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Eyes Of The Tide-- pencils

H guys, very happy to see that you are all enjoying my original pieces in my gallery thus far. Sooo I present to you a new original piece! :D

I hope you will all like this one as it was kinda tough for me to want to post it due to the content. I went for something tasteful cause I despise the tacky nude girl stuff that looks raunchy. The goal for this pic is to color it very moody and shaky, thinking to possibly make henna tattoos all over her body and just make it really artsy like...I hope it works!! ^^;

Pencils by me!
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Heh, I wish my pencils didn't produce fuzz, otherwise I'd use them more than my damn Photoshop.
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Oh, and do you know a man by the name of Mike McKone? Your art is very similar to his: [link]
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In what way? I don't see any resemblance between the two styles.


DCx2k: Very nice lines. I love the weights on them. The only thing is I'm not sure what's going on with her legs...I'm sure you'll explore that when you color it, though. I look forward to seeing the final!
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You and him have some of the same anatomy structures, but this is just my opinion.
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yo i would definitely
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I love how you structure bodies...I wish I could get that line quality though ; ; Beautiful. I cannot wait to see it finished^^
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O_O; Wow, she sure is muscular. But GREAT job on the angle and the proportions and things.
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looks great.
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I like the hands, how they are almost claws framing wild eyes. An excellent picture
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Ohh great lineart ! I really love how you did the hair :D
Can't wait to see it colored ^_^
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jer you know i aint got nothin but love for ya, you have busted out another amazin original work. Cam cant wait to see the final copy.
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Ah this sounds like it's going to look fantastic when it's colored, I can't wait. The lineart already looks wonderful enough! :3
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Good luck with that! I think the tatoos would look awesome. Can't wait to see your colors on it!
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