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Princess Luna's Professional Holiday (part 1)

Translation: AlexFLS

I suppode we need to clarify what is the Cosmonautics day. This is the Russian holiday in dedication of the first manned space flight made on April 12, 1961 by the 27-year-old Russian Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.
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Do you like bananas?
Celestia  -  Luna do you like bananas
Luna -   Not again !! 
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well atleast she is not in the moon this time she on the moon
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Also known in the US and Europe as Yuri's Night. :)
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She should have said :i'm blasting off again!!!!!!!
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Hehe nice one...!

From the Grand List of Things Hasbro Won't Let a Brony Do in a MLP Fangame:

226) "Bang, zoom!  Straight to the moon!" not Celestia's catchphrase.
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It's like in asdfmovie !
"What's the problem Lulu, we can retrieve you from the moon any time now... What are you suddenly too good for the moon now?"
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Meanwhile in Celestia's thoughts: SUUUCK IT!!! Hi!  Clap EVIL Laughter!  :XD:
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That was hilarious.
Aww, that's whats up! No witnesses!
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Even after five seasons, Princess Celestia and Luna still have a rivalry with each other. Harsh, but funny! :D

The royal roofer just fixed that tower.
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This comic got the "Moon Quest" song stuck in my head. =p
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If the Soviets had gotten this:… to work, then it would have gotten this:… to the moon.
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"You know sister your complete absolute B@#!"

Tia" hey I don't bring up your past marriages you don't bring up my! Just one time in Las Pegas and nobody will let you forget it!"
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One small trot for ponies, one giant douche move for alicorn kind
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No, that would be on July 20. ;)
meiyeezhu's avatar
OH SORRY! My mistake!

Одна маленькая рысь для пони, один гигантский шаг для душа Аликорн рода!
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