Time for Yesterday (pocket book 39)
Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan
2285 (after Wrath of Khan):
DC Volume 1 issues 1-8
Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock
The Needs of the One
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
2286 (after The Voyage Home):
Choices! (DC Volume 1 issue 37)
Unspoken Truth
Timetrap (pocket book 40)
DC Volume 1 issues 39-40 (eighth encounter with Harry Mudd)
DC Volume 1 issues 41-45
Getaway (DC Volume 1 issue 46)
Idol Threats (DC Volume 1 issue 47)
Who Killed Captain Kirk? (DC Volume 1 issues 48-55)
To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh (end)
Star Trek V: the Final Frontier
2287 (After The Final Frontier):
In the Name of Honor (pocket books 97)
DC Volume 2 issues 1-9
The Trial of James T. Kirk (DC Volume 2 issues 10-12)
The Rift (Pocket Book 57 end)
So Near The Touch
Foul Deeds Will Rise
The Return of the Worthy (DC Volume 2 issues 13-15)
Partners? (DC Volume 2 issues 17-18)
Once a Hero! (DC Volume 2 issue 19)
God’s Gauntle
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IZ-Commando Redemption part 1
[Devastis; capital building; medical hall]
(Bertram stands at the doorway while Zim and his friends are checked out)
Xorg: Well, you're all okay, considering the circumstances.
Tak: Good to know.
Sev: (turns to Ven) So, care telling me how you're still alive?
Ven: I gave my memory chip to Zim before he originally went back. Ram was the one who gave me a new body. But now that I think of it, why are you here?
Sev: There was nothing for me in that future.
Xorg: So you gave up?
Sev: It was over!! Skull won; there was nothing that could fix it. The only way the future can be fixed is by changing the past.
Bertram: You don't have to shout.
Sev: Sorry; the future really stretched one's sanity. I've seen several allies killed by Skull's forces.
Xorg: Maybe you should get some rest; it'll be easier now that you're out of that future.
Ven: I wouldn't be so sure.
Bertram: Perhaps we should talk about this in the briefing room.
[Briefing room; fiv
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Five Nights at Freddy's 11 film ideas
Five Nights at Freddy’s 11: Ghosts of the Past
Was not intending to start this so soon after writing the 10th outline, but one could say the ideas rained down upon me and I didn’t want to lose them. Heavily based on the third game with Charlie's backstory tied in with the first two books (Silver Eyes and Twisted Ones)
Taking place about half a year after the previous adventure, the film opens with what looks like a maintenance worker moving boxes through the basement of the Fazbear Museum. He’s seen talking to a coworker via radio about the infamy that plagued the franchise, mentioning William Afton, the missing children, and the rumor of ghosts haunting the animatronics. Although the coworker is obviously comfortable on the subject, the worker in the basement states how they should really save the conversation for when he’s not downstairs. Suddenly, he feels a chill on the back of his neck and hears the sound of metal clanking on the floor, causing the wo
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Star Trek Timeline: what it could be (2151-2166)
Broken Bow (Launch of Enterprise NX)
What Price Honor (start)
Fight or Flight
Strange New World
By the Book
Terra Nova
The Andorian Incident
Breaking the Ice
Fortunate Son
Silent Enemy
Cold Front
Dear Doctor
Sleeping Dogs
Shadows of P’Jem
Shuttlepod One
Rogue Planet
Vox Sola
Fallen Hero
Desert Crossing
Two Days and Two Nights
What Price Honor (episode)
Carbon Creek
Minefield (first contact with Romulans; audio only)
Dead Stop
A Night in Sickbay
The Seventh
The Communicator
Surak’s Soul
Vanishing Point
Precious Cargo
The Catwalk
Cease Fire
Future Tense (first contact with Tholians; not visual)
The Crossing
The Breach
Regeneration (Borg drones found in Arctic and later destroyed by Enterprise NX)
First Flight
Daedalus (book)
Daedalus’s Children
The Expanse
The Xindi
Last Full Measure
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Invader ZIM TOTAL DOOM by toongrowner Invader ZIM TOTAL DOOM :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 74 14 The Lot. by moxie2D The Lot. :iconmoxie2d:moxie2D 105 10 Death Battle Idea 15 by WeirdKev-27 Death Battle Idea 15 :iconweirdkev-27:WeirdKev-27 50 67 Cha-ching Cha-ching Cha-chingaree by ClockworkMacabre Cha-ching Cha-ching Cha-chingaree :iconclockworkmacabre:ClockworkMacabre 91 14 School Ain't Over Patrick by malfunit School Ain't Over Patrick :iconmalfunit:malfunit 680 184 Patrick Star Stuck in the Trombone by Onikage108 Patrick Star Stuck in the Trombone :icononikage108:Onikage108 203 41 Patrick, you're doing it wrong by malfunit Patrick, you're doing it wrong :iconmalfunit:malfunit 412 150 Patrick Star from Spongebob by LxgShaka Patrick Star from Spongebob :iconlxgshaka:LxgShaka 33 11 Patrick Star by 3golondrinas Patrick Star :icon3golondrinas:3golondrinas 150 24 Cartoon Network Logo PNG 1998 by ThatGreenSwagGuy Cartoon Network Logo PNG 1998 :iconthatgreenswagguy:ThatGreenSwagGuy 11 1 Cartoon Network Throwback era by RedheadXilamGuy Cartoon Network Throwback era :iconredheadxilamguy:RedheadXilamGuy 17 3 Invader Zim Turn Sheet by Sarah--S Invader Zim Turn Sheet :iconsarah--s:Sarah--S 141 18 Invader Zim: Tenth Anniversary by LizDraws Invader Zim: Tenth Anniversary :iconlizdraws:LizDraws 89 21 Invader Zim Icons by Michio11 Invader Zim Icons :iconmichio11:Michio11 36 0 Slow Wi-Fi Grinds My Gears by HudicMark219 Slow Wi-Fi Grinds My Gears :iconhudicmark219:HudicMark219 2 0 Grinds My Gears - Homework by ZachmanAwesomenessII Grinds My Gears - Homework :iconzachmanawesomenessii:ZachmanAwesomenessII 3 3


United States

It was late on the thirteenth of February 2016 when I joined the crowd that filled the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas. The intro band had ended, and the lights had all gone out. The sound of rain and church bells filled the air as the crowd grew louder in their cheers. The curtain over the stage showed the name ‘Black Sabbath’ in flames.

Suddenly, the opening chords to ‘Black Sabbath’ rang through the air, and the curtain vanished to reveal the band in all its glory. On the left was Tony Iommi and the right Geezer Butler, with the drummer Tommy Clufetos stationed behind them. But that wasn’t where I was looking; my eyes were locked on the front of the stage, where the Prince of Darkness himself stood in black in front of the microphone. There was no mistaking Ozzy Osbourne, and as he spoke the opening lines, I felt like I was in a trance caused by the power brought on by his presence. In fact, it felt like it was only yesterday that he performed at Budokan in 2002.

As the songs progressed, I actually found myself silently mouthing along to some of them. Had I been standing, I would’ve fallen to my knees. It didn’t matter that the band was on their final tour; they were still as amazing as ever.

As Black Sabbath began their trademark song ‘Paranoid’, I finally stood out of my seat, and it wasn’t because this was the closing number. This was my favorite Black Sabbath song, and it was clear that it would be the showstopper as confetti bearing the band’s name rained from the ceiling.

When the performance ended, I felt like nothing could ever have topped it. To this day, I have never forgotten that feeling, and I wonder if I’ll ever feel it again.

Songs played:

Black Sabbath

Fairies Wear Boots

After Forever

Into the Void


War Pigs

Behind the Wall of Sleep


Hand of Doom

Medley of Supernaut and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Iron Man

Dirty Women

Children of the Grave



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