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DEATHNOTE-- Encounter

Hi everyone sorry for the no update, been tied by both hands and just not able to be around often much. Here is an image y'all been waiting on patiently for, it's my thanks for the support even til now! :D

This piece is called Encounter, which represents a chapter/episode from Death Note...a slight spoiler cause this is reminiscent of a scene from the anime. To prevent further leakage I will just stop from now.

I am again SO happy this is done and on here, I've had the image drawn since beginning of 2007 lol! Went through my usual pre-color stage and freeze moment. I went back at it with better knowledge and skill to handle it well, in the end it turned out stellar!! :)

It's part of a series of Deathnote posters I created, please feel free to check out the following images:


Guaranteed walkthrough will be made for this piece coming soon! :) A VERY interesting process you must see. :D

Art & colors by ME!
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This is amazing!
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Truly stunning
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This is stunning!!!
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That's really good.
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Awesome just awesome ^ ^
this is epic i love it
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this is awesomely gorgeous :))) good job
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Gorgeous Art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow! amazing! :wow:
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It's strange. I fear them but I am not afraid. (Jk, this is cool.)
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AMAZING!!! I found this featured in TOKYOPOP's Facebook post, and I fell in love!
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Sooooo fantastic!
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wow that's amazing, big fan of Deathnote, and have to say, this is awesome! ^.^
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