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black templars talking with a farseer in the best terms they can...
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Stupid Xenos witch is getting what's due to her disgusting species.
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I feel so sad for that girl. But her fate is seal.
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El dibujo esta de puta madre, pero...
Creo que es sólo cosa mía, pero (si no fuesen marines espaciales), tengo la sensación de que van a violarla 0_0
...por Gorko, estoy muy mal... XD
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Oh, my bad. I rushed through most of those comments. In fact, I was too quick to ignore the Templars past history with other chapters. I know they've worked with the ultramarines on many occasions-and they have one of the most powerful psykers in the imperium.

Again, my bad.
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That librarian has to be from another chapter, or maybe the inquisition. And even then, the Black Templars need a REALLY good reason to need the assistance of a librarian, since they have an exceptional disgust for psykers.
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Again, read the previous message
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why is there a psyker in the back?? black templars HATE psykers
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reed the previous message.
nice work but i thought black templars don't use psykers not that i directing this work in cannon or anything it's just i'm curious about these things.
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well, maybe he is an ally, a librarian of the raven guard... for example
oh good point but what is it they are doing to the eldar farseer?
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interrogating her... as in "we need information, and we hate eldars, so we interrogate her in every possible way"
every possiple way (gulp) well its a good thing i don't like the eldar heh heh heh heh.

i'm going to hid-I mean put away eld-I mean stuff just ordinary stuff yeah no Xeno stuff here (runs away)
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that is unusually cruel... even for them...
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The pic's great. Just one thing bothers me. If these were black templars, they would probbably kill the librarian too. They hate psykers and do not use librarians
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its just an exchange student marine...
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For some reason, I see this picture as something akin to a rather dramatic and morbid scene akin to "Bioshock" when you battle one of the big daddies...only instead of a big daddy, you have a wraithlord, and a farseer in the place of a little sister.

A wraithlord is down, and on his knees trying to get back up and get to the farseer. Farseer gets shot in the head, wraithlord roars, and goes on a rampage to get to the farseer. Once everyone else is dead, he picks up the farseer's dead body, and does the robot equivalent of crying.
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where can i see that?
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I just made that scene the way, would you like to enter my contest?
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It's written on my journal.
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