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I'm just an artist who likes to draw whatever I want.

I hope you can enjoy it!

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Favourite Movies
Into the Spiderverse, Dear Zachary, Interview with the Vampire
Favourite TV Shows
Dead to Me, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Russian Doll
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Mother Mother, Gorillaz, ABBA
Favourite Games
Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy X, Katamari Damacy, Yakuza Kiwami, Stardew Valley
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, 3DS, PS4, Switch
Other Interests
Gardening, cooking, learning about new sub-cultures!

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Hi there ! :D

Gladely happy to found out that you also have a DA ! /o/ I typed it just by curiousity. x,)

(If I had known sooner. xD I could have still follow you even after tumblr messed up. :shakefist: )

Well, what's done is done. ^_^"

(I guess I found a new reason to come back more ofter on my DA, lol 〜.)

Kind regards. <3


Ok i know i shouldnt love satine this much but i do omg why is he so adorable-

W-What's the reasoning for that?! D:

Satine is a really good person, and totally likeable! Satine is one of my most popular characters.

If you haven't read more into the series, either on Patreon or just in general ( https://itch.io/c/665291/solanaceae-series ) then I suggest checking out what I do have up for free because Satine is... really good. Trying very hard...

There's no reason to not like him, and no shame in liking any of my characters. I rarely write villains or antagonists-- and Satine is neither of those!

yes, i have shown a few of my friends your comics (only 2 actually read them tho :') one of my them told me to tell you how much he relates to joe btw)
ehh,, a few friends of mine hate him because he tried to steal sal or something,, also cause him and battam dont get alone?
but,, i personally dont think he did?? sal isnt in a relationship yet so-
i love satine,, a lot,, hes a babie
and im a bit broke for patreon sadly :'D cant get a job and stuff
but i've read the older comics and hes defs one of my favorites out of all your characters (maybe up in the top 5)

How wild! I don't think Satine tried to steal anything, omg. Satine is just a horny mess and will hit on literally anything, it's not his fault Sal is hot!!! (And you're right, Battam and him aren't even in a relationship yet) How funny though!

TBH I think there's much better reasons to dislike Satine if people do X) But I'm glad to hear you like him, because I think Satine is trying really hard and is flawed, just like Battam and Sal are! They are all super flawed and that's part of the appeal of the story to me.

Thanks so much for showing my stuff to your friends <3 Even if only two read, I'm honored you like my work enough to share it and I'm glad two people checked it out <3

Who are your other fav characters, if you don't mind sharing? I'm just curious! :D

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BRO DUDE BRO DUDE BRO DUUUUDE I saw someone who looked just like Battam at work today, complete with a star on the right cheek! I 'bout shit myself.

(This is like the ONLY good thing about working at my job, there's such a high influx of people that I never know who or what's coming through the door. One time a lady brought in a giant aquarium with turtles into her shower room with her because she was afraid someone would steal them out of her car.)