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Almost Everything In Our Universe [AEIOU] The Artbook Series

Featuring hundreds of unreleased artwork, Almost Everything In Our Universe opens the vault of over 15 years of archived original artworks in an exclusive collection of concepts, designs, unpublished and to be published illustrations by art director Jeremy R.L. Mitchell (alias formerly known as DarkChildx2k). From sketches to fully rendered colors, Jeremy reveals his immensely deep universe filled with hundreds of characters, several worlds and the personalities that breathe life in to his creations!

Officially there will be a release of the series, sketchbooks filled with unedited illustrations directly from the archived sketchbooks of Jeremy Mitchell, including his newest sketch artwork and sneak peak underground work of the official AEIOU Art Collection Book packed with over a hundred brand new artworks, retouched and reworked illustrations as never seen by Jeremy Mitchell, anticipated as his best work to date.  

Dedicated fans of DarkChildx2k will grow excited to be introduced to the AEIOU Artbook Series as soon as Spring 2013, releasing the first of 3 sketchbooks anticipated for the year. This will also include a walkthrough series where fans can get the most intricate and detailed insight in to some of Mitchell's creations from start to finish, and learn drawing & digital painting techniques in response to high demand by fans and watchers worldwide.

Almost Everything In Our Universe will be an introduction to the marvelous worlds that mark 15 years since their conception and creation. It will be hard for fans to resist once they get their hands on these incredible illustrations.

Make sure to follow along all of the latest news and updates regarding AEIOU at the official DarkChildx2k fan page on Facebook at as well as on Twitter DarkChildx2k.
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I'm so excited that I just can't hide it!