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Hello everyone or anyone who still visits my page!

I have been away from here for a very very long time. That is evident. Although with good reason and a much bigger creative cause that has brought me back here to foundations where my online fan base began.

Darkchildx2k is now only but a past pop artist alias and historical monument that has birthed Strike Boogie, my current brand that expands in to a plethora of my creative abilities I did not ever get to share in the past. To follow more of that journey you can visit me at & my main site at

I will be returning to Deviantart to update my pages and begin a rehaul so that this acts as an archive of my old works while also becoming a portfolio site for what's about to surface in a huge wave of creative works on the rise. I trust that everyone who has been a hardcore fan, follower and friend fromd ay one will continue to watch for these changes and in turn I will also be able to share the full extent of my create ability with you, no hold backs. It has been a long time coming but it is time to show you what I am truly made of.

Please continue to be as loving and patient as you have been with me and I will continue to give you the best that I got.

Darkchildx2k the username will remain as an honor to all those who supported me during these years. This goes out to you! Your truly,

Strike Boogie (formerly Darkchildx2k)

© 2019 - 2021 DarkChildx2k
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About time! 

I say as if I didn't only return a couple years ago myself (and have been mostly inactive with uploading art). 

Glad to see you returning though :D
DarkChildx2k's avatar

Thank you E-Nomad! Much has changed but I hope that I can get back in to the groove of things here!^^;

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Oh wow! Wasn't sure if I would ever hear from you again! Welcome back, Strike. :)
DarkChildx2k's avatar

OH MY GAWD COLONEL!! What a pleasant message to read from one of the OGs! So good to see you are still on here! I am so sorry for not coming back from time to time but that is no longer the case. :)

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That is good to hear. And no worries, my friend. I look forward to seeing you around again. XD