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June 28, 2011
Tree of Life by ~cloudminedesign is a darker concept with a very ominous feel to it.
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Tree of Life

Just did in our boring class :)
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That's not Tree of life. That's the Shrubniggurath.
JanetRhiadra's avatar
Nice use of light...the tree glows with it's own radiation...such an interesting mutation
This tree looks more like a tree of death... but it is still a good pic.
Twiskers's avatar
Hey there!

I think your art work is so amazing and I was just wondering, what program do you use to do this kind of stuff?

Once again, it is just increeeedible

Thanks a bunch :D
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Life comes in all shapes and figures. Life doesn't have to be pretty after all. (The picture is but the concept of the tree is of something ominous and scary, perhaps even ugly by our perceptions.)
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What class? If its a school, which school?
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Umm, Hi. Your artwork is very amazing and I write using pictures. May I have permission to advertise and write stories of your great works? :)
Darkcloud013's avatar
hi thank you so much! well yes you can, but link me when you're done.
DangerStallion's avatar
Oh would sure love too! :D
Noctique-Art's avatar
Well your mind does not look bored! I want to move there!!
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Thank you so much :) you can live if you want :P
E-Dwayne-Caldwell's avatar
Geez.  Wish I could do that when I'm bored.  :P  Great job!
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Wow, the colors are really intense but you totally make them work.

Not sure I'd have the guts to walk up those stairs. :-)
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Thank you so much :)
Aditya-eclipse's avatar
tha faq in a boring class?!
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:) thanks man :) yeah!
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wow. like, holy sh*t. this is like something from my head i just don't have the skill to put together. this is so awesome, you have serious talent.
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