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The experience was epic....I couldn't believe how many ppl were there watching!! :O You just had to be there! Make sure you go to the On DEMAND button below the Livestream screen and click the latest one. :)

Great guys just great! :D

:star:AVAILABLE NOW!! [link]

This is another piece I have done publicly on LIVESTREAM!! To those who watched and chatted with me while it was being done, I thank you greatly for your support and company!! :)

If you want to catch me doing all new art from scratch, look out for my journals as to when I will be on LIVESTREAM!


Art&colors by ME!
100%Digital done on Photoshop CS4
3 Hours
Livestream Time--3.2 Hours
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First of all, WOW. This makes me think of when Kenpachi fights Tosun and Tosun calls him a demon in Soul Reaper form. The way you've captured him here really makes him look infernal; I think it's the texture of his eye. It looks glassy, yet also alive and full of power. His teeth help too; you've definitly given ol' Hack n' Slash a set of impressive gnashers, his canine in particular. And the lighting from beneath really helps to accentuate all of the shadows and sharp curves of his face, which adds to the demonic appearance.

I like everything about this, an instant fav. I think that you could have mad ehis nose a little bigger (longer, sharper, pointier? I dunno), but even as is, it captures him very, very well. I think that Kenny would commision you to follow him around and record his bloddy triumphs if he saw this.
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okay folks, this is where we all...RUN!
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Very badass
I like the pure power of wrath you can see in his eye. And the little kink at the end of his brow really sets off his demon like smile. 10 out of 10 from me :love:
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Cheese and crackers that is amazing
so much sick style
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Yeaaaah Kenpachi powaaa :)
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:O ............................................................
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this is awesome!! *A*
...and to think I have a plushie of him
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Lol, he looks like Sagat or Akuma almost... I like it!
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:iconkenpachiplz::iconsaysplz: Your fantastic work has been featured: [link] Favorite the article if you enjoy it!
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haha, I was never afraid of him, but now that I look at this picture... I don't want to be within 100 miles of him!
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looks like some stole kenpachi fried chicken
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OMG that's so creepy but so awesome at the same time.
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Kenpachi 4 THE WIN
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this is freakin' awesome!!
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This looks a little too much like Blanka from the Street Fighter series to me lol.
Very special and creepy.Thanks for uploading it.
"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. " ~Henry Ward Beecher
i have to admit you really captured his beserker spirit and his overall demonic aura for killing lol kenpachi is my awesome though lol
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So Vicious.:w00t!: I Love It :love:
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Ummm... Demonic much?
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This scared me more than his "normal" smile did.....
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