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Elegant -Vertical-

Transparent vertical skin for rainlendar.

The idea was taken from Ave-desk calendar. It includes english and spanish languages.


Tema vertical y transparente para railendar.

La idea está basada en un calendario de Ave-desk. Incluye los idiomas español e inglés.

Add version for small resolutions... well, not so small, I think, now it's 700px height... (I thinks no one has resolutions smaller than 1024x768px right?)

NOTE: Please remember, this skin was made for Rainlendar 0.22.1 [link] (back in 2008) and it's not working with the lastest version of the software... I'll try to update it, but right now I don't have enough time, sorry for any problems caused

(Featured wallpaper: Harmony Green by DigitalPhenom [link])
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The calendar is pretty and creative.
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Nice! very cool!!
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Nice! very cool!!!
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No problems so far here, it looks awesome by the way, the best skin I've ever had for Rainlendar
it there any way to use it with tuneup utilities :S
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I think you can use it with or without tuneup... you just need Rainlendar, v0.22.1 works fine, but in version2, works with errors that I'll try to fix later...
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Sorry guys, but I've been offline for long time... and right now I don't have time to update the skin, I'm testing it on Rainlendar2, and only the small version work, but not at all... there's a lot of errors...

Right now I can't update it, but I'll do it in some months (say weeks would be imposible)...

Remember this was made for Rainlendar 0.22.1 [link] and now it's so outdated.
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I really love this skin but i have the same problem as cracksloth.. Please update it!
I am using the most recent version of rainlendar and have installed this skin but the popups when hovering over events are completely black. Any ideas on how to fix this? Maybe you could update your skin to the modern skin format?
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Hola hola,,excelente skin pero sabes? en la version small en ambos idiomas no se ven los numeros de los dias ._. probe la version normal y en ella si se ve todo,,podrias revisar ello please.
The skin looks very cool, but It doesn't work for me , I can't see the days on the small version. I'm using Rainlendar V2. Please help !
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Awesome! Just what I was looking for =)
Nice one!
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Can you do this with "ds digital font"?
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How to install this, it's very simple:

1. Copy downloaded folder in Rainlendar -> Skins (C: Programs Rainlendar Skins) copy the small one or the bigger one, your choice
2. When you have copied that folder in skins folder, right click and refresh, do this is skins folder
3. Open Rainlendar and watch that icon in taskbar and push there refresh
4. Push now that icon again, and go to options -> calendars -> add (now search that bigger or smaller ini file)
5. Then the program asks names and other
6. Then that your calendar will work
7. Now go to options -> skins -> and push that vertical calendar skin -> vertical calendar will now appear on your desktop

Sorry my bad english...
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Wont install on the new version of rainlendar :(
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Yea. I really like the look of this skin, but I dont know how to install it. If you can help that'd be great.
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Oh, and the horizontal alignment for dots for event markers on the Days column is a bit off center, too. I think it should be in the centre of the long vertical line, right? How do I fix that?
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Hi, i like this skin. But how do I change the text color in the 'Events' and 'To Do' window from black to white?
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Hey, that is a very cool skin and it fits perfectly to my desktop but somhow the colors don't work. I thought the eventdays have a different color than the normal days, because I can't seperate these from normal ones. Do you know what I have to do to get colored days
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