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I'm DCS! I'm a full time comic artist who also enjoys making visual novels! My stories focus on romance, erotica, and generally character interaction and development. If you like character focused work, and cuties kissing monsters, my work might be for you! ๐Ÿ†— Fanart, fanfic, cosplay, streams and Let's Plays of my games and comics are A-OK! All I ask is that you credit me!


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Favourite Movies
Parasite, Interview with the Vampire, The Thing, The Fly, Snowpiercer, Into the Spiderverse, Dear Zachary
Favourite TV Shows
Dead to Me, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Russian Doll, What We Do In The Shadows, The Good Place, Hacks, Better Call Saul
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Mother Mother, Gorillaz, ABBA, Lil Nas X
Favourite Games
Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy X, Katamari Damacy, Yakuza Kiwami, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Undertale, Deltarune
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, 3DS, PS4, Switch

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Just a random shout-out! Saw some old commissions and thought of how awesome an artist you are, still making me smile after all these years.

Aw hey, I'm glad to hear I can still entertain you after all of this time! That makes me feel good. I like to think I'm getting better and better B)

Oh gosh, you were always a wonderful artist but yes you're doing more and more ambitious stuff! Easy to see how much effort you've put in. :)

Hey I've a question about your books. What are they like? Like are they like magazines or more like a "real" book?

Not sure what constitutes a "real" book, but each of my book listing lists if it's "staple bound" or "square bound". I don't have any books that are hard cover or saddle stitched, because that stuff is very expensive to produce, and you usually have to buy a lot which I can't sell all of. I'm very, very small time, I had to buy my books carefully.

The book is usually staple bound (like most floppy comic books are) if there's not a lot of pages. For example, my book "Mini-Dom" is less than 20 pages, so getting it square bound just wouldn't work. It's gotta be more "magazine" like, in that sense.

But say, the Solanaceae books are all square bound because they're around 80 pages, which means the book just stays together more easily. The covers tend to be glossy, and slightly thicker, though a lot of my staple bound books are the same way.

Hope that helps explain it!

Yep, that's what I wanted to know!

Hi there ! :D

Gladely happy to found out that you also have a DA ! /o/ I typed it just by curiousity. x,)

(If I had known sooner. xD I could have still follow you even after tumblr messed up. :shakefist: )

Well, what's done is done. ^_^"

(I guess I found a new reason to come back more ofter on my DA, lol ใ€œ.)

Kind regards. <3