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Suicide Squad: Fire Away
Suicide Squad: Fire Away
With new threats forming, the Suicide Squad is required to clean up whatever is left over after the superheroes are finished
Episode 1: New Recruits
First appearances: Suicide Squad, Enchantress
Amanda Waller and Rick Flag begin the hunt for new recruits for the Suicide Squad
Villains: Enchantress
Episode 2: Ice Escape
First appearances: Killer Frost, Frostbite
Killer Frost escapes imprisonment with Frostbite and freezes Washington DC
Villains: Killer Frost, Frostbite
Episode 3: The Red Assassin Duo
First appearances: Hammer, Sickle
A pair of Communist assassins cause trouble for the squad
Villains: Hammer, Sickle
Episode 4: Suicide Squad vs. Intergang part 1
First appearances: Intergang
After the squad foils an arms smuggling, the masterminds of the crime fight back
Villains: Intergang
Episode 5: Suicide Squad vs. Intergang part 2
First appearances: Mechanical Monsters
The Intergang forces the Suicide Squad to deal with an army they got from The Brain
:icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 2 5
Monster-Verse: My Ideas
Monster-Verse: What I believe will happen in the future
With the new film Godzilla: King of the Monsters out in theaters, I’ve begun wondering what will happen after Godzilla vs. Kong, which will be released in 2020.
It’s mentioned there are 17 Kaiju in the Monster-Verse, so here’s my idea of who they could be.
Confirmed Kaiju:
Possible Kaiju: these all come from Earth, so they will most likely appear
Anguirus: it goes without saying that Anguirus will show up in the future
King Caesar
Kaiju who haven’t been heard of, but could show up and how:
Gigan: due to being an alien, Gigan hasn’t appeared on Earth yet
Mechagodzilla: after the events of King of the Monsters, Mechagodzilla would be built as a weapon to destroy all Kaiju, regardless of whether or not they’re a true threat.
Jet Jaguar: Jet Jaguar would be initial
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Members of Justice League Discoveries
Members of Justice League: Discoveries
With the countdown to Justice League International underway, other heroes continue to face enemies both old and new.
Episode 1: Duel of the Sorcerers
First appearances: Dr. Fate, Felix Faust
Dr. Fate and his old enemy Felix Faust clash once again in a duel of magic
Villains: Felix Faust
Episode 2: Beetle Ambush
First appearances: Blue Beetle, Black Beetle
Blue Beetle ends up facing his evil twin in a robbery turned ambush
Villains: Black Beetle
Episode 3: Return to Atlantis
First appearances: Aquaman, Black Manta, Mera
Aquaman begins his journey back to Atlantis, only for an old foe waiting for him
Villains: Black Manta
Episode 4: Trespasser on the Island
First appearances: Wonder Woman, Solomon Grundy, Hippolyta, Darkstar, Wonder Girl
A visit to her home causes Wonder Woman to be forced to deal with an unwanted guest
Villains: Solomon Grundy
Episode 5: The Iron Fisted General
First appearances: Plastic Man, General IronFist
Plastic Man finds hims
:icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 1 3
Birds of Prey: Silent Claws
Birds of Prey: Silent Claws:
Shortly after the events of Batman Dark Knight 1D, the Birds of Prey reunite to fight evil, this time around the world.
Episode 1: Reviving the Birds of Prey
First appearances: Batgirl, Lady Blackhawk, Black Canary, Huntress, Blackbat, Catwoman
Batgirl reunites her old team to fight for justice once again.
Villains: (none)
Episode 2: The new recruits
First appearances: Batman, Katana, Spoiler, Bluebird, Zatanna, Roxy Rocket, Riddler
Batman agrees to let Batgirl restart her team on the condition that new recruits join them
Villains: Riddler
Episode 3: Return of the Calculator part 1
First appearances: Calculator
The archenemy of the Birds of Prey returns with a vengeance.
Villains: Calculator
Episode 4: Return of the Calculator part 2
First appearances: Monster Men
Calculator sets a trap for the Birds of Prey that takes them far out of Gotham.
Villains: Calculator, Monster Men
Episode 5: Return of the Calculator part 3
First appearances: Green Hornet,
:icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 1 3
Heirs of Superman
Heirs of Superman:
After the death of Superman as seen in Superman Man of Steel 5, several figures come forward to take up his mantle and continue fighting for truth, justice, and the American Way.
Episode 1: The coming of the heirs
First appearances: Superman, Jor-El, Supergirl, Superboy, Steel, Cyborg Superman, Zor-El, Eradicator, Captain Marvel, Bizarro, Lois Lane
With Superman gone, several of his allies decide to continue the Man of Steel’s legacy and carry on his fight for truth and justice
Villains: (none)
Episode 2: Doomsday Hunt
First appearances: Doomsday
Second appearance of Supergirl and Captain Marvel
Supergirl and Captain Marvel begin their journey as Superman’s heirs by hunting down the monster that killed him.
Villains: Doomsday
Episode 3: Bizarro vs. Brainiac
First appearances: Brainiac
Second appearance of Bizarro
Bizarro is forced to be a real superhero when Brainiac arrives to destroy Metropolis.
Villains: Brainiac
Episode 4: Training for the futur
:icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 2 3
Hatbox Ghost memoirs: Phantom Manor
Some claim that when someone dies in a powerful emotional state, their spirits use that energy to stay in the existing world. Being the Hatbox Ghost, I can attest that this is true in many cases. However, there are places where the negative emotions are so powerful, the general public denounces them as cursed. One such places happens to be a location I visited during my time away from Gracey Manor; located near the ghost town of Thunder Mesa, this place is known as Ravenswood Manor, but many people call it ‘Phantom Manor’ because of the evil that dwells inside its halls. But every story has a beginning, and I have dug up enough information to reveal the truth.
It’s not a surprise that Thunder Mesa wasn’t always a ghost town; in fact, it was once a bustling boomtown built around the mountain known as Big Thunder. The town and its mining company were established in 1849 by an industrial baron named Henry Ravenswood, who was said to be quite ambitious while being a
:icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 2 5
Short, Semi-Sad, and Semi-Scary Stories
Sad musician:
A young man in his mid-20s. He worked very hard as a musician, but never made enough money to make ends meet. The girl of his dreams was unable to be with him due to her father’s insistence that she must marry a rich man. The two lovers planned to run away and secretly marry, but the girl’s father found out and killed her. The musician spent three days in the music room playing “This heart of mine” by Fats Waller. On the fourth day, he hung himself. They say his spirit is still haunting his former piano, playing “This heart of mine” over and over, crying softly for his lost love.
Stone Garden light:
The wealthy businessman Vincent Stone made his fortune in a shipping company in the early 1900s. He was also a shrewd businessman who made many enemies in life. After a party at his mansion, Vincent went down to his garden for a walk, as he had a custom of doing so each night. But the next day, his body was found dead with several bullets in
:icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 2 5
Haunted Mansion: Hatbox Ghost and Ghost Host tale
It has recently occurred to me that I, the Hatbox Ghost, have always been writing my memoirs of Gracey Manor and my travels. However, I have failed to provide the input of the master of the house, George Gracey. To atone for this, I have decided to let him provide his own insights into how he left his corruptible mortal state and opened his home to ghosts from all over the world.
Welcome, foolish mortals, to the memoir that my dear friend, the Hatbox Ghost, has given me the chance to write. I am your host; your ghost host, that is. However, in life, I was known as George Gracey, owner and co-founder of one of the finest overseas shipping companies in the world. My business partner, Culpepper Clyne and I amassed a fortune not only in wealth from shipping rare items, but in knowledge from traveling all over the world. During these adventures, I would always end up hearing at least one ghost story while staying at whatever inn that Ca
:icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 2 5
IZ-Commando Infinity part 1
[Massive 2000; briefing room]
(Bertram, Xorg, Rusty, and Ram are sitting on a panel while holding a meeting with Ven, Dera, and Krack)
Bertram: Fantastic; that's just about the most fantastic plan I've heard to date.
Ven: It may be fantastic, but it is possible.
Ram: No, it isn't; you cannot bring someone back from the dead. We don't even know where this 'land of the lost' is.
Dera: I can show them the way; all I need is the authorization to do so.
Xorg: And why should we authorize that?
Rusty: I myself would like some proof as well.
(Tenn enters the room, much to everyone's shock)
Ram: What kind of trickery is this?
Rusty: Tenn was turned into Galaxia; her old identity erased.
Xorg: Not to mention Dib killed her during the battle at Commando Planet.
Dera: There is one element that you have not taken into consideration.
Bertram: And that would be?
Dera: Dib killed the Galaxia of the present; this is, or should I say was, the Galaxia from the future.
Bertram: The future?
Krack: When I f
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Star Trek Timeline: what it could be (Shatner)
Up until events of Star Trek Generations:
The same as normal timeline
2371 (post-Star Trek Generations):
The Ashes of Eden (Shatner-verse book 1; framing story): Spock comes to Veridian III to pay respects to Kirk and return his body to Earth, only for a beam of light to appear; when the beam vanishes, Kirk’s body is gone
The Return (Shatner-verse book 2):
A team of Romulans and Borg led by Romulan Commander Salatrel (the granddaughter of Keras, the Romulan commander from ‘Balance of Terror’) resurrect Kirk via a device similar to the Guardian of Forever (which sent Kirk and Spock back in time during ‘The City on the Edge of Forever’) and brainwash him to kill Picard.
After attacks on Worf (on the Klingon homeworld) and both Data and La Forge (on Trilex), Kirk was captured on space station Deep Space Nine. The combined efforts of Dr. Julian Bashir and Admiral Leonard McCoy remove the Borg implants, while a mind meld with Spock and Picard cured the brainwas
:icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 2 5
Captain Marvel: Mightiest Mortal
Captain Marvel: Mightiest Mortal
After the events of Justice League: Scars of Betrayal, Captain Marvel has returned home in an attempt to recapture his motive for being a hero.
Episode 1: Remember the Wizard
First appearances: Billy Batson/Captain Marvel, Shazam, Uncle Dudley
Captain Marvel recalls how he came to meet the ancient wizard Shazam
Villains: (none)
Episode 2: Black Adam returns
First appearances: Black Adam
Second appearance of Uncle Dudley
No longer a participant in Mongul’s death games, Black Adam returns to Earth
Villains: Black Adam
Episode 3: Madness of Mr. Atom
First appearances: Mr. Atom, Freddy Freeman, The Brain
A giant robot with radioactive powers emerges to destroy Captain Marvel
Villains: Mr. Atom, The Brain
Episode 4: Sivana’s Thunder Machine
First appearances: Dr. Sivana
The mad scientist unleashes a machine that conjures sentient lightning bolts
Villains: Dr. Sivana
Episode 5: Revenge of Captain Nazi
First appearances: Captain Nazi
One of Captain
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IZ-Commando Generations part 3
[Massive 2000; storage bay]
(Jax and his allies are sneaking through the storage bay)
Jax: You sure this is where the portal is kept?
Zee: I'm sure; we just need to avoid security.
(suddenly, Flobee appears and shines a flashlight at the group)
Flobee: What are you doing here? (notices Jax) Forget I asked; report to the briefing room for entering an unauthorized area.
Zee: Where's that dimensional portal? We need to retrieve Skarr.
Flobee: Not happening; you are to report to Tallest Bertram right now.
Torque: Tell us where the portal is or prepare to be vaporized!
Jax: (holds up his hand) Relax; I will handle this. (walks toward Flobee) You are sworn to protect the Irken empire, yes?
Flobee: Sworn to protect it from the likes of you, Admiral.
Jax: So you know me?
Flobee: That's right; I know who you are. (starts taking a step back) Wha-what are you doing?
(Jax shoots a bolt of lightning at Flobee, who collapses on the ground)
Tak: Was it really necessary to kill him?
Jax: He is only st
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Mature content
Teen Titans: Heroes of Tomorrow :icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 1 0
Wonder Woman: Amazon Princess 2
Wonder Woman: Amazon Princess 2
After the events of Justice League: Scars of Betrayal, Wonder Woman returns to her home in order to recover not only in body, but in mind as well
Episode 1: Return to Amazon Island
First appearances: Wonder Woman, Darkstar, Hippolyta, Mala, Philippus, Wonder Girl
Wonder Woman arrives on her home island and tells of the past events she endured.
Villains: (flashbacks to Scars of Betrayal)
Episode 2: Lesson from the Olympians
First appearances: Olympians
Second appearance of Hippolyta
Wonder Woman is sent to meet with the gods of Olympus for guidance.
Villains: (none)
Episode 3: Gorgon’s Revenge
First appearances: Medusa
Second appearance of Philippus
The evil Gorgon returns to cause trouble for the Amazons
Villains: Medusa
Episode 4: Claws of the Cheetah
First appearances: Cheetah
Second appearance of Mala
Wonder Woman’s feline enemy returns for a taste of revenge
Villains: Cheetah
Episode 5: The War God’s Smolder
First appearances:
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IZ-Commando Generations part 2
[Massive 2000; briefing room]
Bertram: This is all you could save?
Ven: One can either save as many as possible, or die trying to save one too many.
Bertram: (sighs) Very well; I hereby award you and your allies a commendation for your hard work.
(Ven salutes; meanwhile, Skoodge is walking on the observation deck when he sees Gretchen watching the stars)
Skoodge: You're still mad at me, aren't you?
Gretchen: I wouldn't say mad; just a little ticked that you didn't visit or call for awhile. Then again, I still need to get used to it; I heard you were in a war.
Skoodge: It wasn't considered a war until lately. Also, I'm sorry for not talking or visiting for so long.
Gretchen: Apology accepted. (gives Skoodge a hug, which he returns) So I take it Zim and Gaz are back together?
Skoodge: Yeah, and she's undergoing the training as well. I can't say I blame her, since Skull made her look weak. Aside from that, Gaz is doing pretty good.
Gretchen: I don't think the same can be said for Tak; she
:icondarkdealer65:Darkdealer65 2 0
Universal Halloween Horror Nights idea 2
Terror Asylum: Prison-Break
This is a terror maze, but there is a queue before the maze itself starts.
The show begins with people being escorted into the waiting room of a mental asylum. The TV on the wall starts up to show a video.
Said video tells of how Universal Studios has grown tired of the various monsters causing so much trouble around the park and backlot, so they set up this asylum in order to keep them contained.
Suddenly, the video cuts to the warden, who tells guests that the inmates, led by John “Jigsaw” Kramer, have escaped and taken over the asylum, with the doctors being turned into patients. As the warden yells for the guests to leave, the video goes to static and changes to Jigsaw’s puppet Billy, who explains that the guests are now part of a ‘grand experiment of survival’.
From here, visitors go through a maze that resembles a bloodstained hall of a mental asylum. The jump-scares and horrific fates of the doctors are seen as people mov
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Batman vs. Zorro by OmnicidalClown1992 Batman vs. Zorro :iconomnicidalclown1992:OmnicidalClown1992 12 1 Bright nebula. by KPEKEP Bright nebula. :iconkpekep:KPEKEP 361 18 Samus and the Baby by Zelengeist Samus and the Baby :iconzelengeist:Zelengeist 93 4 Optimus Prime by georgetremarco Optimus Prime :icongeorgetremarco:georgetremarco 239 11 Giga Bowser. by Icepwned Giga Bowser. :iconicepwned:Icepwned 42 1 Sonic by ihearrrtme Sonic :iconihearrrtme:ihearrrtme 3,333 257 Jason Voorhees - Friday Part 3 by ScOttRa Jason Voorhees - Friday Part 3 :iconscottra:ScOttRa 45 1 Strange Frankenstein's Monster by ScOttRa Strange Frankenstein's Monster :iconscottra:ScOttRa 30 7 Good Evening by badfish1111 Good Evening :iconbadfish1111:badfish1111 11 2 Frank by badfish1111 Frank :iconbadfish1111:badfish1111 54 13 Skeletor V1.0 WIP by uncannyknack Skeletor V1.0 WIP :iconuncannyknack:uncannyknack 493 22 Logan Wolverine by Buchemi Logan Wolverine :iconbuchemi:Buchemi 188 70 FREDDY'S HOME by MalevolentNate FREDDY'S HOME :iconmalevolentnate:MalevolentNate 426 43 Nosferatu by woodywelch Nosferatu :iconwoodywelch:woodywelch 23 3 Playstation Symbol by Yurtigo Playstation Symbol :iconyurtigo:Yurtigo 20 2 Green Hornet Symbol by Yurtigo Green Hornet Symbol :iconyurtigo:Yurtigo 14 2


Timeline A:
Horror of Dracula: 1885
Dracula Prince of Darkness: 1895
(unshown incident where Dracula briefly escaped the ice, but was returned there somehow): 1905
Dracula has Risen from the Grave: 1906 part 1
Taste the Blood of Dracula: 1906 part 2
Scars of Dracula: 1906 part 3

Timeline B:
Dracula A.D. 1972: 1872-1972
The Satanic Rites of Dracula: 1974

Timeline C:
Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires: 1904


Brides of Dracula: non-canon
Hammer Dracula timeline
Being a fan of the movie Horror of Dracula, I decided to post a timeline for all of Hammer's Dracula films

This was as close as I could get to being right; if I made a mistake, let me know and I will correct it


United States

It was late on the thirteenth of February 2016 when I joined the crowd that filled the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas. The intro band had ended, and the lights had all gone out. The sound of rain and church bells filled the air as the crowd grew louder in their cheers. The curtain over the stage showed the name ‘Black Sabbath’ in flames.

Suddenly, the opening chords to ‘Black Sabbath’ rang through the air, and the curtain vanished to reveal the band in all its glory. On the left was Tony Iommi and the right Geezer Butler, with the drummer Tommy Clufetos stationed behind them. But that wasn’t where I was looking; my eyes were locked on the front of the stage, where the Prince of Darkness himself stood in black in front of the microphone. There was no mistaking Ozzy Osbourne, and as he spoke the opening lines, I felt like I was in a trance caused by the power brought on by his presence. In fact, it felt like it was only yesterday that he performed at Budokan in 2002.

As the songs progressed, I actually found myself silently mouthing along to some of them. Had I been standing, I would’ve fallen to my knees. It didn’t matter that the band was on their final tour; they were still as amazing as ever.

As Black Sabbath began their trademark song ‘Paranoid’, I finally stood out of my seat, and it wasn’t because this was the closing number. This was my favorite Black Sabbath song, and it was clear that it would be the showstopper as confetti bearing the band’s name rained from the ceiling.

When the performance ended, I felt like nothing could ever have topped it. To this day, I have never forgotten that feeling, and I wonder if I’ll ever feel it again.

Songs played:

Black Sabbath

Fairies Wear Boots

After Forever

Into the Void


War Pigs

Behind the Wall of Sleep


Hand of Doom

Medley of Supernaut and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Iron Man

Dirty Women

Children of the Grave



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