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DEATHNOTE-- Light and Ryuk

By DarkChildx2k
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Yes I am actually doing DeathNote artwork by high demand! Someone wanted a poster of Ryuk then ppl in general were bringing up DeathNote sooo I decided to go for it! BUUUT its now going to be a DeathNote poster set of 4 that you can collect!! :D Look out for that!

For now you may fav and enjoy this lovely pencil version of what I plan to color!

Art by ME!

Final version can be found here ---->[link]

:star:YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO COLOR THIS!! Yaay! :XD: All I ask is that if you DO intend to color it to post on DA, let me know so i can see what you've coored so amazingly! :D And also make sure that I am credited for the artwork!

Thats All thanks!! ;P
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I love this , can I use the line art ?
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I regret to inform you that another user has stolen this and is claiming they drew it themselves.
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Thanks a lot for letting me know. :)
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can i colour this and repost it???? pleeeeeeaaaaasse!!!!!?????
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that's soo awesome!
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i feel tempted to color it
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I colored it! :D
check it out: [link]
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Yo. I reuploaded my coloration I did back then on my old account. I changed some background colors but I hope you still like it.

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Hi!I've tried to color this..let me know what you think plz!<3[link]
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I like this =] very nice lines! Will likely colour this once I get my tablet.
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i know you have said people may color this but this person has pretty much just rubbed your icon out and put iti up as their own work. [link]

i have reported them for it and i hope it gets resolved soon for you
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Wowy! thanks a ton! :) I've been away and never realized this was happening! Again thanks so much!
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youre welcome. he stole a friends as well.
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Someones been stealing your work
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Awesome lol thanks for letting me know! And I will try to do something soon about this (obv today lol). Thanks again! :)
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Your welcome =)
Art theft is so annoying =(
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this is great !! :)
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FANTASTIC!!! I really love it!

I tried to colour it: [link]

Hope you'll like it
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would it be cool if i was to color this?
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Oh yah man, totally go for it! Let me know when you finish so I can check it out!!! :D
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yay for permission to color it!
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