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Here's more stuff for yah, this time a bitchy character lol.

Hiyori from Bleach!

:star:AVAILABLE NOW!! [link]

Art&colors by ME!
100%Digital done on Photoshop CS4
2.5 Hours

EDIT* Yah I adjusted her mouth properly lol and lightened some of the shadow near it. Now I'm content. ;)
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:iconhirakoplz::iconsaysplz: Your amazing art has been featured! [link] Please :+fav: if you enjoy the feature!
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Love this one. Very good colors and it´s really like Hiyori.
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Wow, that's SO cool! Very nice work!
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you're good at drawing and painting, and you're other drawings look good, but this looks a little ... weird. XD
She has a manly face :D
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This is great.I love the style you use on all of your Bleach pics. I love Hiyori's eyes here just awesome.
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Easily the best Hiyori picture out there. I just wish I could see her fang, I've wondered how that'd look in a realistic picture.
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Nice pic! She looks like she is about to kick somebodies ass! :D
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Aww man! What a bitch'in piece!

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hahahah Thanks ToxicWaters! XDD
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.. would you ever consider doing Naruto fan art, in your style?
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HEHEH I have quite a few Naruto pics in my gallery actually. In THIS painting technique tho, I haven't thought about it. But I have a brilliant idea to making a set of pics you'd LOVE! I'll keep you posted! ;)
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Wow! thanks so much! I'm very grateful!

I'm in love with Her!!! she's so cool and funny) and she kicks everyone)))
You are good at representing Hiyori's character in this picture) and... and... and her eyes are awesome)))
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Thanks a ton!! LMAO I love it in the flashbacks when shes always kicking Kisuke in the face or crotch LOL. I have a friend whos attitude reminds me of Hiyoris also!! ROFL
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Awesome... as usual
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Ohh, her mouth looks much better now.
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WICKED!!! Thanks! :D
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Nice job, I notice her face seems softer now. But it lost some of texture it had on that area. It's all good.
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Just fixed that problem, tell me if its better now. :)
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This is weird, Is this something about post atom war? It looks sick like it is illustratiuon for that after war stories.
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no it's from an anime called BLEACH, the colors and style I chose cause Hiyori and her gang are very much like rebels! So I chose hot colors to show more of their wild like energy!
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it not look like wild for me. It is something different. Rebels really could fit depend on situation.
At least they should be at real danger and out of society for make it look like that.
It more like heavy than hot! Danger and Desperation and Rebel
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