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Tales from Dwarf Fortress

By DarkCloak
There's one sure way to kill a forgotten beast in Dwarf Fortress... DROP A MOUNTAIN ON IT!
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Dwarf Fortress: A typical Wednesday.

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Hey, watch it when you're talking about murderous raccoons!  That was my Uncle Bert who got ahold of some raisins that had been fermenting in a can of old apple juice!
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Once I had a forgotten beast made of fire; I just flooded the entire fuking fort and that killed it.

Good times.
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"Today, the Mountain falls."
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A game where the freakking BALROG is met by the most awful cries of "Monday already?!"
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That's why I install lava pumps in all my mines. And they on fail 50% of the time! That's pretty good for Dwarf Fortress.
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Ha ha, awesome.
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How this works, I must know.
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gravity insta kil
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Right. I want to do a variation of this to a bunch of elves, and drop them into the circus.
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I would if I knew how to. :| I don't even know how to build a fortress but somehow I managed to get my dwarves to dig a channel I think on my first world ever.
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Thanks for the link.

My new fortress in a world that I recently created is going to be completely militarized. And I think my crowning achievement will either be turning criminals into expendable shock troops with dwarves that have gone insane being some of the best fighters in the fortress; or building a tunnel straight under to the closest elf compound and digging another tunnel to the circus with a door that can only be opened by a lever. When the elves have crossed the line, I'll unleash the clowns. 
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Good my freind..vut first your gona have to suvive good luxk and have fun
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Would it not be better too dig lots of hundred z-level staircases and unleash them ALL?
this is the most art-ually sophisticated DF illustration I've ever seen! that forgotten beast is truly glorious.
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YES!!! Pure glory awaits!!! (though I personally prefer to flood everything with magma ;))
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Neat. I still prefer tactical magmafilled mine-cart strikes before more drastic measures. Still, I'm old-fashioned type who would use magma for everything, as long as it is lethal application.
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Mountain-collapsing doomsday lever - for when it ABSOLUTELY HAS TO DIE. 
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