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Wanting meaning, wanting more than the same things…

In honor of Zeggy being in the hospital, here’s Twanny in the hospital as well– with his respective song.

A quick history lesson about Twanny: he was originally one of the only Space School character’s who was destined to die within the story-line. (I used to call him Tragic Twanny, haha.)

But, that was back when Space School was just a roleplay so of course a lot of things have changed. I really liked Twanny a lot and he filled in a void in Zeggy’s life and the student body so I decided to keep him around.

Regardless, Twanny DOES still struggle with a ton of medical problems because of his species so he’s in and out of the medical wing of Space School quite a bit. He has a few close calls within the years Zeggy is attending Space School and though the main storyline doesn’t touch on them– those are the kinds of stories I’m hoping to write about with side-comics and visual novels.

And now you know a little bit more about our favorite student body president, Twanny.

Read Space School! (PG-13) 


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