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OP: The Fire Within- Ch. 46, Pt. 2
Ch. 46- Enter Crocodile

Part 2

 "You guys sure ran into Smokey a lot, huh?" asked Aika.
 "You could say that we were drawn to each other, somehow," said Zoro.
 "It got a little annoying from time to time, though," said Nami. "We always ended up having to run away from him because Luffy didn't have his Armaments Haki back then."
 "Things are different, now, though," said Usopp. "Although we haven't seen Smoker since Punk Hazard."
 "...I wonder if he, Tashigi, and the other kids from Punk Hazard are okay," said Aika, worriedly.
 "Ah, I'm sure they're fine," said Sanji. "They're pretty tough."
 Soon, the memory reappeared, this time showing Luffy and the gang entering Rain Dinners with Smoker still hot on their heels. All the while, Luffy was shouting for Crocodile to show himself while Past Nami and Past Usopp were telling him to shut up.
 "Did you forget that quick?!" Past Usopp shouted. "We're dealing with the country's her
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Bonds Through Time- Interlude 4
Interlude 4- Don't Leave Me
 Raindrops showered the village, giving much-needed water to the farmers' crops. The creatures of the forest, big and small, took shelter beneath the canopy of the trees and underneath stones to keep dry from the weather. did not find any shelter of any kind...nor did he choose to.
 Inuyasha sat in the branches of the Sacred Tree...the raindrops soaking him head to toe. The water dripped off his face and down his clothes. He sighed as he stared up at the sky, filled with gray clouds as the rain continued to fall.
 It had been 2 days after the encounter with Urasue as well as the resurrected Kikyo...who bore nothing but intense hatred for Inuyasha, claiming vehemently that the half-demon had betrayed her 50 years ago. Despite Inuyasha's best efforts, he failed to convince the spiteful priestess that it was not true. Just when Kikyo was preparing to kill Inuyasha, Kagome suddenly summon
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I'm also a fan of several varying different types of music, both in English and other languages.





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